Zedd – Find You (ft Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)

This is Zedd’s contribution to the soundtrack for upcoming young adult dystopian fiction movie, Divergent. He’s back collaborating with Matthew Koma (on Spectrum) and Miriam Bryant (on Zedd’s remix of Push Play).

Let’s get this out of the way first: It sounds like Clarity and Stay The Night. Those two together with this song contain riffs and sounds that are undeniably Zedd: quiet intro that only has the piano and a soft synth, or the “drop” around 0:33 that sounds like the one from Spectrum, or the “ticking” sound right at the end. Side note: When I first heard the song, it was my impulse to sing the opening lines of Spectrum.

This track is a great promotional single for the movie, as most of the young’uns, who are the target audience, probably listen to this type of music. The song is very club-friendly, and would definitely be a nice to chant along to at Zedd’s next concert.

Best bits:

1. Make them dance, just like you / ‘cause you make me moooooove: That last lengthened syllable is super catchy. I’m gonna sing it everytime.

2. Instrumental post-chorus that starts around 1:32

3. I’ll build a city that dreams for two / And if you lose yourself, I will find youuuuuuuuu

4. The synth riff (the 10-note riff you hear in solo at the beginning, repeated all through out the song) I do hope this riff gets its way into the movie’s actual musical score.

In summary, great follow-up single to Stay The Night. It doesn’t stray too far from Zedd’s production in his more pop-sounding tracks, so there is an instant pang of familiarity. Nevertheless, a great song for your next bout of LSS. (I’ve been replaying this song since I found it today, so… there.)

Also, congrats to Zedd for the Grammy win!

Are you digging Zedd’s new track?

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