#AsNTM2 Episode 6: “The Girl who Works the Room” Recap

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Obviously, this episode is dedicated for Subaru. Not that I am complaining, the show needs to earn money after all. Generally, the episode is okay. It does not have a lot of action as compared to episode 5 but the photos produced are quite interesting.

Here are the highlights for this episode:



1. Cocktail Party Challenge- The girls attend a cocktail party for them to demonstrate the socializing skills with important people in the business. The catch is that Glenn Tan, group chief executive of PT Motor Image Group (company that distributes and sells Subaru in Asia) is one of the guests. He is set to choose the girl that can embody and promote a brand such as Subaru.

Unfortunately, most of the girls ignore him and treat him as one of the “props” as Glenn Tan says it. Only Natalie takes notice of him. She initiates a conversation and for some reason, Jodilly interrupts and wins his attention. In the end, Jodilly wins the challenge and is given 15 extra frames, which proves to be handy in her photo shoot.

2. Janice vs the World- Janice needs to see a therapist. Seriously. #Sorrynotsorry for saying that. Initially, Janice alienates herself from the girls, which I understand since it is very awkward to mingle with them after the issues shown last week. For some reason, Janice decides to apologize but the girls take her tone and words offensively.

The fight is beginning to frustrate me as a viewer. Ugh, cray-cray.

3. Photo shoot: “Confidence in Motion”- Continuing on with the Subaru theme of this episode, the girls are having their shoot inside a Subaru manufacturing plant.

HK-based photographer Timon Wehrli photographs the girls wearing very big Victorian-ish ball gowns with skimpily-clad male models on each side. And as is usual with Janice, she’s excited to have male models in the shoot.

Here’s the order of call out and my comments:

Best Photo: Jodilly – The judges said that she looked divine. And indeed she did. I would’ve liked this photo to have a much bigger pose, but she showed enough romanticism and confidence.

Runner-up: Josephine – The judges also loved this photo. This was the only photo that told a story. Although, Glenn Tan did not like that she focused too much on the male model and not on the car. (It is a Subaru shoot, right?)

Nicole – Still consistent. She werked that big wig. It’s a shame her photo is blurry.


Sneha – Much better than last week. This pose though reminds me of her pose in the Batu Caves shoot.

Sheena – The photo looks good but still looks pretty safe. In fact, she asked on Twitter why they always choose her safe photos. I ask the same thing.


Katarina – The judges noted that she is improving… but at a much slower pace than the rest of the girls.

Marie – I love the pose! She looks like she’s levitating; the judges mention this also.

Natalie – It’s an ok photo. Her eyes look dead, and the bend is a deal-breaker for the judges. They note that she looks like she is in pain.

Bottom Two: Janice – The hair pull is so cheesy. Her photo is still not at par with the other contestants. She’s in the bottom almost every week.

Bottom Two: Tia – She needs to learn her angles. She has the same problem that Janice had in previous shoots. Glenn Tan is not at all a fan of this photo.

Eliminated: None. This week is a predetermined non-elimination week. (And because Subaru is being generous, ha!) Lucky you two!

Next Week

  1. Coco Lee! I’m having an early 2000’s pop music flashback.Do you want my love, can you make me sweat~
  2. Nicole vs Janice Round 2!
  3. The next photo shoot is all about the HAIR.
What do you think about this episode?
  1. Do you think some of the girls are cray-cray or is this just reality television?
  2. Do you think Janice and Tia should have gone home?
  3. Why is Nicole’s “best” photo blurred?

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