Cinemalaya X: The Janitor

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The Janitor, directed by Michael Tuviera, is about Crisanto Espina, masterfully played by Dennis Trillo, a cop on suspension that cleans out the suspects in a crime inspired by true events that happened in 2008. Like most films inspired by true stories, it offers a disturbing perspective or two of the truth behind the shocking crime that’s said to be the bloodiest bank robbery in the country.

This thriller and suspense action Cinemalaya entry has a way of creeping up on you in how it unfolds each page of the story. Even if we, the viewers think we know what would happen next, it continued to surprise and keep us on the edges of our seats hoping for Dennis Trillo to get out of the film alive.

Catch The Janitor and all the other Cinemalaya entries up to August 10, 2014 in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and select Ayala malls in Metro Manila.

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