Just a Thought: How We Can Save Filipino Society

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We hear people complaining about how Filipino society has changed through the years.

In most cases, it changed for the worst. This is not a generalization but it’s a statement of something that’s obvious. So obvious that we have learned to live with it. Infected by a spreadiing cancer called apathy, we just let it happen.

Observe the little things: How pedestrians walk in the streets of Manila or some other crowded city in the metro. How children would talk to their parents minus the po and opo. How people fail to dispose a piece of Mentos wrapper or ATM receipts in the bin.

How depressing is it to watch the news and see people constantly take what they should not. Or both motorists and pedestrians disobeying simple road rules, which most likely lead to accidents.

Little things. Simple things that we have easily done when we were younger and have outgrown as we enter the cruel world of reality.

One could wonder why this is so.

Let’s focus a bit on people who have entered and finished elementary and high school. We remember how to solve for x. We know by heart all the books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians...).

However, we sadly forget to practice what we learned in our Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) and Sibika (Civics) classes. Come to think of it, everything we need to be a good citizen is taught during our formative years. Yet, somehow, we still forget.

A simple suggestion that I have to save Filipino society is to enforce mandatory practical exams in the said subjects. Or at least have students actually act out what they memorize. I think the term here is kinesthetic learning. This may not work for all types of students but it’s worth a try.

What better way to instill values than to practice what we learn.

Like in sports, players are trained to be disciplined. To play by the rules. To respect co-players.

Like in theater, rehearsals help actors to portray their roles naturally. Doing things repeatedly help develop a habit. And habits form a culture.

And it’s about time we bring back the goodness in Filipino culture. Let’s make that change.

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