Remember Her Name: Lilia Cuntapay

“Kilala mo ba kung sino si Lilia Cuntapay?” 

Lilia Cuntapay (KOON-tah-pie) may be an unfamiliar name, but if you grew up watching the earlier movies of the Shake Rattle and Roll franchise, her face has haunted you at some point in your life. So you better remember her name.

Now an award winning actress (Cinema One Originals 2011), Lilia Cuntapay stars in Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone), a mockumentary of her journey leading to a fictionalized awards night. Along the way, we discover the story of the woman behind the mysterious persona we’ve grown to fear. Her motivations and aspirations. Her professional ethics. The highs, glamor, and prestige. The trade-offs, sacrifices and disappointments.

What does it take to be the most iconic bit player of Philippine horror movies?

I was lucky enough to have caught the movie (together with Dagitab) in a special screening in Teatrino last January 17, 2015. The movie surpassed any of my expectations. Each scene was effectively executed. It garnered genuine laughs and tears (at least from me). More than a comedy, (also according to the makers) the film is an inspiring tale of an underrated personality who values her craft more than anything else.

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