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With The Ransom Collective
Amiciness with The Ransom Collective at Indayog

The Ransom Collective is a six-piece indie folk band composed of Kian Ransom (vocals, guitar, and owner of an awesome name), Lily Gonzales (keys), Muriel Gonzales (violin), Leah Halili (bass),  Jermaine Choa Peck (vocals and percussion), and Redd Claudio (drums). I got to see them live in St. Paul College Pasig’s concert event Indayog: An OPM Music Festival during their school fair. That was the first time I heard of them, and I immediately fell in love with their sound. I loved it so much that I even bought their self-titled EP, which of course I got the band to sign. Their music reminds me of a lot of bands (and I confess to not listening to a lot), so I’m just going to drop their names here: Stars, The Lumineers, a folkier Bombay Bicycle Club (it makes sense in my head, okay). Other blogs have also made the Mumford & Sons connection, but I contest that it’s only because they’re both in the indie folk sphere that accounts for the similar sound.

The Ransom Collective EP Signed
My own copy of the band’s EP. Also available digitally on iTunes

The best track on the EP is Run. It starts with just the keyboard and guitar, then 30 seconds in, the drums kick in, then a short violin solo, and it just soars from that moment. Perfect to blast in your car and sing along to on a road trip. Although, I’ve got to say, The Ransom Collective is a much better experience to behold live. Their recorded stuff doesn’t do their sound justice. I heartily recommend watching them in concert and in gigs.

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