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Confessions of an Instagrammer #9

I cut ties with a boy who I’ve loved (and I still love) and now I’m dealing with the aftermath. Picking up the pieces of something not whole in the first place. It’s difficult. It hurts.

If only Facebook could charge me for every visit to his wall. I spend hours staring and reading his posts. Looking for hints that he misses me. Reading each line as if they are intended for me. Like he is speaking to me. Like hey, I’m miserable without you. Like I’ve created a void in his life. A small or big void, I don’t care. I just want to know that he cares.

I can cry everyday but nothing will be the same. Not the way he feels. Not the way I feel.

I have nothing left to do but move forward. There are no wrong moves, I always say. Every choice is a path we ought to take.

You take a step forward but stepping backward will not bring you back exactly where you started.

Everything is irreversible, but the future is endless.


The waves won’t stop for you.

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