Steven Silva is Jean-Michel in 9 Works’ La Cage Aux Folles

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Steven Silva as Jean-Michel
Steven Silva as Jean-Michel

Life’s not worth a damn, ‘Til you can say, “Hey world, I am what I am.”

La Cage Aux Folles has reopened in Manila last February 28 and will be back after a week off, this Saturday. Literally translated as “The Cage of Mad Women”, the show promises a feel good musical that speaks to everybody not to mention fabulous costumes and production numbers. Whether you are gay, straight or whatever, anybody can relate to a story of self-acceptance and the true meaning of family. Plus, you can never go wrong with glitter.

Audie Gemora as Albin/Zaza
Audie Gemora as Albin/Zaza

First staged in 1983, the show revolves around Georges (Michael de Mesa, Hairspray) the manager of Saint-Tropez nightclub, Albin a.k.a. Zaza (Audie Gamora, The Producers) the star attraction and Jean-Michel (Steven Silva, Grease), Georges’ son from a confused youthful liaison many years back. The unconventional family lives happily until Jean-Michel invites his fiancĂŠe, Ann (played alternately by Missy Macuja-Elizalde and Joni Galeste) to their home. And as ridiculous as it sounds, he requests his father to put on a facade acceptable to Ann’s ultra-conservative family. A front that hides the glitz and glamour embedded in the very core of their home.

Michael de Mesa as Georges
Michael de Mesa as Georges

I am watching La Cage on March 28, 8pm (because I have a One Direction concert to attend this week :-P). I am very much excited to watch this show. It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Steven and watching him sing and dance in last year’s Grease was a delight. However, his role as Johnny Casino was limiting and has not fully showcased his singing voice. Who would have known that he will be following that as a romantic lead. I’ve been listening to the songs and I can’t wait to hear Steven as Jean-Michel. This, considering that he almost quit showbiz. Few years ago, I read somewhere that Steven has given himself an ultimatum (2 or 3 years) to be successful. Good thing, he decided to stay or else, he wouldn’t have found his place in the wonderful world of theatre.

Of course, I am also thrilled to see Michael de Mesa (coming back from a 6-year hiatus from the theater stage) and Audie Gamora in one stage. I am also eager to see how the Les Cagelles turned out. I’ve been teased by a lot La Cage posts in my Instragram and Facebook feeds and I can’t wait to actually see the grand spectacle in person.

Don’t miss what people are calling the best production of 9 Works yet!

Catch the last shows of 9 Works Theatrical’s La Cage Aux Folles directed by Robbie Guevara on March 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati, with Friday and Saturday galas at 8:00pm, selected Saturday matinees at 3:30pm, and Sunday matinees at 4:00pm.

For tickets or inquiries contact 0917-5545560, 586-7105 or email

La Cage Aux Folles

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