#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: (Pilot) The Girl In A Spin

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Amiciness is live-blogging the pilot episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. UPDATE: Live blog done. Photos added! Full episode now available online.

Watch the show along with us, on STAR World Asia at 8:45 PM, as we update you with the latest, of course with our own (sometimes snark-filled) comments. 😉

You may also check out our article about what we knew so far about the new season, and our primer on this cycle’s girls. You can also vote for your early favorite in our poll at the end of this post: (Poll closes 1 hour after the episode ends.) UPDATE: Poll closed.


3.7 million followers. 10 years as a “top model.” Georgina Wilson is the new host for Cycle 3. We get a quick preview of what’s to come this season. Makeovers! “The more you cry, the shorter!” Crying! More crying! Body paint! Ooh, Amanda (Philippines) is getting bleeped. Feisty!

We get a new opening theme. The song is… weird. It’s like a slowed down “Chandelier” by Sia. Did Georgina sing this? But the graphic design is amazing. It reminds me of Brazil’s and Britain/Ireland’s. Also a Pantene commercial.

The girls arrive at the model house one at a time with their luggage in tow. A lot of the girls are professional working models.

Georgina Mail! Time to bring their swagger at the highest point in Singapore. Georgina and Joey Mead-King are with the girls to check on their runway walks. Most of the girls have good enough walks. Melissa (Malaysia) got singled out to correct her “horse-like” walk; she needed to glide more. Amanda is a little too cutesy rather than fierce. Back at the model house, the girls practice their runway walks even more.

The next day, the girls arrive at Suntec Singapore. Runway challenge!

Challenge: Runway

With Georgina and Joey is Marina Fairfax from Storm Models Management. The girls have to walk in high, high heels. Surprise! There’s a turntable at the end of the runway. Melissa and Shareeta (Malaysia) encountered difficulties walking onto the turntable. Franchesca (Philippines) was too pageant-y. Amanda successfully dialed down the cute. Barbara (Japan) and Monika (Philippines) impressed the judges.

Barbara won the challenge, and got an online shopping spree on Zalora.

Winner: Barbara (Japan)

So far, Melissa is getting the elimination edit. Is she the first girl out?

Photoshoot: Swimwear

First photoshoot! Swimwear! “We need to see how comfortable you all are in your own skin.” Rani (Indonesia) has never worn a bikini! :)) The girls are in the studio posing in front of a backdrop filled with plants. Each girl gets 5 minutes to shoot. Mike Rosenthal is back. He is the photographer for this shoot. Kenneth Goh from Harper’s Bazaar is also on set to monitor.

“We don’t want porno face.” — Mike Rosenthal

Loretta (Hong Kong) lacked personality. Kiana (Thailand) is a little too timid for a swimwear shoot. “Do you think 85% good is top model material?” Ooohhh. KB (Hong Kong) is giving too much sexy, which the judges cautioned the girls earlier. Melissa struggled a lot in the beginning. Celine (Vietnam) lacked expression in her eyes. Rani is wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Shareeta has issues with her “fat rolls.”

Word of the Day: Fat Rolls (English translation of “bilbil” in Filipino) Hehe

Back at the model house, Barbara received her Zalora deliveries. Celine and Shareeta are worried about their photos.

Judges’ panel is next. Australian designer Alex Perry joins Kenneth Goh, Joey Mead King, Mike Rosenthal, and Georgina Wilson. Mostly good remarks for Barbara, Monika, Amanda, Gani (Indonesia), and Aimee (Singapore). KB and Tahlia (Indonesia) were both singled out by the judges for their photos that looked like they belong in men’s magazines not in high fashion. Celine and Shareeta did not take good photos but looked a lot better in person.

Elimination up next after the break.

Call Out Order

  1. Amanda (PH)
  2. Barbara (JP)
  3. Monika (PH)
  4. Tahlia (ID)
  5. Gani (ID)
  6. Aimee (SG)
  7. Loretta (HK)
  8. KB (HK)
  9. Franchesca (PH)
  10. Melissa (MY)
  11. Kiana (TH)
  12. Rani (ID)

Celine (VN) and Shareeta (MY) are in the bottom. Celine is still in the running towards becoming Asia’s Next Top Model. Shareeta is the first girl eliminated.

Bottom 2: Celine (VN) and Shareeta (MY)

Eliminated: Shareeta (MY)

Next Week

K-pop! Dancing! Group shoot! Maybe this is a way to pay respect to Korea since it does not have a representative this season.

Overall, I think nothing spectacular happened this episode. I’m still getting used to Georgina’s hosting. I like that this early the girls are being challenged on their runway skills and their confidence. Amanda, Barbara, and Monika seem to be the early front-runners this cycle.

What do you think? Do you agree with the FCO? Do you agree with Shareeta’s elimination? Did you like the episode? Is Melissa the dark of horse of this competition? Will there be a cat-fight in episode 2? *Roar* Who will be our next Helena and Janice?

5 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: (Pilot) The Girl In A Spin

  1. I’m sorry Georgina fans, but girl has a personality of a paper bag. She’s so stiff!

    Monika and Gani seem promising! Lorretta is striking and I like Tahlia’s look.

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