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Amanda (PH)
Amanda won Best Photo for the first photo shoot

Amanda Chan from the Philippines won best photo for the first photo shoot of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. I agree that Amanda’s is one of the better photos of the bunch. The photo would certainly fit into a Bench Body campaign. However, I think Barbara’s, Monika’s, and Aimee’s (top from left to right) photos are better, and should have been called first.

Barbara‘s photo is the definition of “finding your light.” She is glowing in her photo. She absolutely looks like a jungle goddess here, like she’s announcing to the world “I own this land.” Not to mention, her body is to die for. “Face of an angel, body of a devil” indeed.

You can really see the movement in Monika‘s photo. Like it’s a candid shot of her midway to an exhale. During the episode she was giving a variety of great poses, even flicking her hair around. Her face is absolutely stunning.

Although the judges panned Aimee for having gone through a long time and a lot of prodding to get a good photo, the end result is great.

Those are our favorite photos from Episode 1. Check out the other photos in our episode recap.

Overall, I felt the theme is a bit been-there-done-that. Being shot in the studio didn’t help shake off that feeling. However, it had two things going for it. First, the execution is great. Mike Rosenthal really is a skilled photographer. The photos might have looked even better if the girls were actually in a jungle setting (somewhere in Pulau Ubin, probably?), but then again, it would have been harder to shoot. Second, having the girls pose in swimwear this early tests the girls’ confidence and commitment out of the gate: a great learning experience for all of them.

What do you think about the swimwear theme? Sound off in our comments below.

Who do you think deserved first call-out for her swimwear photo? Vote in our poll below. Poll closes right before the next #AsNTM3 episode.

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