#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 2 – The Girl With K-pop Fever

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I’m live-blogging again for the second episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. UPDATE: Live blog done. Photos added.

Watch the show along with us, on STAR World Asia right now as we update you with the latest, of course with my own (sometimes snark-filled) comments. 😉

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Last time we asked you which girl had the best swimwear photo. And the results are in. You chose Monika as your Best Photo.


We get a recap of the first episode. Amanda won Best Photo. Shareeta was eliminated. I am liking the black board that would contain messages of eliminated contestants. You can’t go wrong with gold ink on a black surface.

Georgina Wilson and Alex Perry visited the model house. Modelling 101! 2 minutes for their best casting outfit. “You need to be the best blank canvas you can be” for casting. Basically: minimal makeup, simple black or white top. Side note: I’m still not used to Georgina’s hosting. It doesn’t look or sound natural, like she’s putting on a “hosting” persona. Not sure if that’s the director’s or producer’s instruction. I wish that she approached this more personally.

Joey Mead-King is waiting for the girls in the dance studio. Dance lesson with choreographer Wil Sabin! K-pop dance! The song is “Oppa You’re Mine” by K-pop girl group Tahiti. Wil is showing the girls the choreography. Applause from all of them. Celine really looks like she’s struggling.

Tahiti — “Oppa, You’re Mine”

We’re getting a lot of Amanda screen time. Is this a hint that she’s eliminated tonight?

Georgina Mail! It’s a dance flash mob! Monika guessed correctly. Gani is the model house’s resident chef. All the girls are eating her food, save for Kiana. She’s getting the bitch edit. She doesn’t want to eat Gani’s food. Burn ha, editors! :))

Challenge: Flash Mob

The girls are on the Singapore River Cruise on the way to Clarke Quay. Aimee is a bad tour guide! Hahaha. Korean fashion designer Ha Sang Beg will judge the girls alongside Wil and Joey. Tourists taking photos. Celine isn’t doing as bad as in rehearsals! Aimee looks like she’ll fit right in a K-pop group. Gani and Franchesca betta werk.

Surprise! We’ll have 3 winners for this challenge. They will become the team leaders for the upcoming group photo shoot. Aimee, Melissa, and Franchesca win the challenge.

Honestly, I expected a bit more from the “flash mob”. The back-up dancers didn’t really gave that “flash mob” vibe. Some were just meh and blah.

Winner: Aimee, Melissa, Franchesca

The groups for the photo shoot:

  • Aimee picked Barbara and Loretta
  • Melissa picked Celine and Gani
  • Franchesca picked Monika and Amanda #TeamPhilippines
  • The remaining girls form one group: Kiana, KB, Rani, Tahlia

Tahiti sent a video message to the girls. I agree, this message would’ve been better if it was shown before the flash mob. Tahlia is confronting Kiana. Tahlia says Kiana’s too brag-gy and strong. Oohhh… Press conference from Kiana! “Sorry if I offended anyone.” Model house drama!

That’s it? Where’s the D-R-A-M-A? Someone send Janice and Helena over here!

Photoshoot: K-Pop Girl Group

In Club Gossip at St. James’ Station. Mike Rosenthal is the photographer. Ha Sang Beg is also on set. K-pop chic and glam. The girls are grouped based on their earlier challenge. Each group has a certain K-pop genre/style which was “complemented” by the background flashed in the wide LED screens.

자매 (Jamae, Sisters): Aimee, Barbara, Loretta (casual chic) – Kinda stiff, didn’t work as a group, posed the same

Loup (Wolf): Melissa, Celine, Gani (androgynous) – Worked as a group, really brought face, Melissa was improving. Good work girl!

Flipperinas: Franchesca, Monika, Amanda (girly) – Franchesca was the star, Monika was just blending in, Amanda was “sleepy”. Joke!

4s (Force): KB, Kiana, Rani, Tahlia (sexy-sporty)- KB was working it, Kiana’s presence was not felt

Overall, the photo shoot was just OK. I wish the theme was something more specific or something more distinctive. The costumes were bad (i.e. Flipperinas’).

It’s Celine’s birthday! Aimee and Amanda prepared a birthday cake.

Judging time! The photos will be judged as a group as well as individually. One model will be eliminated. The judges: Ha Sang Beg, Joey Mead-King, Mike Rosenthal, and Georgina Wilson. The winner will win a Subaru XV, Tresemme campaign, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore cover, and Storm Models Management contract.

Aimee, Barbara, and Loretta: Mike was disappointed that they did not work together. Teamwork is important! Aimee needs to work out. Barbara is better solo. Loretta confident pose but not face.

Melissa, Gani, Celine: Great commitment! Gani is an Asian beauty! Melissa transformed, looked like a man.

Franchesca, Monika, Amanda: Great photo but the process wasn’t great. Amanda: “I look like a dinosaur!” Awww. She has a blinking issue. Franchesca’s best photo so far. Monika’s face fell flat; too much attention on movement and pose.

KB, Rani, Tahlia, Kiana: Teamwork! Sexy/fierce street is the perfect style for KB. Rani looked “hungry and thirsty” (WTF? LOL). Tahlia’s face is very beautiful. Camera loves her. Kiana had no energy. “Wake up!”

I guess one among Melissa, Gani, and Celine is getting the first call out. They did have the best photo. They really transformed for their assigned style.

Call Out Order

Melissa, Gani, Celine got Best Photo.

  1. Melissa/Gani/Celine
  2. Gani/Celine/Melissa
  3. Celine/Melissa/Gani
  4. Tahlia
  5. Franchesca
  6. Loretta
  7. KB
  8. Barbara
  9. Monika
  10. Rani

Bottom 3: Aimee, Amanda, Kiana

Aimee is the first one safe. Amanda is also safe.

Eliminated: Kiana (TH)

I don’t know about you people but I am starting to root for Gani. I feel her during her interviews. She seems nice and genuine. She is also a really strong model. A classic Asian beauty, as they say. I hope that she goes far in the competition. I also feel for Aimee. Team Singapore can potentially win this time!

Next Week

“No one likes a model with bad hair!”

MAKEOVERS! Lourd Ramos! “Shave it all off!” Wow! Vomiting! Somebody can’t handle her new hair.

Again, another boring episode. I feel the attempt at a K-pop theme is a bit half-assed. However, I like that they have brought back the group shoot. Ha Sang Beg is a pretty mean judge. More of him please! Haha. That model house drama lasted for one episode. When can we get the same meltdown as last cycle! #TeamJanice4Ever

What did you think of this episode? Are you looking forward to next episode’s makeovers? Will there be more drama? Who will get the most drastic change a la Sneha? Comment below. We love reading your opinions. Watch out for the photo shoot poll in a few days.

The remaining girls (from AsNTM3 Twitter)
The remaining girls (from AsNTM3 Twitter)

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  2. Hi there! This blog is already on my task bar. Thanks for the updates. I don’t have starworld here so I rely on the net but even the main website gives out so little it’s really frustrating. Would you know where to watch the replay? Is it just me or they’ve been too controlling? Even on youtube there isn’t any apart from the link you posted on your last article. Thank you 🙂

    1. Aww thanks for reading my blog. 🙂
      Historically, the official AsNTM3 Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/asntm3) should upload the full episode albeit 4 2 weeks after the episode airs. That’s how they did it in the previous cycles. The video will only be available in countries and territories where STAR World airs, of course.
      I also emailed you. 😉

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