That Thing Called Tadhana with Sid Lucero

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That’s me with Sid Lucero after watching PETA‘s Arbol de Fuego last March 15. This was one of the few surreal moments of meeting actors in real life. It made my body literally shiver like I was vertically thousands of feet away from the ground on top of Mt. Pulag. I was supposed to take pictures with the actual cast members: Cherie Gil, Bembol Roco and Raffy Tejada (one of my basic acting weekend workshop facilitators) among others. Unfortunately and fortunately while waiting, I saw Sid outside. I was hesitant at first but the adrenaline of the that week just kept on coming. I decided to take the chance and just do it. I asked him for a photo and he didn’t hear me so I tapped his shoulder. Out of nervousness, I just posed for the camera even if he wasn’t ready. He saw the camera and said: “Oh.. Okay.” Hahahaha AWKWARD.

My friend was using my phone but for some reason the shots were too exposed. She asked us to change positions hoping that it’d solve the problem (it didn’t but good thing it didn’t, I really like the effect). We posed but my friend was having a hard time adjusting the focus of the camera so it was really an awkward couple of minutes. Sid put his arm on my should and I started shaking. He felt it and said “You’re shaking, man.”. I died (and wished that the earth’d swallow me whole).

I’ve been watching Sid since Etheria (Encantadia’s prequel) and I’ve always admired his acting skills. This was quite an experience. Looking forward for more celebrity encounters. Watch out! I’m going to post my other “celebrity encounters” in the future. 🙂

Side-note:  Arbol de Fuego was so nice. The performances were great. I’ve never seen a straight play that had more than four characters. Everybody brought something to the table and the script sounded natural considering it was in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Ilonggo. The overall theme of the play was all about letting go. Being less attached to the past to embrace the gifts of tomorrow.

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