#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 3 Recap

Amiciness is live blogging again for the 3rd episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. Tonight is makeover time for the girls! And that means one of my faves Lourd Ramos is back to give our girls new looks. Watch with me starting 8:45 P.M. (PH time) on STAR World and find out. You could also follow me on Twitter @amiciness for more updates.

Last time, I asked you which of the AsNTM K-pop group photos you liked best… and the results are in. The Wolf Pack, composed of Melissa, Gani, and Celine, has gobbled up the competition and emerged as the poll winners this week.

The Wolf Pack's unofficial 1st mini-album art
Wolf Pack’s unofficial 1st mini-album art (I made this LOL)

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. LIVE BLOG IN PROGRESS. Photos added at the  end of this post.

Last week on #AsNTM3, it was all K-pop. Tahiti‘s “Oppa You’re Mine” was the soundtrack. For their group photo shoot, the Wolf Pack won Best Photo, and Kiana‘s birthday gift(?) was her being eliminated. Let’s find out who among the girls are still in the running to be Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. Cue “Chandelier” opening.

The girls return home and they see Kiana’s birthday cake with a slice. Sad feels all around. They then proceed to blow the candles and eat the rest of their delicious chocolate cake. I’ll call it early: Barbara is in the bottom group this week.

The next morning, the girls receive free hair stuff from TRESemme. Hair dryers, conditioners, etc. Georgina Mail! MAKEOVER! Franchesca doesn’t like her hair getting shorter.

The girls before their makeovers
The girls before their makeovers

The girls arrive at the salon. No mirrors! “I need you to let go of any emotional attachments to your hairs.” Joey Mead-King, Georgina Wilson, and TRESemme top hairstylist Lourd Ramos are in the salon with the girls. They’re getting different, no, “drastic” looks!

Nobody will ever book a model with bad hair!

True that, Lourd!

Joey, Georgina, and Lourd #TeamPhilippines :))
Joey, Georgina, and Lourd #TeamPhilippines :))

Barbara is getting her hair all shaved off? Cruel joke, Georgina! LOL. But her hair is going to be shorter. Melissa is getting short hair as well. Aimee gets fringe. Tahlia gets a long bob. Makeover time! Time for TRESemme product placement. :)) Barbara is crying. She hasn’t had short hair since she was four. Oh my! Hair funeral. Hilarious!

Barbara cries = hair gets shorter
Barbara cries = hair gets shorter


  • Melissa – pixie cut. Kinda like Nicole’s from last cycle.
  • Amanda – wavy hair. She actually looks more sophisticated.
  • Gani – bob
  • Tahlia – dyed light brown hair (almost blonde), long bob
  • Monika – shorter, dark brown.
  • Aimee – fringe. She looks a lot more high fashion now.
  • Rani – shorter layered hair
  • Loretta – not much changed. They kept her long hair.
  • Franchesca – dyed and layered.
  • KB – dyed black. It looks so much better!
  • Celine – long bob. I like how it looks more in the interview section.
  • Barbara – short shoulder-length hair. She does “look expensive” as she says.

All in all, nothing as drastic as Sneha from last cycle. Now that was the definition of a drastic makeover.

Photo shoot

Celebrity photographer Olaf Mueller is behind the lens. The girls are posing with jewelry. Bling! Lourd Ramos is overseeing hair, makeup and styling. Joey Mead-King is also at the shoot. Oh, so that was Rani in the promo. Rani is feeling ill at the photo shoot. Shots! 3 shots! They have bodyguards on set for the jewelry! Wow.

Aimee is really feeling her makeover. She’s improved. On the other hand, Barbara still isn’t feeling her short hair. Problems at the shoot! KB is getting movement, but not face. Gani is too pose-y. I really like Celine’s hair: sophisticated and sexy. I don’t like how Tahlia’s hair looks frizzy. Loretta is confused about the brief. “I don’t even know what high fashion poses are.” There’s no energy in her shots. She’s crying out of disappointment. Rani isn’t feeling as ill as earlier and she gets to the photo shoot. Professional!

Judging Panel

Hair guru Lourd Ramos, model mentor Joey Mead-King, photographer Olaf Mueller, and Georgina Wilson are judging the girls this week.

Melissa’s photo is a great profile shot. Celine’s best photo so far. Red lipstick is your kryptonite, really, Barbara? I don’t agree Georgina: KB’s photo does look terrible. Rani looks dazed in her photo. Aimee is working her hair. Good job! A string of good photos from Monika, Amanda, Gani, Tahlia, and Franchesca. Poor Loretta. Your not getting a drastic makeover doesn’t mean you’re not versatile! Overthinking doesn’t do anyone good but I feel you, L.

There’s something off about all of these photos. Is it the lighting? The photos all look like they belong to a horror/dark noir-themed shoot. Unless I missed that brief earlier. Definitely not the girls’ fault. I wish they stayed with the white background. But I think the dark grey adds to the “classiness” and “high fashion”-ness of it all?

I predict a Melissa, Celine or Aimee first call out.

Sorry we need a model, not an actress.

Ouch! I love Lourd’s soundbites. Haha!

Call Out Order

  1. Aimee (good job, girl!)
  2. Melissa
  3. Monika
  4. Franchesca
  5. Celine
  6. Amanda
  7. Gani
  8. Barbara (not in the bottom, as I predicted earlier)
  9. Tahlia
  10. KB

Bottom 2: Rani and Loretta

Loretta questioned how they chose her best photo. Ooh! Fighting words. However, she is still safe.

Eliminated: Rani

Aww, Rani left her drumsticks at the model house. What a sweet keepsake.

Next Week

Make-up challenge. Passionate photo shoot with a male model. “He looks like my ex-boyfriend!” — Barbara. That has to be awkward. Ooh Amanda’s getting kiss-y.

And now, we leave you with a question:

Did you like tonight’s makeover episode? Who had the best makeover? Who had the best photo this week? Most important of all: Where does Lourd Ramos get his contacts? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Hey there! I have spoilers in my pocket. I saw this picture in a blog. Episode 4 will be a double elimination. Celine and Loretta will be saying goodbye. I saw there names on that “goodbye board” they have in the house.

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