#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 3 – Amiciness Picks [POLL]

On Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 this week, the girls had their most-awaited makeovers. For their high fashion photo shoot they had to pose with bespoke diamond jewelry and their own crowning glory, their new hair. This is my call out order based on how I feel they fared:


1. Melissa

Her makeover rocks. She’s really feeling her new hair, which looks like Nicole’s hair from last cycle. That dangling earring looks great with her short hair. Her side profile is to die for. Great styling choice for her collar to be exposed. Side note: I’m a bit partial towards pixie cuts.


2. Franchesca

Her best photo so far. That exhale and that pose is giving me #DestinysChildIndependentWomen vibes. Plus, she kinda looks like Cycle 1’s Stephanie here, which is never a bad thing.


3. Gani

Did anyone else notice that her makeover is like Josephine’s from Cycle 2. It really frames her beautifully angular face. She’s one of the few girls that filled the whole frame with her pose. Her hands perfectly point the attention to her great hair. And she’s selling the jewelry: I would love to buy that necklace!

Aimee [FCO]

4. Aimee [Judges’ FCO]

This new hairstyle gave her new life, and this is miles better than last week’s photo. She drew power from her new bangs. Although I’m kinda having a hard time thinking that this pose is considered high fashion. Is it just me?


5. Amanda

I kinda dig this goth-ish aura on her. She looks good, with that intense stare straight at the camera. But I just don’t feel this is as proper for this high fashion theme? Her first week photo is still her best.


6. Tahlia

She is working her ScarJo/Black Widow-ness here. I don’t know why the judges are knocking on her theatricality (maybe aside from it possibly looking a bit outdated). There is quite a bit of acting in modelling. I think the most glaring error in this photo is the lack of neck.


7. Celine

There’s something weird about her facial expression here, but I think this is Celine’s interpretation of looking a bit mysterious and devious. Plus, her pose didn’t showcase the jewelry. I love this cut on her though; it makes her look more sophisticated. She looks like a different person.


8. Barbara

Not as strong as her previous photos. I don’t think she can blame the red lipstick, as I think it looks great on her. Shame because I really like this makeover on her.


9. Monika

This looks like she was photographed between poses. Her lips and her hand don’t look relaxed. There’s something very sinister about her look here. I actually like the freckles on this look. However, even Monika herself didn’t like this photo as much as the judges (inexplicably) did.


10. Loretta

I felt for Loretta because, like her, I didn’t fully understand what the shoot was all about. This confusion plus the pressure on her to do good led to her anxiety attack. Unfortunately, it shows in this picture. Regarding her makeover: I think a shorter haircut like Barbara’s would’ve benefited her a lot more.

Rani [Eliminated]

11. Rani [Eliminated]

Poor girl. Being ill then being photographed while you look ill doesn’t do anyone any favors. I know I’ve ragged on her before about her not having the it factor, but I have to commend her on powering through that photo shoot.


12. KB

This should’ve been called last as it’s easily the weakest of all the photos this week. The placement of the hands look tentative, which doesn’t scream high fashion or expensive to me. However, her hair is so much better now after the makeover. It did make her look more like a top model.

Overall, no “drastic” makeovers as Joey proclaimed. As I mentioned in the recap, Sneha’s makeover last cycle was the most drastic. The three makeovers that stood out the most were Melissa’s, Tahlia’s, and Celine’s. They all look younger, well except for those that are actually young, like Amanda and Rani, whose makeovers made them look older.

The brief was too generic: high fashion posing with bespoke jewelry. Were the girls supposed to be showcasing the jewelry? Did the girls need to showcase their hair? What emotion were the girls to convey? OR maybe it was edited out of the episode. We’ll never know.

And what does “high fashion” even mean?

The term “high fashion” is typically used as a way of describing fashions that are trend-setting, unique, and exclusive.


On ANTM Tyra Banks says “high fashion” doesn’t have to refer what the model is wearing. While your instinct might be to smile and stand up straight for a photo, Tyra’s mission is to show these models that kicking one leg in the air while looking forlorn can be far more eye-catching (well, duh) and editorial. In the same way, if she uses the word “commercial” dismissively, she’s calling out something that’s safe or familiar.

— Bull, L. (2010, October 26). What Is High Fashion? [Article]. Retrieved from http://www.wetpaint.com/

So I guess the more out-there and unconventional the photo is, and the more that it looks like it fits in a fashion editorial, the more “high fashion” it is. I guess that explains how the judges ranked the photos. TIL what high fashion means.

Rani was eliminated this week, but we will surely miss her energy and professionalism.

Which #AsNTM3 girl do you think had the best photo this week? Vote for your favorite in the poll. Poll closes an hour before the next episode premieres.

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