#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 4 Recap + POLL

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Amiciness is finished live-blogging the 4th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. This episode, the girls are taking on a challenge that tests their make-up skills. For their photo shoot, the girls need to show passion, while modelling alongside a male model.

Watch with us at 8:45 P.M. (PHL standard time) on STAR World to find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. The winner of this cycle will get these fabulous prizes: a Subaru XV STI, a campaign for TRESemme, a cover and spread for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and a modelling contract with Storm Models Management in London.

For our last poll, we asked you which girl had the best high fashion photo last week… And the results are in: the winner is… Melissa! We all definitely loved her pixie cut. 🙂

Melissa rocking her pixie cut

This week, we’re going to do the poll a bit differently: we’re adding the poll at the end of this post as soon as the final photos have been posted. So stay tuned in about a couple of hours if you want to make your votes count. 😉


Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: the girls were all about their makeovers. Hairs were cut, tears were shed, and the girls were transformed. For the photo shoot, the girls had to pose high fashion with their new hair and bespoke diamond jewelry. In the end, Aimee won best photo, while Rani did not make the cut and was eliminated from the competition. Who is/are going home this week? Find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. Cue “Chandelier” opening. Lights, camera, ready, lights, camera, ready.

#TeamIndonesia is sad for their homegirl Rani’s elimination. Aimee’s winning best photo has let her emerge as a threat to the other girls. That is a great philosophy, Loretta: “Fake it ’til you make it.” Ooh model house drama… and it’s about cleanliness. Monika, Amanda, and Aimee are Xtina-dirty; they don’t wash their dishes and clean.

Georgina Mail! Makeup challenge. Apparently, Franchesca is great at makeup, according to Amanda.

Challenge: Makeup Challenge

The girls are greeted by Georgina Wilson and M.A.C. Cosmetics Singapore Senior Artist Beno Lim at the M.A.C. studio. 15 minutes to recreate 1 of 6 makeup looks, including the difficult no-makeup look. Of course, Monika chose Best Makeup Artist Franchesca. Gani was the odd one out, so she got to do her makeup on a model.

  • Monika/Franchesca: No makeup
  • Aimee/Amanda: Review
  • Tahlia/Melissa: Rock glamour
  • KB/Loretta: Enlightened
  • Celine/Barbara: Scarlet seduction
  • Gani: Free party

Franchesca and Monika quoted Janina San Miguel. Barbara’s kryptonite is red lipstick, which is ironic for the makeup look she got. Franchesca and Loretta are the most skilled with makeup. Amanda isn’t really so skilled at this, which is kind of cute.

Loretta won the challenge. She shared her prize of $1,000 worth of MAC cosmetic products with KB.

Winner: Loretta

The girls are feeling the pressure right now. Monika especially, who has not gotten best photo yet. Model mentor Joey Mead-King crashes the model house to check on the girls. She’s a bit worried about the breakdowns that happened last time at judging panel.

Joey visits the model house
Joey visits the girls

What we’re looking for girls, is that one great model spokeswoman, that’s why we keep pressuring to see more of you, more personalities of you. Yes, it’s great what we see in the photoshoots, but somehow we have to be a little louder.

— Joey Mead-King

Fighting words from Tahlia: “[Monika] cried, so she thinks she’s special?” Drama! Drama! Drama!

Photoshoot: Shanghai Beauty

The girls arrive at Manhattan Bar greeted by Joey, their fashion photographer Amanda Lim, and American fashion designer Peter Som, who has provided the clothes this week. “Passion, romance, and glamour.” The girls are working with a male model. And the girls are all giddy! 😉

(Check the photos at the end of this post!)

Amanda is worried because she hasn’t been in love before. Aww cutesies. Hi William! 😉 Loretta is not showing passion, and is not connecting with the model at all. “She’s a bit like a loaf of stale bread.” Ouch! Gani is next. “Push your body into his chest!” I would gladly! Hahaha. KB is overthinking, but she got it at the end. How many minutes are each girl given anyway? Celine is awkward; it’s her first time close to a male model. Peter Som looks bored out of his mind so far, and maybe I will be too if I were him. This photo shoot has been… oddly quiet.

Amanda is having a bit of a crush. She wants to kiss William. “If it was the brief to kiss him, I would’ve kissed him.” LOL! Peter Som says that she’s one to watch. “Good girl gone bad” Tahlia seems to be nailing this shoot. Melissa also did well. I just noticed that all the girls are in wigs. Franchesca is too pose-y. The mentors are impressed with Aimee. Oh my! Monika is bringing up her skirt, showing her legs. Monika is in control of her man! Barbara: “He actually looks like my ex-boyfriend!” It’s awkward between her and the guy. She lacked confidence.

Amanda Lim and Peter Som join “hopeless romantic” Joey Mead-King and Georgina Wilson in judging. Peter Som to Amanda: “You have it!” Aimee is another one to watch. Tahlia is, again, bringing her Black Widow vibes to the photo. Meh for Celine’s photo. Wow, Peter Som is pretty harsh (but I kinda like this brutal honesty.) Another catalog comment about Franchesca. Great face from Melissa. One of KB’s better photos. So it’s more than looks like Barbara’s ex-boyfriend; her ex-boyfriend and William are friends? That’s doubly awkward. Gani looks a bit stiff. Peter is really bringing the mean tonight! Love it! Monika’s photo is hot. Again, Loretta is overthinking and it showed in the photo.

Call Out Order

  1. Monika
  2. Aimee
  3. Amanda
  4. KB
  5. Melissa
  6. Tahlia
  7. Gani
  8. Barbara

Bottom 3: Celine, Franchesca, Loretta

Franchesca is safe.

OMG DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!! Celine and Loretta are both out of the competition. All the girls are shocked. Celine is especially emotional. Loretta is defeated.

Eliminated: Celine and Loretta

Next Week: Ready for your Closeup!

The girls join an acting class. Selfie challenge. The girls portray different moods for a closeup.

No clear front-runner. Some of the girls are getting the same critique week in and week out, so they have to improve or else they’re the next ones to go. This was the quietest episode so far, and that is not a good thing. Fast-paced but uneventful. Even when we thought we’re finally getting drama, we got nothing. Peter Som’s harsh comments were great but even that got repetitive by the end. I did like Joey visiting the girls and giving them a bit of motivation. The shock double elimination at the end did shake up this episode. Overall, the results and photos are better this week than last.

What did you think about this episode? Who do you think deserved Best Photo this week? Does anyone know what the male model’s full name or social media is? For science of course. We now know his name! 😉

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