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On Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 this week, the girls’ makeup skills were challenged, and they had to pose in a passionate photo shoot with everyone’s new favorite male model William. The girls had to show chemistry with their male companion and emote with fierceness and passion. This is my call out order based on how I feel they fared:

1. Tahlia

Black Widow, baby! You can really see her resemblance to Scarlett Johansson in this photo. Her come-hither look is so mesmerizing; her eyes draw you in. Plus that collar tug is saying that she’s in control of her man. I’m glad Tahlia has been giving us great photos so far as she’s one of the, if not the most, stunning faces this cycle.

2. Monika

Tugging on his collar. Check. Placing his hand on her leg. Check. Pulling his hair with gusto. Check. This is definitely one hot photo. The body was conveying desire and lust in spades, but the face needed more work.

3. Aimee

I imagine the story here is Aimee is the girlfriend that’s super in-love, while William is the boyfriend that’s slowly losing interest. I love the body language she’s showing with the arched back and the almost-kiss.

4. KB

Surprise, surprise. Who would’ve thought from last week’s disaster that we would get a great photo from KB. I love that she dialed down the sexy and instead went for the scorned, disinterested lover. There is intense passion but of a different kind, i.e., not directed at her partner.

5. Amanda

You could really see in her eyes that Amanda was in love. Maybe too in love. But she did give what was required by the theme. However, that tragic wig ruined this photo. She’s been at the top half of the pack for the past few weeks. We may be seeing her for the long haul.

6. Barbara

The story in this photo is the opposite of Aimee’s. Barbara might have pulled inspiration from her real-life ex-boyfriend. The hand positions tell the story: one hand is cradling his head still in love, while the other hand on his chest looks like she’s pushing him away. She has been middling for the past weeks after a stellar first week. She has to pull herself together again.

7. Gani

I call this the “husband comes home after a long day and I know you’re seeing someone else” pose. Gani mentioned that she looked stiff in this photo, but I think it works well in this picture.

8. Melissa

Melissa has the same facial expression as Gani in her photo, but between the two, this was the inferior one. I wasn’t actually drawn to Melissa; instead, William’s side profile stole the show. (Sorry, can’t help it. ;P) And I’m distracted by that wig again.

9. Celine

Poor Celine; she has great style and attitude but it just doesn’t reflect in her photos. This isn’t a bad photo, but it just wasn’t good for this particular theme.

10. Franchesca

Her face conveys happiness, and my face would too if I had my arms around William (;)), but her face just lacked passion. It’s also worrying that since the beginning the judges have been mentioning her being too catalog and not high fashion or editorial. If she doesn’t correct that ASAP she’ll be gone soon.

11. Loretta

There’s no chemistry between him and her. And again it’s because of her over-thinking. I would have forgiven her last week because the brief was indeed confusing at best, but this week there was a pretty clear theme and direction. Her defeatist attitude when it came to the bottom two didn’t help me warm up to her either.

As I’ve said in my earlier post, this photo shoot was a huge improvement from the previous one. Peter Som’s harsh comments were such a joy to watch and hear, though I feel for the girls who were at the receiving end of his sharp tongue.

The episode overall was fast-paced but nothing exciting happened. During the photo shoot, it was eerily quiet. Even Joey was silent most of the time.

One of the good things that happened last week is that we got to know William the male model. He became an overnight online sensation to AsNTM3 fans. It might have been partly my fault. Sorry, William. And you’re welcome fans. 😉

Which #AsNTM3 girl do you think had the best photo this week? The poll is still ongoing, so vote for your favorite/s now! Poll closes an hour before the next episode premieres.

As of Sunday morning, Monika is still in the lead by a huge margin. If you want your favorite girl to claim victory, you have to vote, vote, vote!

Don’t forget to catch Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 on STAR World, with new episodes every Wednesday at 8:45 P.M.

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