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#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 5 – Amiciness Picks

In what is probably their best photo shoot so far, the girls had to flash their attractive, flirty Closeup white smiles. Monika, who got Best Photo for this photo shoot, won a commercial campaign for Closeup Diamond Attraction. But who topped and who flopped this week? This is my own call out order:

I mentioned on Twitter that these three photos above are campaign-ready. I can picture a toothpaste ad campaign for any of these photos.

1. Melissa

I don’t understand how this was only 4th in the judges’ ranking. It’s fun, flirty, fierce. A lot of fans, including me, definitely feel that the judges are underestimating her modelling skills.

2. Monika

The smile is so natural, and it tells a story. The hair flip works on this photo. But she needs to experiment more with her poses if she wants to win this competition.

3. Barbara

She’s in full-on flirt mode. This is the move you pull when the guy you like says a joke and you act like it’s the funniest thing in the world just to get his attention. Her body language and her smile are great.

4. Tahlia

I love that Tahlia seems to fully embrace her crooked teeth. It’s kinda charming actually: whatever flaws she had with her smile she made up for with loads of confidence. Her squinted eyes and her pose lend this photo a bit of mystery.

5. Aimee

Aimee is very girl-next-door and exudes positivity with her genuine smile. All the young girls would want to buy the product just to get the same bright white teeth as her. Side note: this looks a lot like Katarina’s pose from Cycle 2, 1st week.

6. KB

It’s great that KB dialed down the sexy here… but probably a bit too much. She seems relatable and friendly in this photo. But the other part of the brief – the flirty part – seems lost. Plus points for her and Tahlia having a different pose from the others. And she has a nice set of pearly whites.

7. Gani

This is definitely not a bad photo, but it’s because Gani has a great Asian supermodel face. She’s serving us face, but she’s not serving us teeth. You know, because the brief was all about smiles, and for a toothpaste campaign to boot.

8. Franchesca

Whoever picked these photos seem to really like this one-hand-on-cheek-other-elbow-on-other-hand pose. This is a commercial shoot, and the judges (and us fans) rightfully expected a lot from her, being the commercial girl among all of them.

9. Amanda

While Gani gave us too few teeth, Amanda gave us too much teeth. I even saw someone who posted a comparison to Yao Ming’s meme face. It’s not a smile; it’s more like a chortle. Definitely doesn’t sell the product.

Mr. Mike Rosenthal is really a talented photographer. He really produces great photos. I do hope that in the future they venture outside the studio or enclosed spaces and do more location shoots, but I guess we won’t get that for the next episode.

The poll is still ongoing until 1 hour before the new episode airs tomorrow. Monika is still in the lead, so if you would like to change up the results, you have to vote!

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Do you agree that this is the best photo shoot so far? Do you want more Mike Rosenthal on our TV screens? Sound off in our comments.

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