#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 7 – Amiciness Picks


This week on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the girls posed alongside a Subaru XV covered in body paint for a chance at becoming the next Subaru brand ambassador. Each girl was given an emotion to portray that must complement the vehicle. Who was confident in motion and who was left in the dust? I’m going to do this a little different this time: I’m going to pit the girls with the same (or similar) brief head to head. Starting with:

Barbara vs Melissa (Chic)

This theme fits Barbara to a T: she looks sophisticated and expensive. These are traits that any client would want to have to sell their product. I agree with her that she could have had more emotion in the face. But to get this result within 10 frames is a feat. On the other hand, Melissa’s isn’t a bad picture. It just doesn’t scream chic, but it would’ve worked better under the “power” theme. She seems to be very comfortable with the edgy and editorial shoots, but she’s having problems with getting great photos in the more commercial shoots such as this one. Glenn’s “zebra” comment was a bit harsh though.

Winner: Barbara

Amanda vs Gani (Power)

Amanda’s body looks great in her photo. The pose, however, doesn’t convey as much power as Gani’s does. Amanda’s photo seems to evoke “I look strong,” while Gani’s is saying “I am strong, and I will get what I want.” It’s week 7 and the judges are still commenting on her blinking issue. If her eyes are going to be an issue during photo shoots, then she’s going to have a hard time booking jobs. The fault in Gani’s picture is that she’s giving us too much profile that it doesn’t really fit the car campaign look.

Winner: Gani

Monika vs Tahlia (Exhilarating)

I really like the styling on Monika’s photo: it’s a nice throwback to the 70’s. I’m getting Charlie’s Angel on a mission vibe to it. There’s nothing very exciting about Tahlia’s though. Aside from the hair (which indeed saves this photo), there’s no movement to be seen elsewhere in her body. Good effort for her though for donning the body suit and at least trying.

Winner: Monika

Aimee vs KB (Wild/Energy)

I don’t know what was up with Aimee’s pose, or the stylists’ body paint idea. Neither of them fit the “wild” theme: the pose looks more angry than wild, and the body paint looks like a child’s interpretation of stained glass art. Contrast that to KB who gave us a lot of movement. Energy to the fullest with that skip, and the hair moving in the wind.

Winner: KB

In summary, here is my own call out order for all of the girls this episode:

  1. Monika
  2. Barbara
  3. Gani
  4. KB
  5. Aimee
  6. Melissa
  7. Amanda
  8. Tahlia

This was my favorite photo shoot so far: well-defined theme with clear(ish) briefs on what the girls needed to portray. Glenn Tan is his usual harsh self, but when he really likes something, he praises it to the high heavens. The non-elimination in the Zalora episode was all just a setup so that Monika and Barbara will have their redemption arcs. Not that this is bad, but this is a typical setup in any Next Top Model franchise. Just sayin’!

Next Episode

The contestants are challenged to recreate some of the latest hair trends. The girls bring out their inner stylists, and try to tame those tresses. Because you need to be runway ready everyday (ehem, Tresseme product placement everywhere!)

Who did you think had the best Subaru campaign photo? Who deserved to be Subaru’s new brand ambassador? Sound off in the comments below.

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