#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – Episode 9 Recap

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Amiciness  is recapping the 9th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. This week, the girls are getting physical as they throw punches, and then thrown up in the air for a high fashion photo shoot.

Watch with us at 8:45 P.M. on STAR World to find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. And get this cycle’s fabulous prizes: a Subaru XV STI car, a campaign for TRESemmé, a cover and spread for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and a modelling contract with Storm Models Management in London.

The judges with photographer Jez Smith, and Alex Perry dresses


While waiting for the episode, you can check out last week’s full recap and my own comments on the girls’ Subaru campaign photos.

Last week we asked you “Who would you pick to get immunity from elimination among the girls?” You all voted, and the results are in. The winner is… Monika. She already got immunity, but you still would’ve chose her to be saved from elimination. Tahlia came second in the results.

You voted to save Monika from elimination

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, the girls recreate the latest TRESemmé hair trends. Monika successfully recreated the twists and braids look and won immunity from elimination. For their photo shoot the models became women on a mission. Tahlia got Best Photo, while KB was eliminated from the competition. Who will rise and fall this week? Cue “Chandelier” opening.

Gani was surprised that Amanda was saved from elimination. Barbara mentioned “Alex Perry,” seeming to imply that Amanda was saved by that one judge. All I have to say is: do not talk bad, implied or not, about the people that you would eventually work with in the modelling industry. Major no-no.

In the continuing feud between Monika and Gani: Monika slipped an apology note through Gani’s door. Gani was not having any of it: Monika just didn’t want to look bad in front of the camera and other people.

The girls head over to Evolve MMA studio where they are greeted by Joey, Rich Franklin, One Fighting Championship Vice President, and Bruno Pucci, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion. “He’s so cute,” says Barbara. Seems all the other girls are infatuated with Bruno. The girls pair up and learn the hidden techniques of mixed martial arts, where they learn that a top model must have good balance and posture.

If you’re lucky, before the end of the day, maybe you’ll be between Bruno’s legs.

Well I definitely wouldn’t mind. 😉

Challenge: Aerial Poses

After the session, the girls head to the Acro Polates studio. Joey and aerial instructor Ming Leong challenge the girls to do a series of difficult poses, all on a suspended ring. Cirque du Soleil style! The winner of the challenge gets a luxury spa treatment at So Spa Sentosa, with a friend in tow.

Winner: Barbara

Barbara chose Gani to join her in the spa. All that “Spa! Spa! Spa!” paid off, Gani. Massage! Mud bath! Swimming pool! While the girls in the house got their own home spa treatment. Well the girls meaning Monika, Aimee, and Amanda. Tahlia’s not part of the clique. Awkward times!

Photoshoot: Aerial High Fashion

This week’s photoshoot is all about creating beautiful body shapes, all while being suspended in the air. Alex Perry reveals his gorgeous, flowy gowns for this week’s shoot. Jez Smith is back for the 2nd consecutive week as this shoot’s photographer. Gani seems to be experienced with photo shoots that involve being suspended in the air. On the other hand, Amanda is super nervous, having failed in the challenge earlier.

Monika was up first. In the beginning she was unsure, but she found her balance, and nailed the shoot by the end. Gani had difficulty creating the shapes. Alex is worried that she might be up for elimination.

She just dangled there like a teabag. — Alex, describing Gani’s performance at the shoot

Aimee needed to be more dynamic. Barbara gave a very romantic vibe to her movements, and really played well with the flowy dress. Tahlia couldn’t control her body and keep her pose. Amanda entered the photo shoot with her squeaky cute voice. But then completely transformed. She brought her fierce self. She must be drawing power from her red dress.


The judges this week are Georgina, Joey, Alex, with guest judges, photographer Jez Smith and Harper’s Bazaar EIC Kenneth Goh.

Monika got good reviews but the judges would’ve liked to have seen more emotion in her face. Barbara’s photo was insanely great. Very ethereal. The judges unanimously loved her photo. Gani and Tahlia both got less-than-stellar reviews from the judges. Aimee showed her romantic side, but Kenneth felt that it was expected of her and needed to show more. From being one of the worst, Amanda bounced back to the top.

I mean she can sell me coffee, she can sell me a car, she can sell me a dress – but whether she can sell my magazine to tell women out there that this is high-fashion, I don’t see that happening. — Kenneth Goh, talking about Barbara’s model potential

Call Out Order

  1. Amanda — FCO
  2. Monika
  3. Barbara
  4. Aimee

Bottom 2: Gani and Tahlia

Eliminated: Tahlia

Next Week

Being good on print isn’t everything – the girls are challenged to create a motion editorial for a Subaru campaign next week. Back in the judging panel is Glenn Tan and his sharp tongue: “Your video is useless for me.” Ouch!

The girls produced some great photos this week, but who did you think had the best photo? Sound off in the comments below.

12 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – Episode 9 Recap

    1. I was hoping for a Barbara FCO too. She looked like an ethereal goddess. But I’m also happy for Amanda winning, as hers was a very close second in my opinion. 🙂

  1. I knew it. Tahlia will be “Clark-ed”. From FCO to zero. If everyone will do well next episode, it will be the start of a series of toughest eliminations in the history of TM franchise.

  2. I like Monika’s JLo vibe and her dreamy face. I think Amanda deserved the FCO. Barbara’s was the most beautiful photo, however, I think it lacked more of her face on it.

  3. Monika’s photo is unique and sexy. Amanda’s photo is sooo cliche! Ive seen a lot of phots like that with that pose. Same with Barbara. Aimee’s photo is boring. Gani’s face is fierce but the whole photo is forgettable! Tahlia’s? No comment.

    1. Kinda true about Gani. I think Gani should be eliminated because he looked surprised. Tahlia’s picture wor.ks for me

  4. Gani always talk behind other people’s back.. That’s not a top model behavior! Go ask your mom to teach you some MANNERS! See how amanda got FCO!

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