#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 9 – Amiciness Picks

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This week on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the models are back in the studio for a high-fashion photo shoot. The girls wore dresses by Australian fashion designer and resident judge Alex Perry with a challenge: they are suspended in the air. Who brought the fantasy and who were merely an illusion? Here’s my own call out order:


1. Barbara

Goddess! I cannot use the word ethereal enough. Or to borrow Michael Cinco’s words, impalpable. She looks like a very graceful Swan Lake ballerina. Everything is just flowing. I want to frame this picture and hang it on my wall. However, if there’s one thing to point out, maybe I would have liked to see more of her face. The editing really helped bring out the beauty of this photo as compared to last week’s hot mess.


2. Amanda

Amanda is on fire this week. She looks calm and centered, but fiery at the same time. The only flaws I can see here are (1) her right hand was eaten by her dress, and (2) her face looks a bit stiff. She also got the luck of the draw as she got the red dress which stands out a lot among the girls’ photos. The movement of the dress made it look like flames.


3. Monika

Monika looks deliciously sinister here, like a telenovela antagonist out for blood. The movement of the fabric is smart, as it accentuated the curves on her body. It makes her stand out of the black backdrop even though the dress is the same color. Again the expression on her face is lacking. She reminds me of my niece when she’s sleeping with her eyes half-open.


4. Aimee

This is a great pose. The face is perfect. The innocent-slash-romantic vibe matches well with the dress. I don’t know why the dress is not as fluid as the other dresses. It must be the fabric. It adds tension which kind of drags the photo down. A different, lighter, more flow-y, fabric might make this photo pop more.


5. Gani

She looks like she’s submerged in water. There’s a lot of things that went wrong with this photo: her hands look limp, her right leg is missing, and the movement of the fabric looks messy. What never goes wrong though is her face. To begin with her face is stunning and strong, but the styling brought out her beauty even more.


6. Tahlia

You could totally see that she had trouble positioning her lower body: there’s a lot of movement going on in the bottom half of the photo. I don’t understand why she’s holding the hem up to her chest like that. It’s very ancient Greek olympian. She’s the only one who didn’t give big movement, which is what the theme requires. However, the dress might also be at fault: it is shorter than the other girls’ dresses, so you won’t see the same fluid effect as the others.

Overall, this is miles above in quality than the previous week. And it’s with the same photographer to boot. I have a feeling that this week’s shoot was planned for Episode 8, but got cancelled for some reason, and they had to come up with the “girl on a mission” theme as a Plan B. Nonetheless, I’m very happy with all of the girls’ photos. And Alex Perry’s dresses are beautiful. Perfect styling for this shoot.

Next Episode

Lights, camera, action! The girls tackle their first TV commercial and put their confidence in motion. See who comes out on top with the best acting skills, and who will face the cut for lack of performance. Since this is another Subaru shoot, the new brand ambassadors Monika and Barbara are totally safe. Which leaves Gani, Aimee and Amanda up for elimination. But I might be wrong. We’ll see what happens.

Who do you think had the best photo this week? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

2 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 9 – Amiciness Picks

  1. I think Amanda’s going home. There’s a frame in the very first episode with Aimee in some other dress, so…

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