#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 10 The Girl In The Driver’s Seat Recap

Top 5 at deliberation

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Amiciness  is recapping the 10th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. The girls have done runway, catalogue shoots, and high fashion shoots. This week, the girls are presented with a different challenge: a motion editorial for Subaru. And the boss Glenn Tan is back to judge.

Watch with us at 8:45 P.M. on STAR World to find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. And get this cycle’s fabulous prizes: a Subaru XV STI car, a campaign for TRESemmé, a cover and spread for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and a modelling contract with Storm Models Management in London.

While waiting for the episode, check out the teaser images above. You should also check out last week’s full recap and my own comments on the girls’ high fashion aerial photos.


Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, the girls learned mixed martial arts and aerial. Barbara won the challenge and got a relaxing spa day with Gani. Tensions rose between Team Tahlia and Team Monika. For the photo shoot, the girls wore Alex Perry dresses while suspended in the air. Amanda won Best Photo, while after getting Best Photo the previous week, Tahlia was eliminated from the competition. Who will glide and who will drag this week? Gotta stay on top.

Barbara and Gani are super sad and upset that Tahlia has left. Tahlia left a sweet message to the two girls, then promised each other that they will make Top 3.

Georgina Mail! All hands on deck. The girls are going to the port of Singapore. When they arrive at the cruise ship Mariner of the Sea, the girls are handed a clue. They have to find Joey & Alex on the ship. The girls have a runway challenge.

Challenge: Runway

The girls need to walk the runway with 3 different walks showcasing 3 different looks. But the challenge: they are only given under a minute to change into the clothes. Both Aimee and Gani impressed the judges. However, they wanted more versatility with Gani’s walks. Amanda doesn’t have much experience with runway, and it shows. She failed to make the 2nd look. Monika had great runway walks, but failed to finish her 3rd look. She went out with one shoe missing and her top worn the wrong way. LOL! Barbara nailed the 3 looks and gave different walks to suit the styles.

Winner: Aimee

Aimee gets to have a mentor session with Indonesian model, TV presenter and pastry chef, Farah Quinn.

Back home, Gani and Barbara discuss how Amanda is Alex Perry’s favorite. Amanda didn’t do well at the challenge, so they feel that Alex can’t help her this week. Gani feels that Amanda is the next one to go.

Working in this industry, you’re exposed to so many amazing beautiful things. So enjoy, but don’t get carried away, because all of this can get taken away from you. – Farah Quinn’s advice to Aimee on staying humble

Georgina Mail! Motion editorial! TV commercial! Modelling is more than just runways and photos.

Shoot: Motion Editorial for Subaru

Alex Perry is at the shoot to mentor the girls. Peter Wery is the director of the shoot. The girls shoot two scenes, and the girls have lines! The first scene is them at their hobby or work, and the second is them getting into their Subaru Forester car to continue the rest of their day.

Aimee is playing a business woman. Her second scene went better than her first. Gani is playing an architect. This is her first motion editorial! She had problems focusing and showing expression on her face. Barbara is acting as a baker. She does not know how to bake, and it shows in how tentative she is working the props.

Amanda does have experience playing tennis. But she was so focused on throwing the ball the right way, that she forgot expression. Monika is playing a yogi! They got the shots pretty quickly.


The judges this week are Joey, Alex, Georgina, and returning guest judge Glenn Tan. First up is Gani. “It’s not a bad video, but you’re definitely better in print.” Glenn wanted more confidence and assertiveness. Barbara looked comfortable in front of the camera, being experienced with commercials. She has everything going for her, but lacks the edge. Aimee impressed the judges, portraying the CEO well. Georgina and Joey liked Amanda’s video, but Alex was underwhelmed. Glenn Tan did not see tennis coach in her portrayal at all. Monika impressed all of the judges. The judges thought that she did the brief well. Aimee and Monika could be fighting for the top spot this week.

We need to think about the bigger picture – not only the motion editorial but also their place in the competition because one of these girls will become Asia’s Next Top Model. – Georgina

Gani wasn’t the worst but wasn’t the best. Alex Perry is worried that her height would be a problem. Barbara is good, but a pretty safe choice, given her years of experience. Aimee and Monika gets great reviews from the judges. Amanda still does not show the same maturity as the other girls, and that poses a problem in her future in the modelling industry.

Call Out Order

  1. Monika
  2. Aimee
  3. Gani

Bottom 2: Barbara and Amanda

Eliminated: CLIFFHANGER! We’ll find out next week!

These are still frames from the girls’ motion editorials. The AsNTM3 might upload their full commercials sometime later this week, so watch this space for that. Click on the photos for a larger view.

UPDATE: Check out the girls’ full Subaru commercials.

What did you think of the girls’ motion editorials? Were you shocked when that “To be continued…” tag appeared on the screen? Who do you think did not make Top 4? VOTE in the poll below. Poll closes 1 hour before we find out who made it next week. Sound off in our COMMENTS for more of your thoughts on this episode. We love hearing from all of you #AsNTM3 fans. 🙂

44 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 10 The Girl In The Driver’s Seat Recap

  1. ouch. amanda’s feedback was mostly positive–and BAM. Glenn Tan. ouch. I thought it was pretty good. I don’t think it’s fair that they didn’t mention Barbara also being one of the ambassadors….

    1. Amanda is doing better than Barbara if you look at their overall performance.
      Look at the wikipedia site of AsNTM 3. Give one point to whoever did better that week and give 0.25 points if she won the challenge that week.

      Amanda- 5 Barbara- 4.75

    1. No. It’s me that will be going home. Sad to say it’s the end of my journey. BTW Congrats for Amanda for going on to the top 4. And I am sure that Amanda will not go home because they haven’t aired the episode where she wore a green dress. XD And I’m the one who goes home first than the four of them. So no more Fourth Curse for Japan cause I finished fifth. BTW thanks for supporting me and the FiveJellyfishes. Sad to go home but there’s many doors to open for me. Lovelots <3

  2. This is tough. I hope Barbara makes it to Top 4 to break the “Japanese Fourth” curse. Sorry for Amanda, though. While I do like her, there were too many chances have been given for her blinking issue.

    1. If Barbara doesn’t make it to Top 4, doesn’t that mean that the “Japanese Fourth” curse would be broken? Hahaha. But seriously, I’ll be sad whoever goes home next week.

    1. I’m sure Amanda will not go home because they haven’t aired the episode where she wore a green dress. XD And I’m the one who goes home first than the four of them. So no more Fourth Curse for Japan cause I finished fifth. BTW thanks for supporting me and the FiveJellyfishes. Sad to go home but there’s many doors to open for me.

  3. Guys, please don’t impersonate any of the girls in these comments. And please don’t spam reply with the same message over and over.

    Or else, I will ask Mr. Glenn Tan to personally tell you how “useless” your comments are. LOL

  4. Amanda is so going home….the girl who wore green long dress was not Amanda, but Aimee……and I have seen a preview of that next episode, showing Barbara wore the black / dark-coloured long dress for the same photoshoot session…….

    1. Of course they won’t put it on their FB, Twitpic or IG account. That would be some spoiler for the rest of the next episodes’ drama, which certainly they would sustain for us. I saw one on Asntm3 unofficial websites made by some fans in Aussie…

  5. While it is getting stronger that Amanda will be going home, I think it is also getting stronger that Aimee might win this whole thing. Based on their cumulative performances, Aimee is the most consistent among the four remaining girls. She already got 1 FCO, 3 SCOs, and was never in the bottom two. Compared to Monika, Gani, and Barbara that received their fair share of FCOs [except Barbara] as well as bottom two appearances. In the history of all the Top Model franchises, the winner only needs one FCO to win it as long as she has the personality and consistency to deliver. There is only one isolated case, afaik, where the winner never received an FCO and her runner up got 4 FCOs [Britain’s Next Top Model C3 Winner Lauren McAvoy over Louise Watts]. This is also the case with AsNTM C2 between Sheena Liam and Jodilly Pendre, but I consider that null and void sorry.

    It just pains me that we always settle for runner-up for some reason. C1 is okay. Stephanie is like what Amanda is doing right now [although Amanda performed better with 2 FCOs], too many chances given and she ended up as a runner up. Last year, we had high hopes with Jodilly and Katarina is not that far behind. We really got robbed last cycle. Now for Cycle 3, not that I am questioning Monika’s ability to become a top model, but there are so many competitive girls this cycle. Once Amanda leaves the competition, it will be a neck and neck war already because everyone can do so well.

  6. I hope gani will be elimanated…. – i dont like her…. obviously she’s not pretty at all…
    and her face urgh is like an octagon.. hahahahah

  7. Monika has a very ordinary village-y look, while Gani has an extraordinary beyond-compare one.
    Monika has stink personality, while Gani has an honest humbling one.
    Monika has insincere intentions during the whole competition which reflects her fake personality, while Gani is nothing more than straightforward-speaking, lovable person.
    Monika has issue with her unhygienic and lazy daily lifestyle (double-dip, never does dishes she uses on her own), while Gani does it diligently and super-clean person as a whole.
    Based on this, I think I prefer Gani as the winner of ASNTM3!

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