#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 11 The Final Four Revealed Recap

Top 5 at deliberation

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Amiciness is recapping the 11th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. We already knew 3 of the 4 girls who are moving on in our Top 4. Who between Amanda and Barbara will complete this cycle’s Final Four?

Watch with us at 8:45 P.M. on STAR World to find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. And get this cycle’s fabulous prizes: a Subaru XV STI car, a campaign for TRESemmé, a cover and spread for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and a modelling contract with Storm Models Management in London.

Last time, I asked who do you think did NOT make it to the Top 4. The results are in, and you have decided… Amanda will not be in our Top 4. Did the judges agree with you? We’ll find out soon enough.

AsNTM3x10 - Amanda Preview
Is Amanda packing her bags and leaving the competition?

While waiting for the episode, you should also check out last week’s full recap, my assessment of Amanda and Barbara’s performance in the competition so far, and my own comments on the girls’ Subaru commercials.


Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, the girls were challenged to show different runway walks for different looks. The twist: the girls had less than a minute to change into their clothes. Aimee won the challenge and got to spend a mentor session with Indonesian celebrity Farah Quinn. The girls then shot their first motion editorial/TV commercial for Subaru Forester. Monika got rave reviews and won as the best of the week for the third time. Amanda and Barbara were left in the bottom two. Just as Georgina was about to hand out the final photo, a cliffhanger! Who between Amanda and Barbara earned the final spot in the Final Four? Let’s find out. Lights, camera, ready… action.

Call Out Order (from Last Week)

  1. Monika
  2. Aimee
  3. Gani

Bottom 2: Barbara and Amanda

Eliminated: Amanda

You guessed it right! Barbara is in the top 4! We’ll miss you Amanda! Don’t cry! Georgina comforts Amanda who is in tears but admits she’s expecting to be eliminated. Amanda has a lot of potential and we’ll definitely see more of her in the future, hopefully, internationally like in her hometown, Australia.

This isn’t the last of me.- Amanda

Monika mentions that Amanda deserves to be in the competition (more than once, actually) which Barbara takes a little badly. Barbara self pities once again as she realizes that she is the only one in the top 4 who has not gotten best photo. Gani downplays the self-pity party by citing Tahlia who has had best photo but was still eliminated.

We’re gonna be in the top 3, Barb.- Gani to Barbara

The top 4 models are rewarded by a world class holiday cruise aboard the Mariner of the Seas. They do a lot of exciting activities like indoor-ice skating, sun-bathing, rock climbing and dining in at the captains table. Everything’s just so fab! I’m so envious! The next morning, Aimee and Monika decide to jog while Barbs and Gani sleep all morning. This is when Monika expresses that she is grateful that Aimee is there. She is done trying to force connections with the other girls. For me, this is just practical. She has had almost 11 weeks trying to be friendly with them. It’s time to give up. Why be bothered of unnecessary baggage? Right? Barbara thinks the same. She wants Gani to be with her in the top 3. Otherwise, it would be very awkward as Barbara doesn’t talk much with Aimee and Monika.

EP11 - Girls Week 3 EP11 - Girls Week 2

This week the top four sit down with Georgina and Joey. It could have been nice to have the other judges there. They all recall their fondest memories in their journey so far. They reveal their most fun moments in the house, deepest secrets and most vulnerable moments that could have affected their performance in the competition. Throwback!!!

Flashback to their memories in the model house. Barbara says that she felt like she was a teenager again having to be surrounded by girl friends and just foolin’ around all the time. They also talk about who were the loudest. They are KB (self-admitted), Monika and Tahlia. I’m quite surprised by how fun Tahlia was in the house. I actually thought that she was quiet and serious. It is also refreshing to see Monika, Gani and Tahlia play around in the model house. Editing can do so much in reality shows. I love and hate it at the same time. LOL.

EP11 - Gani and Tahlia

Kiana was also one of the hot topics. They mention how she always talk too much but Joey defends Kiana, saying that maybe it was just her way of connecting with the other girls. I agree! Gani remembers her struggles as a make-up artist for a day. She’s butchered the model’s face back in that episode. We also learn that Monika is a fitness addict. She exercises every morning. On the other hand. Amanda is declared the laziest when it comes to working out. The top 4 also talks about the hot men that sizzlingly graced the competition. Barbara blushes when she recalls her little hot Brazilian pumpkin, MMA fighter boy, Bruno. Surprisingly, no explicit mention of our beloved William Highwind. Sad face.


EP11 - Aimee Throwback

-The most challenging shoot for her was the K-Pop shoot. She had a hard time coordinating with het teammates. She knew that her photo was going to be bad even before seeing it.

-Bangs. After the makeover, Aimee started believing in herself. She changed perspectives. It made her believe that she can actually become a top model. From then on, Aimee found her groove. She came from the bottom to the top and has remained there more consistently than the others.

I always hear in castings and jobs that my face is really sweet, very commercial…so when I got my bangs I think the first thing I said to Georgina was ‘I look SO Japanese’…I did, I looked definitely a lot edgier.

-Aimee and her weight. She is not gonna change just to please everybody.

I’m not gonna change. Either I’ll use that to bring me down or use it to help me.


-on Monika. Gani connected with everyone except Monika. Gani thinks that Monika is not trying to make friends and is too into the competition.

-Double Dip Issue. Gani is indeed a laway (saliva) conscious. Gani acknowledges that the issue is simpler than it is.

-The Bigger Issue. In front of the camera, Monika irritates Gani. Monika is a different person behind the scenes a.k.a “fake”.

-Lowest Point. Rani’s departure during episode 3 affected her big time. Rani was her source of optimism. Since then, Gani lost her confidence.

-Highest Point in the Competition. Zalora Shoot. The shoot was a wake up call that she could do more as a model. That she could do other things other than look edgy and editorial.

-Gani 2.0. She was bullied as a child. She also wants to be a role-model not just a model.  She wants to inspire people and be an ambassador for bullied people.

At this point, you are already someone. -Georgina to Gani


-Monika  VS. Herself and Tahlia/Gani. Sometimes, people do not understand Monika’s competitive nature. Her focus and determination could have been taken negatively.

-Beauty Queen answers. As Melissa mentioned, Monika gives very structured answers that can be misinterpreted as “fake”. Most Filipinos speak this way. I even have a friend who was told by an American friend that she talks like a book. LOL.

“I didn’t like about anything. I’m not fake.”

-On Gan. Monika didn’t lie about anything. She’s not fake. She doesn’t feel betrayed by the other girls talking behind her back but she is disappointed. Honestly, I’m having a hardtime following this fight.

-Animo Lasalle. Monika used to be a DLSU volleyball player (I’m also a Lasallian LOL) ! This was her thing in college but even though she worked hard. someone told her that volleyball was not for her. Harsh. This motivated her to do well in other things like modelling, her new passion according to her.

“Once I put my heart into something, that’s me.”

-Winning Streak. Monika has the most number of FCO (4 times). She didn’t feel that this will guarantee her winning or even earning a spot in the top 3. She plans do her best to prove herself.

“I want it to be clear to everyone that I’m worthy.”

-Aside from herself, Monika thought Gani could win the competition. She thought Gani could do very well internationally. She believes in Gani (and her bone structure).

-10 Minute Zalora Shoot: Monika was caught off-guard by Tahlia’s strategic move. She considered this as her lowest point but the more important thing was she didn’t give up. Even when she was in the bottom two, she didn’t stop believing.


-Barbara actually felt insecure meeting the other girls for the first time. This was funny because I remember one of the other girls saying that Barbara’s beauty intimidated her. Being the girl with the most experience, she felt insecure when she saw the other girls who almost had no modelling experience at all (i.e. Amanda) do well in the shoots.

-Zalora Shoot: She felt confident during the shoot but at judging, she was surprised to see how disappointing her photos were. At this point, she questioned herself if she can really be a model. She felt old, lacked confidence and wanted to leave.

-PEP Talk with Joey:  Joey’s pep talk made Barbara bounce back with the help of Gani and Tahlia’s support and our dear, Alex Perry. This part almost made me cry.

Next Week

The top 4 girls are exposed to real-life designer callbacks. They would need to impress the designers with their walks. Next week’s pictorial is a celebration of 4 decades of fashion. Hmm… Sounds exciting. And in just 2 weeks, we are crowning Asia’s Next Top Model!


What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you double dip? LOL. Comment and vote on our poll below. Who is your Top 3? Vote in the poll before it closes 1 hour before the next episode airs.

10 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 11 The Final Four Revealed Recap

  1. The way that conversation went, Aimee is in it to win it. Consistency is her greatest weapon. While Monika received more FCOs than her, she never went below 6th place after Episode 2. I consider Monika as Amanda’s stronger version, but they share the same trend of up-down-up-down. Gani will not win this, and unless Barbara gets FCO next episode she will continue the legacy of Japan consistently placing 4th for the third time in a row.

  2. Monika has a very ordinary village-y look, while Gani has an extraordinary beyond-compare one.
    Monika has stink personality, while Gani has an honest humbling one.
    Monika has insincere intentions during the whole competition which reflects her fake personality, while Gani is nothing more than straightforward-speaking, lovable person.
    Monika has issue with her unhygienic and lazy daily lifestyle (double-dip, never does dishes she uses on her own), while Gani does it diligently and super-clean person as a whole.

    Based on these facts, I prefer Gani to win it all!!!

    1. How can you say that those are facts when clearly, most of what you said are merely your opinions? This is a reality competition for God’s sake so we should know that what we have seen in each episode may not be what really happened. I hate it when fans attack other models as a way of showing support on their bet.

    2. This is about modeling so please let us stick to the issue and refrain from making comments that hurt the model, Monika because you do not know her personally.

  3. Based on the preview on the very first episode, chances are high that Aimee and Monika are part of the top 3.

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