#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 12 The Cover Girl Recap

Girls before the shoot

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Amiciness is recapping the 12th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. This week, the girls test their modelling skills in the real world. They are also shooting a Harper’s Bazaar cover paying tribute to four decades of fasion. Harper’s Bazaar SG EIC Kenneth Goh is back as guest judge.

Watch with us at 8:45 P.M. on STAR World to find out who are still in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. And get this cycle’s fabulous prizes: a Subaru XV STI car, a campaign for TRESemmé, a cover and spread for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and a modelling contract with Storm Models Management in London.

AsNTM3 Final Four GIF

While waiting for the episode, check out last week’s full recap. I asked you who you think among the girls will make it to Top 3. Almost 500 votes came in from all across Asia. You voted that Monika, Gani, and Aimee will be the final three. In fact, Monika got as many votes as the other three girls’. That’s over 50%!


Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, we finally learned who made it to the top four. Amanda has been eliminated. We looked back at the competition so far. Georgina and Joey talked with the top four regarding the competition and how their lives have been changed. This week, we will get to know the Final 3 girls. Who among Aimee from Singapore, Barbara from Japan, Gani from Indonesia, and Monika from the Philippines will stay on top? Lights, camera, ready action. Won’t stop on top.

AsNTM3x12 - The New Model House
The new model house

New model house! The top 4 are taken to a brand new house, surrounded by Harper’s Bazaar magazine covers, and are surprised with Triumph goodies on each of their beds.

Challenge: Go-sees

The girls have three castings where they are tested on their versatility as a model in the real world where they have to impress clients. At high-end boutique store Pois, with model/personality Liv Lo the girls have to present and sell a specific designer’s collection. Monika presented Oscar dela Renta‘s gowns and Liv was impressed with her presentation. Aimee presented Mary Katrantzou. At luxury leather goods brand Braun Buffel, Barbara and Gani showcase the leather accessories with their runway walks. Kenneth Goh is there to judge their runway walks. “You really have to deliver in 2 seconds,” he says.

Then the pairs switch places for their second go-sees. The client was impressed with Aimee. “Monika would definitely be someone I would consider booking.” Wow great review for Monika from the client. Gani presented Mugler‘s 2015 collection. Barbara fumbled with her presentation, and paused a lot of times. She was very nervous.

For the third go-see, the girls are at Triumph, leading luxury lingerie brand. Alex Perry is also at the store. The girls were asked to guess what their bra sizes were. Gani correctly guessed her bra size and gave a fitting walk with the lingerie. Aimee showed some sexuality. Barbara overestimated her size. Monika underestimated hers, but during her runway walk, lacked sensuality. Barbara won the Triumph go-see, and she receives $500 worth of Triumph apparel.

The girls arrive home and see a suspicious red Braun Buffel bag. There is a letter on top of it by Kenneth Goh, announcing that Monika had impressed the client Braun Buffel the most. She now has her very own red Braun Buffel bag.

AsNTM3x12 - Gani with Kenneth Goh
One-on-one with Kenneth Goh

Georgina and Kenneth stop by the house to announce the girls will be shooting for their Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover. Kenneth then gives each girl a one-on-one critique of their portfolios to-date, and gives them tips on how to improve their weaker areas.

It’s really important in a picture to be convincing and to be authentic, and that’s so important in the cover shoot.

Photo Shoot: Harper’s Bazaar Cover (Fashion through the Eras)

Windy Aulia, Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar directs the “fashion through the eras.” This week is a cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Alex reminded the girls that the winner of this cycle will be on the cover of said magazine. The girls are assigned their own fashion eras.

  • 50s – Barbara
  • 60s – Aimee
  • 70s – Monika
  • 80s – Gani

Monika had a problem with her hair, but managed to get good photos by the end. In the beginning, Barbara was too pose-y and was instructed to create movement. “Barbara brought the catalogue but not the editorial today.” Aimee needed to imbibe the playful vibe of the 60s, but went borderline cheesy. Alex Perry said that Gani was the Asian version of supermodel Linda Evangelista during the shoot. He was very impressed with Gani’s performance. By the way, Gani is the only one with a prop chair in the shoot.


Monika nailed the 70s vibe, and the judges felt that she was in the era. Kenneth noted, however, that her eyes was looking straight at the camera and did not look friendly. Aimee looked too sweet and innocent (which has been a running commentary on her photos for the past few weeks). Barbara’s cover looked like it belonged in the 50s era, but needed a more modern take. Kenneth said that she was a little too perfect, and maybe a bit more imperfection can give her that model edge. Gani unanimously impressed the judges: she looked like a top model from head to toe. This is definitely Gani’s week for a FCO.

AsNTM3x12 - Girls at Deliberation
The top 4 awaiting deliberation

Call Out Order

Gani is the first girl in the Top 3.

Monika is the second girl in the Top 3.

Aimee and Barbara are in the bottom two. Aimee is the final girl in the Top 3. Barbara is eliminated. The “Japanese Fourth” (Allegory, 2015) curse continues!

Next Week

The final runway and final photo shoot for Cycle 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Well that wasn’t a very exciting episode, other than the fact that we got to know who the Top 3 girls are. The editing was really weird during the episode and had the hardest time recapping. I prefer last cycle’s Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot.

What do you think of the Top 3? Who is your favorite girl to win Asia’s Next Top Model?

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  1. Just a reminder: Be nice to people. Please don’t resort to name-calling the girls, judges, or any of the other AsNTM fans commenting here. Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m sensing that Barbara will continue the Japanese-fourth legacy unless they pull another non-elimination.

  3. Aaaaand.. I was right with Barbara. Although I’m not happy about it.
    Aaaaand.. Monika will continue the legacy of the Philippines being the bridesmaid for the third freaking cycle!

    Congratulations in advance, Aimee!

  4. I really feel and based on posts online that Aimee will win. Still hoping for my girl, Monika! Fingers crossed!

  5. Aimee deserved to win for her consistency, Monika deserved to win for her outstanding performances
    Gani deserved to win for her Asian face and vibes in some photo shoots.

    This is gonna be hard but I believe Monika will win eventually. Judges love her the most

  6. we really hope that monika will win!!! she had been a good model and she did proved us on the competition that she deserves to be in the top!!! that’s an enough to tell us that she is the next ASia’s NExt ToP ModeL!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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