#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3: Episode 12 – Amiciness Picks


Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the models shot fashion styles in different decades for a Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover. The girls had to portray styles from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Who were successful in their fashion time travel and who got lost in time? Here’s my own call out order:

1. Monika

Monika is a smart model: I was impressed when she mentioned in panel that she knew she needed to create shape because she was wearing a jumpsuit. What she gave us is a beautiful shape. This actually looks like she’s dancing. And you know that the 70s is all about the carefree and fun times. She embodied that vibe very well. I’m actually not bothered with her eyes here, than her other photos. Her neck is missing, but that’s mostly because of the hair and the shadow it cast.

2. Gani

Was the chair really necessary here? Is there a correlation between the 80s and a boom in chair manufacturing? LOL. But I’m betting it’s to make up for Gani’s biggest weakness as a model: her height. What she lacks in height though, she serves in face. Her face is stunning. But it could do without the pout. Her cover is more now than 80s, which is probably a good thing, as you need a cover that would sell well in this era.

3. Barbara

The 50s is the perfect decade for Barbara. Sophistication, maturity, sleekness. I have to say it’s quite strange to ask Barbara to create movement with her dress, and then proceed with cropping and removing that part of the photo. I agree with Kenneth: she is perfectly gorgeous, but needs a bit more edge, for high-fashion shoots such as this. But I would still definitely buy her cover.

4. Aimee

Oh Aimee. I’m happy that she’s in the Top 3. But sadly, I don’t like this cover. This isn’t at par with some of her best work in the past few weeks. I don’t see the 60s; everything looks a bit sad and gloomy. Plus her proportion is weird in this photo. Her head looks big with that pose. I do hope she gets the chance to shoot a much better photo in the final.

Overall, this was an okay shoot. Not as good as last cycle’s Harper’s Bazaar cover. It’s harder to judge this photo shoot, since each girl was given a different theme to portray. Compare that to last cycle where all of them had the same “walk of shame” theme. Before this episode I was hoping that they would get to be styled in all four eras, then judged on all four photos. Oh well.

Next Episode

We finally find out who will be Asia’s Next Top Model! It’s down to the Top 3: Aimee, Gani, and Monika. One final runway and one final photo shoot will determine the winner.

Who do you think had the best Harper’s Bazaar cover? Sound off in the COMMENTS below. Who do you think would win Asia’s Next Top Model? Check out Aimee’s portfolio, Gani’s portfolio, and Monika’s portfolio so far to help you make a decision.

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