#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Finale – Amiciness Picks

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Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, we found out who Asia’s Next Top Model is for Cycle 3. But before we knew that, the models got to have one final photo shoot. It’s a nod to Singapore’s colonial past: the girls had to pose in the midst of colonial architecture while wearing haute couture. Since this is their final 3, I won’t be ranking them anymore. Instead, I’ll point out each one’s pros and cons. Starting with Alex Perry’s pick, Aimee.

AsNTM3x13 - Aimee


She had the most difficult dress to work with, as it looks constricting. She had to pose in that teeny tiny spot on the ledge, and that looked challenging. But Aimee definitely nailed it. She looks so statuesque, plus she successfully managed to make volume and drama out of her dress. It’s like a butterfly slowly morphing out of its cocoon. Or like she’s a mermaid emerging out of the water. Very appropriate for Aimee’s journey in this competition.

A note on her styling: another bangle or bracelet on her left arm would have completed the symmetry. Her left arm looks a bit bare, which makes me notice the weird arm position even more.

AsNTM3x13 - Monika


Her photo is different from the other two in that it doesn’t have as much movement. But that pose plus that inhale. OMG. This girl knows high fashion. I love that the left side looks a bit more composed, and then the right side is a little bit rough around the edges, beautifully imperfect. If I were the designer of this dress, I would be very happy. You can see the details, and her pose draws attention to the amazing beadwork(?). Side note: if you remember last cycle’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot with the Top 4, Monika’s picture would fit right in, and she probably would have won a fifth Best Photo.

I have to wonder about the makeup though: why is Monika’s not as intense as the other girls’? I mean Gani has her very defined brows, and Aimee has the bangs and eyeliner combo. Monika has on an almost no-makeup look. A stronger, more intense styling would have worked better with this haute couture dress. Plus that backdrop takes me out of the colonial theme. Cropped to a portrait orientation would have framed this better.

AsNTM3x13 - Gani


I didn’t notice her height here. She really fits the high fashion model look. The flaw I see in this photo is that the details on the dress weren’t showcased properly. The alien-ish growth on her chest is partially obscured by the movement of the trail. I think this would’ve been better if the dress moved in a more symmetrical shape, like Aimee’s. With all of that red fabric clumped on one side, it looks a bit… messy, instead of flowing.


Overall, it was an okay Final 3 photo shoot. It’s at par with what AsNTM has done for the past two cycles. All the girls did great with what the production gave them. It’s a big plus that they flew in a world-renowned photographer, but they might have spent a huge chunk of their budget on him.

Who do you think had the best final photo? Who has the most high-fashion haute couture model look? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

What do you think of this cycle’s Asia’s Next Top Model? I want to hear what you have to say. I’m going to post my retrospective for this cycle in a few days, and I may add in the best comments from you, my dear readers. 😉

10 comments on “#AsNTM3 Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Finale – Amiciness Picks

  1. Ok, the best photo this week is Aimee, she nailed it. She looks perfect but her runway was not the best in the finale, Monika really know what is high fashion, but her final photoshoot was a little bit predicted, her walk was okay but not great, but she really knows how to show the dress, like make the dress flies,, that’s drama, ok Gani, I am Indonesia, I am happy that Gani won, but her photo was not the best if we compare with Monika and Aimee, she lost her arms and i agree, it looks messy here, but her runway was the best, she was really confident, she get the expression, the walk, everything works here. Amazing…. I am not crazy about this photoshoot, but I really excited with the runway…… I really hope amiciness still post next asntm episode recap and ur pick because I always agree with ur opinion, U always have a good reason to place someone in a rank…. Can’t wait, sorry my English is not good

        1. Hi edy! I’m sorry! I know I promised to have the season review post this weekend, but I had personal stuff to attend to. I’ll definitely have it ready by Wednesday. 🙂

          1. If u can, please send ur 10-15 most favorite photos and 10-15 least favorite photos this cycle and the ranking

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