Congratulations #AsNTM3 Winner Ayu Gani from Indonesia

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Congratulations Gani!

Congratulations Ayu Gani from Indonesia for winning Cycle 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model. She was the girl on top of the competition, and will represent Asia in the international modelling scene. As you know, aside from the title of Asia’s Next Top Model, one of the fabulous prizes is a cover for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. And here it is, or as they say in AsNTM, “here is Gani’s best picture…”

Gani's Harper Bazaar SG CoverThe theme is “Soft Seduction,” and boy does this photo embody that theme to a T. Gani is very serpentine here: the come-hither look matches the snake-design accessories and her slightly slouched stance. (That’s a bit of alliteration there.) However, I kinda miss Gani’s short bob. That hairstyle really frames her strong jawline and facial features beautifully.

The Harper’s Bazaar Singapore covers of our AsNTM winners past and present are below, for comparison. In my honest opinion, Gani’s blew the other covers out of the water.

What do you think? Do you love Gani’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover? Do you have any congratulatory messages for Gani? Sound off in the comments down below.

Who do you think had the best Harper’s Bazaar cover? Vote in the poll below:

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