#AsNTM3 My Top 10 Favorite Photos This Cycle

Looking back this cycle, there were only a handful of episodes where I could pick my top favorite photographs. I also tried very hard to, as much as possible, choose one picture per model, but I could only shortlist the following for obvious reasons. Anyway, here are my top 10 favorite photos in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, starting with:

AsNTM3x04 - Aimee

10. Aimee (Shanghai Beauty)

Love love love all around. Aimee probably had the best hair (next to Gani) since she was not wearing horrible, horrible wigs, so points for that. Her booty tooch demanded attention, which balances the distraction from the busy background and the handsome young lad on the right. Lastly, the dangling strap on her left shoulder was the cherry on top that multiplied the photo’s sexiness by a zillion.

AsNTM3x08 - Barbara

9. Barbara (Effortless hair)

Golden girl Barbara has a way of looking expensive and classic. This photo could arguably her most expensive look and, ironically, the styling probably did not cost as much.

AsNTM3x01 - Amanda (PH)

8. Amanda (Swimwear)

Fun and fresh. She’s serving jungle princess realness here. Just effortless.

AsNTM3x04 - Tahlia

7. Tahlia (Shanghai Beauty)

ScarJo in the house! I consider Tahlia’s eyes her biggest strength. Her eyes could make her transform into different mysterious characters. In this photo, her look pierces right through you and it’d make you feel something. And that’s a girl on a mission.

AsNTM3x08 - Gani

6. Gani (Effortless hair)

Speaking of a girl on a mission. This photo is classic Asian beauty at its finest. Modern, yet the distinct Asian quality we can’t pinpoint is still there.

AsNTM3x07 - Barbara

5. Barbara (Subaru in body paint)

Look at that body! In case you didn’t know, posing beside a huge machine made of metal that’s wearing the same color as you is hard. And Barbara does this beautifully. Barbara was not upstaged by the Subaru XV and in the same way, she didn’t flaunt hard to get all the focus either. They complemented each other and that balance made this simple photo my top 5.


4. Melissa (High-fashion makeover)

Melissa’s side profile is to die for. And you know I love her pixie cut. This photo looks very expensive, and it showcases the jewelry very well.

AsNTM3x01 - Monika (PH)

3. Monika (Swimwear)

This bolstered Monika’s being one of the early front-runners in the competition. This was also the birth of the hair flip — one of her signature moves. And it fits excellently in this photo. Confidence in spades!

AsNTM3x13 - Aimee

2. Aimee (Haute couture)

Aimee finished the race with flying colors. From being one of the underdogs, she rose to the top with THIS. She commands attention.  You can almost feel the wind fanned from her dress. Everything here is in control. That’s it, she took control.

AsNTM3x09 - Barbara

1. Barbara (Alex Perry on a harness)

I could look at this all day long. All the elements of the photo works. Barbara’s body from head to toe, the pose, the dress and the colors, everything.

Which of this cycle’s photos are your favorites? List down your Top 10 in the comments down below. What photo shoot themes are you looking forward to for next cycle?

3 thoughts on “#AsNTM3 My Top 10 Favorite Photos This Cycle

  1. I can’t believe you missed Tahlia effortless hair…
    For me that was top 3 photo of the season (along with melissa jewelry & barbs harness)

    Instead you put monika swimwear in top 3, which screams “MEHH” to me.

    I also would change Aimee shanghai, Amanda Swimwear, and Gani efortless hair with
    Gani-Celine-Melissa Kpop, melissa zalora and tahlia zalora, 4-10 is interchangeable

    Thanks for your effort in this cycle, btw 💜

    1. I agree that Tahlia’s picture is one of the best in her cycle but after consulting different people, I decided not to include it. Thank you for your comments and for following the blog! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. So disappointed… u don’t said the truth… if monika’s swimswear photoshoot in top 3.. barbara’s swimswear photoshoot will be in top 2. Right?

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