America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 2: The Girl Who Walks Recap

Last time on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Guys & Girls, we met the final 31 contestants who made it to the show. The models shot their first photo on a tour bus around Hollywood. The contestants then had their first runway show. When the models arrived at the model house, the Top 22 were revealed. Who will still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model? Find out in my recap.

ANTM Cycle 22
Cycle twenty-twooooo (Facebook/CW ANTM Official)

Yu Tsai announces that a surprise is waiting for the Top 22 inside the model house. Oh, it’s just a couple of sexy white dudes. Oh, it’s HGTV’s The Property Brothers twins Jonathan and Drew Scott. Nyle also has a twin, although they don’t look alike at all. Apparently Tyra Banks contacted the Property Brothers via Twitter. How professional! Is that what we’ve come to these days? The brothers designed this year’s model house. It’s definitely one of the better looking model-houses in recent cycles. There’s still Tyra-isms and slogans on the wall, but now in a much more tasteful typeface. The design is definitely sleek and modern.

The Property Brothers in Manila
The Property Brothers visited Manila last February for their Asian tour. With my friend Elliza (2nd from left) and Ariel, of course. (Photo: Orange Magazine)

The models take a tour of the house. (Apparently, Chris Brown moved in to this property after the show. That’s according to Bello and Ava, on their Ustream last week.) The kitchen/dining room has a very minimalist aesthetic, lots of black and white. And of course, no model house is complete without a runway. One of the Property brothers decides to show off his b-boy skills on the runway. The model house has a bar! And an OPPO phone room. That’s just the first floor.

The models and the Property Brothers go upstairs. The models are huddled in the common casual space. Just around the corner is the much-coveted Tyra Suite. But it’s off-limits right now. Mamé‘s back story: daughter of a diplomat, a reverse Cinderella story.

There’s also two bedrooms on this floor. But with only 14 beds. How would they fit 22 people? Of course, it’s a race to claim a bed, and at the brothers’ signal, the models immediately run into the bedrooms. Mikey is willing to share the bed with a sexy girl. And he’s got his sights on Mamé. Unfortunately, Mamé has his eyes only for Justin. Devin is signed to six agencies. How many times do we have to hear this? Bello is not having any of Devin’s loud personality. Hadassah and Alexa don’t get beds. Lacey doesn’t like Hadassah because she feels that she is fake and manipulative, being a pageant girl. Alexa has never lived with roommates. Those without beds need not worry; there are extra blankets and pillows, but they’ll have to sleep on the floor for the night.

The tour’s not done! It’s the first time (I think) the model house has a posing station. It’s a two-way mirror with a camera on the other side. It’s kinda cool! More selfies! Yu Tsai and Ms. J come in, and of course, a challenge is coming up. The Property Brothers have a challenge for the models…

Challenge: Pose-off!

The brothers pick a pose from a bowl, and they call up two models at a time for a one-on-one pose-off, with the winner moving on to the next round, until only one remains. The winner of the challenge gets to stay the night at the Tyra Suite.

Delanie vs Maleesa for a bad-ass pose; round definitely goes to Maleesa. Go shortie! Dallas vs Bryant. One of the Property Brothers addresses Bryant as “boy band.” Hahaha. With the backwards cap and the sweater, he does look like a boy band member. Just got broke up with pose, and Dallas wins. Ava vs Justin for their selfie pose; Ava loves selfies, so she nails it and wins. Bello vs Miguel for a “Kanye interrupts your winning speech” pose-off, and Miguel wins. Devin does not like Bello because he’s extra [bleep]. I’m actually confused as to what that bleep is supposed to censor. Lacey vs Courtney “pulled over by a cop”; Courtney wins. Ashley vs Nyle “break the internet”; Nyle wins, of course. Stefano is impressed with Nyle. Devin vs Dustin for a swag pose, and country boy is having a hard time showing swag, so Devin wins. Stefano and Hadassah pose off for a “my trainer’s so hot I’m trying hard not to sweat.” WTF, but in the end, Hadassah wins. That’s the end of Round 1. Also moving on to the next round are Mikey, Alexa, and Gage.

Round 2 start! Mikey vs Alexa to pose “I regret that text I sent.” Mikey likes Alexa’s boobs and is horny. The thirst is real! Mamé vs Gage for a “bad sunburn.” Justin finds Mamé gorgeous. Poor Gage is not getting any screentime. Mamé wins that pose-off. Ava vs Nyle for girl- or boy-next-door; Ava wins. Boo. More eliminations: Courtney, Hadassah, Devin.

Finals! It’s down to Mamé and Ava for “tummyache tooch.” Ava’s is too much tummyache not enough modelling. Mamé wins the challenge hands down. She chooses India (who hasn’t been featured in both episodes, so she’s definitely been eliminated from the Top 14) to share the suite. In her confessional, Mamé says that if she were to pick a guy, she would’ve picked Justin. I’m shipping these two.

The models all go up to see the Tyra suite. Mamé cuts the yellow ribbon to open the suite. There’s a lot of yellow, and of course a lot of Tyra pics. There’s a nice view on the balcony. Hadassah warns, “[Mamé] will be here for five minutes, because the next challenge, I’ll take it.” Whoever stays in the suite gets a special message from Tyra. Oh it’s Tyra acting with her “twin.” Ty-ty, you cray-cray. And I love it gurl!

Stefano is sleeping on the couch. Mikey is still desperate for a female companion on the bed. Devin is getting on Bello’s nerves. “We’re going to bump heads a lot.” Foreshadowing! Bryant doesn’t look like a model, he’s a bodybuilder, says Bello. Hadassah is this season’s OCD girl.

I might be a pageant girl, but I never said I won Miss Congeniality.

I love Hadassah’s sound bites. She calls a house meeting to lay down some house rules for everybody. Justin calls her a high-maintenance black Barbie. Lacey: “Everyone kinda hates Hadassah.” Unfortunately for you Lacey, Hadassah will be staying for longer because she brings the drama. Hadassah confronts Lacey for staring her down. But it’s a pretty civil confrontation, no hair-pulling, slapping, or scratching.

OPPO phone product placement! There’s a text-to-speech (and vice versa) app on the phone that Nyle can use to communicate with the other models. Dustin speaks “I love you” on the phone. Nyle types and the phone speaks “I love you too.” Awww this bromance is so precious. I wish to be in between these two. Nyle has hearing friends, and he doesn’t mind that he’s the only deaf person in the group. He just loves hanging out with people. No one will turn down the opportunity to spend time with you, silly!

Mikey is alone on his bed. Nobody’s taking Mikey’s offer to sleep beside him on the bed. Except for Courtney. But Courtney has a boyfriend, and she’s not flirtatious at all. Sorry, Mikey, tonight is not the night to get lucky! Alexa can’t stand being in the model house. She’s sleeping on the floor near the posing station. But models are coming in the room using the posing station, and she can’t sleep. Sounds like we have a quitter soon.

Photo Shoot

The models arrive at Universal Citywalk with Yu Tsai and Kelly Cutrone waiting for them. Bryant has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. They’re shooting the cast photos. The models pose almost naked with just a board with their official ANTM hashtag covering their private parts.

Nothing happened between Mikey and Courtney last night, they only did “innocent stuff” according to Courtney. But she admits to have a crush on Mikey. Uh-oh! Justin and the boys are not thrilled to be wearing skin-colored thongs. Posing on the corner is Bello, and Devin chides, “Ohh look, here we go with him posing.” Bello’s reply?

Devin could be a little mean girl-ish and I don’t have time for that. He needs to shut the f*** up and humble himself, because he’s definitely not the prettiest one, nor the best in this competition.

Ooohhhhh snap. Mikey feels the tension rising between Devin and Bello. They both fit the high-fashion editorial look, and they both know it. Massimo Campana, their photographer from the bus shoot last episode, and Erik Asla, international photographer, are shooting the models for today.

Alexa is quiet in the corner, not interacting with the other models. Yu Tsai and Kelly approach Alexa, and she immediately cries. She loves modelling but being in the model house is just too much for her. Yu Tsai gives Alexa a pep talk. “I’d rather see you try instead of giving up.” But she ultimately decides that she’s ready to go home. Stefano is cold: he predicted that Alexa would leave the competition soon enough, and is happy that it’s one less model to compete with. Kelly says that if Alexa changes her mind, she’ll be happy to pick her up and bring her back to the photo shoot. Alexa might be one of the judges’ favorites. It’s sad to see her leave like this.

Mamé is up first. “It’s imperative that a woman win, and that woman is me.” Love the confidence! Justin is up next, but we only get a short glimpse of his shoot. Bryant is very confident, but he’s not nailing it. He’s very much stuck in his underwear modelling. We cut quickly to Miguel, then Dallas, and Dustin. Lacey is killing it. Hadassah is intimidated, because Lacey knows how to work her body. Hadassah can’t let go of her pageant girl; she’s not expressing enough emotion. Ava is a little too hoochy, and Yu Tsai loses patience. “That was like giving birth!” Nyle is, ironically, the best listener, and knows how to deliver. Kelly is guilty of hiring people that look beautiful in person but don’t know how to model. And it’s Delanie’s turn. Maleesa is cute, she’s the shortest, but she has great proportion. Courtney is awkward and has low confidence. Mikey is like Samson; he loses energy if his long hair is not there. Bello’s look is polarizing, and Yu Tsai hasn’t decided yet. Oh, here we go with Devin. Still bringing the crazy. Yu Tsai compares him to a lizard!

I’m from f***ing Elite Model Management. No one talks to me like that.

If you’re so good, Devin, then why are you in this show? Bitch please. At least be humble about it. As Devin leaves the set, he breaks down. Bello is not buying Devin’s “fake crying.” Me too.

Back at the model house, Devin and Bello have a heated confrontation, which I will reproduce here, because it’s too good!

Devin: You don’t know my story, bitch. So get the f*** out of my face.
Bello: I don’t like you. Why don’t you get me out. (provoking Devin to hit him)
Bello: El diablo, dios mio. El diablo! (LOL!)
Bello: Are you mad? Go ahead. Get yourself eliminated, ’cause this face, already, of yours is doing it on its own.
Devin: Are you done now?
Bello: I’M NOT DONE! Who the hell do you think you are? You are disrespectful. You talk shit about everybody in this house. HOW DARE YOU!
Devin: Get the f*** out of my face. Get out of my face.
Bello: GET ME OUT. GET ME OUT. (provoking Devin to hit him)
Devin: You look like a drag queen from the 1980s.

In his confessional, Mikey defends “his boy” Devin. Bryant isn’t worried at all about Devin, because he’s mentally broken, according to him. Devin says, “[Bello] is not going to signed with no agency, not with that attitude.” Bello doesn’t want to see Devin pass the next cut.


Tyra, Ms. J, Kelly, and Yu Tsai deliberate on the Top 21 photos. Mamé has a beautiful body and face. Justin fits the high-fashion editorial look. Delanie models heavy for pictures but moves sexy on the runway. Nyle is still beautiful as always. Kelly isn’t feeling Maleesa at all, but she doesn’t look too short in her photos. Ms. J says Mikey is someone you see on the 6 o’clock news. Haha! Tyra wants to give him the Ty-ty chop. Shorter hair might look good on him, but I know that won’t happen. Courtney, the gap-toothed girl, is gorgeous on photo, not so much in person. Dallas has frog legs in his photo. A bad photo! Ashley has a timeless look. Dustin is a little too vanilla, but has beautiful almond eyes… like Yu Tsai. I kinda agree. Lacey reminds Tyra of herself when she was an innocent teen. Hadassah is absolutely beautiful, but fashion doll-y, and might be too arrogant. Bryant is too cheesy, from his experience as an underwear model. Ava has great bone structure. Bello is a trainwreck but the judges can’t look away. “I love a bitch in invisible heels,” Ms. J comments on his photo. Yu Tsai still doesn’t believe his eyes are real. About Devin, Tyra says:

I’m not sure he can make money from fashion, but he can have a wonderful portfolio of high-fashion stuff that doesn’t pay anything.

That’s probably true. His look is really polarizing. The judges love Stefano, but I’m just not feeling him yet.


The models arrive at a shipping yard, with Ms. J and NEXT director Alexis Borges waiting for them. The models will walk the runway 4 storeys up in the air. All of the models will walk, but those who will be eliminated will be dropped at the end of the runway. Who will stay? Who will drop? To be continued…

Next Episode

We’ll find out who will be dropped from the competition.

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