Friendly Reminder: Click the Link Before Commenting

In the age of free Facebook, netizens without data plans plague the World Wide Web with misinformed comments and totally bizarre violent reactions. People tend to judge an article by the title, the caption, the default picture or simply the comments of other people. This is why some articles get the attention that they don’t need or deserve. This is also why some people are gullible to hoax articles. You see a picture of a corpse of a fallen angel; assumes that the judgment day is near so you go to confession and hypocritically do penance. Little did you know that the picture was just from an arts exhibition. Take the case of the picture below, you see a pile of garbage and you immediately assume that where it is taken. Well, you are wrong. The article is also not about that.

I’m not attacking anyone but I do feel offended when someone comments on a post without thinking. Though we are all entitled to our own opinions, let’s make a conscientious effort to know the whole story first. Read. Be informed. Be responsible. Do not be a public nuisance. Don’t make yourself look dumb as you already are. The brain is the most important organ in our body. I plead everyone to use it.

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