America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 5: The Guy Who Gets A Hickey Recap

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Amiciness is recapping America’s Next Top Model Episode 5: The Guy Who Gets A Hickey.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 5
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Last time on America’s Next Top Model, the 13 models had their Ty-overs. Ava overcomes her height issues as she lands Best Photo this week, while Stefano, with his floppy-do, is the second model eliminated. Who will still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model?

Ava won Best Photo last week, and she feels “on top of the world.” Tyra gives her Ty-ty tip: she wants Ava to “tick.” It basically means for every frame the photo should capture a different angle of her face.

Last panel, Devin revealed the relationships that are brewing in the model house. Justin and Mamé, and Mikey and Ashley. Hadassah asks, “What about Courtney?” And ensue awkwardness. Mikey says she’s just like a little sister, but knows that Courtney does like him. But he doesn’t want anything to do with Courtney anymore. Courtney is sad that Mikey led him on. He’s sleeping on a sofa outside. Devin and the others find her outside, worried that she’s cold, and Mikey brings her in. Courtney says she’s fine. She should be. Because she has a boyfriend back home. Did everyone in the house forget this fact?

Dustin and Nyle play beer pong with water. “I’m not sure if you’re ready for college,” says Nyle. And Dustin signs, “Shut the fuck up.” This bromance is so adorable. Dustin is the only one to want to learn sign language and communicate with Nyle. But Nyle thinks that Dustin is young and needs to focus on the modelling aspect of the competition. Devin, Mikey, and Ashley (DMA) are the mean girl clique. They’re on the runway and mocking the eliminated contestants’ walks, including Dallas and Bryant. Mikey calls their clique a modelling gang.

Lights off. Justin and Mamé are cuddling together in one bed. Mikey sleeps in with Ashley on her bed. Bello sleeps beside Ashley and he needs his sleep, people! He needs eight hours of sleep. EIGHT. But then the moaning starts, and he’s feeling the movement from the bed beside his. He kicks Ashley’s bed away to give some space between their beds, and then the drama ensues.

Mikey: Hey man, I’m f****** sleeping.
Devin: I do not want to be touched.
M: Who the f*** is touching you?
D: My bed is being moved!
M: Chill that s*** the f*** off man!
D: What are you going to do about it? (provoking Mikey to hit him)
M: I’ll f*** you up!
D: Then f*** me up! Then f*** me up! Knock me out!
M: You ain’t sleeping tonight you punk-ass b*tch!
D: Put me to sleep!
M: You ain’t going to sleep!

Cut to opening titles. Damn! The drama this cycle is off the chains!

“Do not play with my sleep. I’m very spiteful,” Bello says in confessional. Devin comes in the room and tries to calm Mikey down. In confessional, he mentions Romeo’s case from last cycle. Bellos is still provoking Mikey to knock him out. Some of the boys and Ashley escort Mikey out of the room, while Hadassah stays with Bello to calm him down. In confessional, DMA calls Bello “lame” and even gives him the “loser” gesture. Way to learn sign language, guys!

The next morning, we’re treated to clips of Nyle and Dustin doing weights. Devin asks Bello if he’s okay, to which he responds with “I’m good.” Nothing like a good night’s sleep to cool heads. Justin has a big hickey on his neck.

Challenge: Comp Card

Yu Tsai along with Anthony dela Rosa, New Faces Agent for NEXT Management, and their photographer Massimo Campana are waiting for the models inside a studio. The models will be a shooting their own comp card. They’re shooting their comp card photos with the OPPO phone’s Ultra HD setting. And they’ll have the chance to retouch their photos with a professional retoucher.

The winner of the challenge gets a romantic dinner for two. Yu Tsai reminds the models to not retouch too much.

The model who found the right balance between retouching and keeping it natural is Mikey. Bello is not happy at all because he knows Mikey will be all cocky about it. And he’s right.

We all know they picked Mikey for the drama of choosing between Ashley and Courtney. Good for Mikey for not giving into the production’s whims, and picks someone out of left field. He picks “his boy” Devin to join him for dinner. In confessional, Bello thinks that to be polite Mikey should’ve chosen the girl that he’s been sleeping with, that’s Ashley. Ashley doesn’t feel happy about it either, but she’s here to compete.

Winner: Mikey

Mikey wanted to get the chance to breathe and move away from all the stresses of the model house drama and the competition, so he chose Devin so that they could just chill, eat and take shots. Of course they take selfies and send them to the OPPO phone at the model house. Ashley understands that they probably just needed some “guy time.” Bello was having a fine time with Devin and Mikey not in the house, sipping on his alcohol, but as soon as they came home… “trouble.” I have to commend the production here. The editing is on fleek.

Devin, Hadassah, Mikey and Devin are sitting in front of the monitor where they flash the Best Photo from last week. (Nyle is standing behind them, flailing around adorably.) Mikey and Devin remark that they’re done with Ava’s picture. Courtney, obviously still irritated with her challenge score, interrupts them and says that no one said that about Devin’s picture from two weeks ago. “Because my picture was the s***!” replies Devin. “It’s a competition. We don’t wanna see anyone else’s picture unless it’s ours,” says Mikey. Courtney tells on them to Ava, saying that they’re fake, and that they want to be friends but then stab you in the back. She has basically exaggerated what happened downstairs. Courtney’s upset, now Ava’s upset. Ava confronts Mikey. Mikey doesn’t give her an apology, explaining that it’s a competition and everyone wants their picture up there. Devin does apologize; Ava accepts but she’s not talking to him anymore. Devin feels that he’s being singled out as a bad person. And then turns to Nyle for validation. Why do I find that so funny? Hahaha. Mikey and Devin try to confront Courtney but she’s nowhere to be found. She’s crying inside the shower, but everyone else feels that she’s always trying to be the victim, and that they need to stop babying her. Except for sweet, sweet Nyle of course. He enters the shower and tries to comfort Courtney. Courtney is crying on Nyle’s hairy chest. *Jealous-NickJonas.m4a* She feels upset hearing everyone else’s comments about her as if she couldn’t hear them all talking behind her back.

Photo Shoot: #RawAndReal

The models look out to their backyard and find a photo shoot set up there. Yu Tsai calls on the models to come down, waiting for them all morning. The models’ final photos will be completely un-retouched. Mamé: “A little retouch isn’t bad, you know?” They’ll be wearing athletic wear in front of a colorful backdrop in their photos. Courtney feels like she and Ava are the outcasts. Umm, have you already forgotten how Nyle comforted you last night? I surely would not. Ava doesn’t feel that way, but she’s still there for Courtney, and not let her sulk alone in a corner. Erik Asla is still their photographer. (The budget cuts this cycle, wow!)

Mamé tries to correct her being one-side heavy and also her braces. Mikey doesn’t find the un-retouched thing a big deal, and if it was up to him, all of his photos would be un-retouched. Bello is a little narrow on the top so he needs to broaden his shoulders. In confessional, Mikey doesn’t see Bello as a model, and Devin, the pot calling the kettle black, describes Bello’s face as a brick, like a bobblehead. Ashley needs to keep her eyes open. Devin is trying his best to not smile, but he’s not getting his body expression right. Devin has to work on his eyebrows. He does a lot of jumping shots. Courtney is having difficulty focusing. Yu Tsai compares her to a “car accident.” Ouch. “That was painful Courtney not just for you but for me too.”

Lacey followed what she learned from the retouching challenge and makes herself look tall in the photo. In confessional, Hadassah says that he’s getting bored with Nyle giving the same face every shoot. Yu Tsai is baffled that Nyle has the case of the lazy hands when he uses them to communicate every single day. Hadassah decides to focus on her personality and be more likeable. “I hope I have a good shot, at least,” Hadassah hopes. “I got a couple good shots in there, so it’s a’ight.” Don’t lose that confidence, Dustin. :))

Skull Mail! Mikey being cocky again, dancing around, saying that he’s not worried to be going home because he performed well in the challenge and in the shoot. 🙄

Lacey is worried about Dustin’s chances of staying in the competition. Dustin is too, he admits in confessional. Mamé says Hadassah is too much of a pageant girl to be there, noting that she isn’t receptive to the critique the judges are giving her.

People understimate me. My family underestimated me growing up. And I’m all about proving people wrong. — Hadassah

That’s the spirit, H!


As models, the less retouching you need, the more you get booked. — Tyra Banks

Mamé’s photo is beautiful, and the judges agree. Tyra says Nyle has an amazing body, which prompts Kelly to ask to see Nyle’s waist. Nyle obliges by lifting up his shirt. Thank you Kelly! Nyle needs tension. The body needs to be stronger, and as Ms. J comments, he’s giving the same facial expression in every photo. They want to see his personality in the photo more. Lacey looks like she’s as tall as Karlie Kloss in her photo. Justin has the best sense of style in person, but he’s not too present on film. Hadassah, according to Kelly, looks like “the cool girl that puts the boxes away at the back of a shoe store.”

Dustin has a great face but in the photo his body is positioned wrong that he looks inches shorter than his actual height. Tyra says that all of Devin’s photos were worthy of being picked to be his final photo, and is proud that he is not afraid to try these different poses, but it gave her a hard time to choose. Ashley looks very athletic; that’s not an easy pose to pull off. Kelly still doesn’t Courtney as a model in person, but she looks great on film, and that will be a problem when it comes to casting. Tyra tells her to practice her fierceness in everyday situations. “You have to do #1, fiercely!” Ms. J is happy to demonstrate her fierce #1-ing. And her #2. Ava looks taller by the optical illusion of her leg being behind a tall rectangular board. Bello has corrected his narrow-looking shoulder by pulling his arm out. It’s an okay shot. Mikey’s film is safe and boring; the judges advise him to change his poses up.


Call Out Order

  1. Lacey
  2. Mamé
  3. Devin
  4. Mikey
  5. Ashley
  6. Bello
  7. Nyle
  8. Ava
  9. Courtney
  10. Justin

Mamé could have gotten FCO if she had a higher challenge score. Mikey is fourth because of his high challenge score, though the judges didn’t like his photo very much.

Bottom Two: Hadassah and Dustin

The judges are proud that Hadassah has been taking criticism better, but she’s not improving. Dustin doesn’t know his modelling potential. A potential beauty queen, and a potential model. The judges chose to save who they think could improve.

Eliminated: Dustin

Dustin missed his graduation and his prom to join ANTM.

Next Episode

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