America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6: The Girl Who Gets Possessed Recap

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Amiciness is recapping America’s Next Top Model Episode 6: The Girl Who Gets Possessed.

Last time on America’s Next Top Model, the models learn all about the modelling industry’s biggest open secret: retouching. For their challenge they shot comp cards and got to work with a professional retoucher. But for their photo shoot, they had to embrace their #RawAndReal selves, with their photos remaining completely un-retouched. Lacey got Best Photo, and Hadassah found herself in the bottom two again, but it is ultimately Dustin that got eliminated. Who will still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model?

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6

Lacey won last episode, and she’s taking Nyle with her in the Tyra suite. Nyle is frustrated always being in the middle of the pack, but the judges want to see more of his personality in the photo. Ava doesn’t want to be involved with any of the model house drama anymore. Courtney is causing drama in the house, and it’s affecting everyone, especially Ava. Yup, by the way they’ve edited this episode, Ava’s definitely going to be eliminated. Oops, spoiler alert.

Justin and Mame are together inside the shower. Justin says that they’re just “eco-friendly” and trying to save water. Okaaayy, Justin. DMA is putting Justin in the hot seat and asking if he and Mame have hooked up. In the other room, Hadassah is stressed that she’s been in the bottom twice. You need to bring the fierce in your photos, gurl!

Exercise time! Mame thinks Hadassah is too much of a pageant girl to be a model. She’s been in conflict with another person in the model house at one point in time. “I think the rest of us has had enough. … She’s gonna get her ass sent home,” Mame declares.

You wanna be on top. It’s double X, double I, baby.

Challenge: SimplyBe

Kelly Cutrone introduces ANTM 10 winner Whitney Lee Thompson to the models. The models are shooting a campaign for Simply Be, a fashion line for fiercely real women. Whitney is one of the models for the fashion line. The models are put into teams, and they have to fill in the blank in the phrase “Simply Be _____.” The teams will be photographed with Whitney, and the challenge winner will have their winning campaign be posted on the SimplyBe website.

Mikey pitched “Simply Be Comfortable,” and rightly enough, Kelly interrupts, “Comfortable doesn’t sell.” Of course it doesn’t. Lacey pitches “Simply Be Awkward.” What are these models thinking? Kelly, the PR expert that she is, had to put some sense into these people.

  • Simply Be Heard: Nyle and Justin
  • Simply Be Seductive: Mikey, Mame, and Bello
  • Simply Be Fearless: Ashley and Ava
  • Simply Be Sassy: Hadassah and Lacey
  • Simply Be Unique: Devin and Courtney

Nyle and Justin are up first. Nyle is showing lots of personalities. At one point he’s pulling up his shirt, but Kelly chides him to just take his shirt off completely. Thank you, Kelly! Mikey’s team is up next. Of course Kelly instructs Mikey and Mame to make out to add some drama. Ashley and Ava are not keeping up with Whitney. They’re not embodying fearless at all. Hadassah and Lacey aren’t giving varied poses. Devin, being the bossy bitch that he is, directs Courtney and even Whitney, what to do in their photo.

The winning campaign is Simply Be Heard. But there can only be one winner, and it’s… Nyle.

Winner: Nyle

It’s about damn time. Thank you, Kelly! 😉

Ava expected her low challenge score. And she’s in the OPPO phone room. They’re showing her photos from when she was a child. Yup, definitely eliminated later. Mikey is on the phone with his mother. Mame is speaking to her mother in French, and she reminds her mom to speak English. She introduces and describes his current beau Justin to her mother.

The next morning the models decide to clean up the house. Except for the people who are still asleep, namely Bello and Hadassah. After cleaning we get this super scripted scene of the episode: Hadassah is in the shower, and Mame enters the same bathroom to pee. Hadassah wanted some privacy, but Mame is arguing that it was okay because they were both girls. Sorry Mame, I’m #TeamHadassah on this one. My privacy is important, mmkay?

The models get on the bus, but the Mame-Hadassah conflict continues. “Sorry you have to hear this,” says Nyle. Oh you, never change.

Photo Shoot: Fashion Exorcism

Here’s a photo shoot theme tailor-made for Devin and Bello. #SorryNotSorry. We still have Yu Tsai and photographer Erik Asla in charge of the shoot this week.  The models will be hung up by harness and they will undergo a “fashion exorcism,” whatever that is. Ava is taken aback, because she is a Christian, but she’s willing to do everything to stay in the competition. They will also be wearing bright contact lenses, and the inspiration is Bello’s light blue eye color.

Mikey finds it challenging working with the harness while keeping a straight face. Yu Tsai asks Ava to scream, but this is how he describes her attempt:

Is she from a farm? With a lot of chickens and ducks?

What? Hahaha. Yu Tsai has the weirdest metaphors. In confessional, Ava feels like she sucked during the shoot. Devin is nailing the shoot, of course. Mame gets good feedback from Yu Tsai, but Hadassah isn’t a fan. Again with the “pageant girls.” We get it already.

Hadassah: Hopefully there’s like a good shot in there. If not… yeah…
Bello: I’m not going to be very happy if you go home.

Yu Tsai asks Mame to stand beside him to help motivate Justin during his shoot. Courtney apparently has shoulder problems, back problems, etc.

Courtney has a face of a high-fashion editorial model, and the body of a cockroach.

Again with Yu Tsai’s colorful descriptions. Hahaha. Nyle feels more confident in the shoot having just won the challenge. Devin and Mikey both say in confessional that Nyle is becoming a threat. Lacey finds Nyle “kinda fine and sexy.” She even signs the word “sexy.” Even Bello feels threatened. Go get it, Nyle!

Justin sets up a house meeting to try to resolve the conflict between Mame and Hadassah. “Mame and Hadassah have more similarities than they know,” says Justin. Oh. I won’t even comment on that, at the risk of my sounding racist. Moving on. I am not going to even attempt to summarize this again. They’re fighting again. “I’m done, I’m tired of the drama.” Me too, Ava. Unfortunately, ANTM thrives on model drama, so you can’t do much about that. In the end they just agree to disagree.

Luv ya, but see ya! — Mame


Kelly loves the fluidity in Lacey’s body. Tyra just wants to see the face with a little bit more of the “possessed” emotion. Ms. J warns Justin about his face being the same in all of his photos. Courtney nailed the “spooky” but Kelly wanted the pose to be bigger. Kelly has advice for Courtney:

If it doesn’t work out with modelling, I think you might have a job as a horror film actress.

For the first time, the judges loved Hadassah’s photo. Tyra says that her strength is in her profile. We cut to shots of Mame not loving Hadassah’s photo. Tyra compares Nyle’s photo to a Sistine Chapel painting. They did Bello wrong with his final photo. But it’s so hilarious to see the judges laughing and seeing Bello not having any of it. This is my new wallpaper on my phone. Ha!

Ashley’s posing almost flat horizontally. I don’t agree with Tyra here, I don’t think it’s a good photo. Judges loved Mame’s photo save for her one leg being hidden by the fabric. Devin has a great photo that the judges like. The judges criticize Ava for her “housewife” look at deliberation. Um, Tyra, you gave her that haircut, don’t be criticizing. Ava is serving beautiful face in the photo, but the body, not so much. Mikey’s photo is meh.

Call Out Order

  1. Nyle
  2. Lacey
  3. Mame
  4. Hadassah
  5. Justin
  6. Devin
  7. Ashley
  8. Mikey
  9. Bello

Bottom Two: Courtney and Ava

The judges think that both girls seem to not be improving. The judges aren’t sure if Courtney is quirky or just uncomfortable. Her confidence is diminishing by the week. Ava started very strong but the judges don’t feel her in this week’s photo at all.

Eliminated: Ava

“I have nobody to blame but myself.” Aww, don’t be too hard on yourself, Ava! It’s that “model” mullet they gave you that’s really at fault here.

Next Episode

CW acting challenge. Sexy photo shoot in pairs. They pair Mikey and Mame again, and Justin is feeling the feels.

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