America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 7: The Guy Who Acts A Fool Recap

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Amiciness is recapping America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 7: The Guy Who Acts A Fool.


Last time on America’s Next Top Model, the models underwent a “fashion exorcism” in their photo shoot. Nyle finally stepped up his modeling game and landed his first Best Photo. While we shockingly had to say goodbye to good ol’ Christian girl Ava. Who will still be in the running to becoming America’s Next Top Model? Let’s find out.

Nyle won last time so he gets the keys to the Tyra Suite. Tyra welcomes him via a bit of sign language. Lacey says in confessional that Nyle has been frustrated with all of the conflicts, and people forget about him and his inability to hear. As an additional reward, the model house are going to hold a “Signing & Dining” event. Nyle is struggling with communication in house. He comes from a big deaf community back home at DC, and is not used to being with hearing people 24/7.

Bello takes the competition seriously, but his “nemeses,” the modeling gang DMA, are not. Bello is especially disappointed in Ashley, because she’s joining in on the other two’s being condescending and cocky. Ashley’s backstory: molested at a young age, wants to win for her little sister Ming-ming.

Challenge: CW Acting

The models arrive at the CW. “Home to ANTM.” PR maven Kelly Cutrone is with CW’s Executive VP for Talent & Casting Lori Openden. “Translation: super important for your future,” says Kelly. This is an opportunity for the models to show raw acting talent. Some ANTM alumni who have gone on to pursue acting careers are Analeigh Tipton (Cycle 11), Yaya Dacosta (Cycle 3), and Denzel Wells (Cycle 21). The winner gets the chance to do a walk-on role in a scripted CW series. The models must choose partners. Since Nyle got FCO last time, he gets to pick first. The pairs are:

  • Nyle-Lacey
  • Mame-Justin
  • Hadassah-Bello
  • Devin-Ashley
  • Mikey-Courtney

Ashley feels confident that the pair of her and Devin will win this challenge because of Devin’s strong personality. So expect theirs to be a trainwreck. Haha.

The plot is more or less a typical Shakespearean love story. I’m kidding. This is ANTM; the show embraces its weirdness. So the script goes princess loves stable boy, but stable boy loves horse. Err, that’s about it.

Mame feels like she likes Justin more than Justin likes her. Justin is conscious about getting too close; he feels he has to focus on the competition. Everyone else is standing up and being OTT, but Bello and Hadassah are sat down and calmly reading the script. Then we get to Ashley and Devin, who I promised to be a trainwreck a few paragraphs back. “Stop worrying around the f— horse!” exclaims Ashley. Devin isn’t serious about this challenge. Good luck, Ashley gurl!

Wanna be on top? Cue main titles.


Ashley is now nervous, because Devin thinks the challenge is for a comedy. Lori hopes to see acting potential. The panel judging the challenge includes her, Kelly, Justin Rosenblatt (Senior VP, Alt Programming), and Dana Theodoratos (Senior VP Talent Casting). Although Justin and Mame are a couple IRL, the judges didn’t see the chemistry between them. Bello: “Hell yes I’m confident. I walk in and I just knew I had this in the bag.” But then forgets the lines. Editing gold. Bello was all over the place, but Justin Rosenblatt loved it. Mikey forgets his line; awkward silence. Courtney has very low confidence. Nyle has had prior acting experience for an indie film and a network TV show. (You may know it as “Switched at Birth” on ABC Family.) Lacey on the other hand does not. However she has wanted to be an actor growing up. The judges liked their scene. Although they worry that Lacey’s accent will give her a problem being cast in different roles. Now for the trainwreck — Devin and Ashley. Wow, Devin is laughing all over the place. Ashley just can’t keep up. Lori’s impression of Devin is bad. He is treating the whole thing as a joke. No professionalism, no commitment.

Winner: Lacey

The panel liked Nyle and Lacey’s scene, but gave the win to Lacey, saying that she has a sense of comedy, which will be beneficial when she ultimately decides to pursue acting.

The models get back to the model house for their challenge scores. Ashley and Devin got a 6. “I didn’t know the score could get that low.” You deserved it b*tch. Nyle is still bothered by the lack of communication, feeling isolated. Ooh, a visitor in the model house… and it’s for Nyle. It’s Nyle’s best friend Brittany. She’s a kindergarten teacher, and she and Nyle were high school lovers. She’s here for the Signing & Dining event. The rule is that the models cannot talk for an hour and have to rely on sign language (ASL) to communicate.

They get a crash course on ASL from Britney and Nyle. Of course horny Mikey asks how he could get a date with a deaf girl. Typical. After their lesson, it’s one hour of silence and signing. Everyone is having a hard time “speaking” ASL. As usual Devin is not taking this as seriously as the others. At the end of the event, the model house has come to a group realization to be more considerate to Nyle. “We’re sorry, Nyle.”

TYRA MAIL: Smell the fierce, feel the boom. WTF. Justin: “Not everyday you say that.” HAHAHA. Ashley is frustrated with her challenge score. “It’s like they want me to go home.” Blame it all on Devin, honey.

Commercial Shoot: Boom×3 Deodorant

Yu Tsai is present at the shoot, as well as probably the photographer for this whole cycle, Erik Asla. He’ll be directing this commercial. It’s a sexy TV ad for Boom×3 deodorant. Flashback to Cycle 21, when Tyra coined the term to refer to a man’s sexy abs. Why can’t she just call it “abs” then? SMH. Anyway, hot and steamy stuff going on today. The models will be in pairs:

  • Devin-Lacey
  • Ashley-Nyle
  • Courtney-Bello
  • Mame-Mikey
  • Justin-Hadassah

The brief is basically they have to look sexy and the pairs have to look like a couple in love and lust. Good luck Courtney and Bello. Ha! Guy says: “Smell my fierce. Feel my boom.” Girl replies: “Should I?” Who TF wrote this script. Tyra?

Before the shoot, Yu Tsai calls out Devin for being unprofessional during the challenge. Devin is as usual OTT, and Lacey is as usual amazing. Daym Ashley, I’m jealous. Nyle is signing for this shoot. He was not as forceful and expressive in the beginning. Nyle knows he’ll pull Ashley up. Justin is feeling jealous while Mame and Mikey are shooting. “I’m gonna bring it twice as hard.” So when Justin started shooting the commercial with Hadassah, he felt it was a little fun that Mame is “getting a bit of her own medicine.” Mame is equally jealous. Ahh ANTM drama. Awkward couple Bello and Courtney are up next. Yu Tsai: “It’s so awkward watching them run.” They get some pretty good solo shots of Bello. Yu Tsai has to coach Courtney, who doesn’t understand “the acting thing.” He explains that it’s just like modeling pose to pose but you just have to connect them together in one movement. It went better than Courtney thought. It’s a wrap!

Justin and Mame’s status is “In a relationship.” “I could definitely see myself falling in love with him,” says Mame.

SKULL MAIL. Mikey: “At least we’re all gonna see our commercial and we’ll have a good laugh.” Ashley is nervous. Devin is scared about his low challenge score. Courtney is confident that she’ll make it to top three at least.


Tyra is wearing a gray jumpsuit with one sleeve cut out, with yellow accents on her heels and her left shoulder pad. Ms. J is sporting a baby blue weave. Kelly is wearing her usual all-black attire.

Tyra: “It is about being uncomfortable but not looking like you are.” This cheesy-ass background music. Mikey is shaking so much at that last scene. He has too learn mind over matter. Ms. J wanted Mame to get past her pretty and exert more effort. The other judges disagree.

Tyra: What did it feel like, Mame, seeing somebody kissing on your man?
Mame: Hmm.

It’s the first time Ms. J has seen Justin come alive. Hadassah became his accessory in the commercial. Bello brought an “un-dehydrated apple” for Kelly. Turns out it wasn’t even an apple. Fail. It’s a reference to Kelly’s comment about Bello’s photo last week. Courtney looked super stiff. Bello gets praise from the judges, especially Tyra. Up next, Nyle and Ashley. Ms. J didn’t see the chemistry between the two of them. It looked too realistic and not model-y enough.

Call Out Order

  1. Lacey
  2. Mame
  3. Nyle
  4. Bello
  5. Mikey
  6. Justin
  7. Hadassah
  8. Courtney

Bottom Two: Devin and Ashley

The challenge scores hurt their scores pretty bad.

Eliminated: Ashley

Next Episode

Who was the best in their Boom×3 commercial? Would you like to feel Nyle’s boom boom boom? Sound off in the comments below.

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