The Journey of 4th Impact So Far

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I am definitely a fan of 4th Impact, not because they are Filipino, but because I believe in their talent. The sisters have joined quite a number of singing contests in local TV (too many, in fact). Some of them are¬†sane enough to recognize “true” talent and determination¬†while some are¬†not. They’ve been featured in different TV shows and brought home gold medals from the World Championship of the Performing Arts (WCOPA). They even joined a South Korean TV¬†talent competition (and learned Korean songs week by week) but success¬†has still been elusive.

4th Impact (formerly 4th Power) First Auditions, X Factor
4th Impact (formerly 4th Power) First Auditions, X Factor

I am one of the many witnesses (along with other local television fanatics) of Almira, Mylene, Irene and Celina’s¬†journey to the international stage via The X Factor and I get it now‚ÄĒthey’ve been preparing all their lives for¬†this big moment.

I’ve compiled 4th Impact’s most memorable videos in this post and this will be updated as they continue their journey in The X Factor. Good luck, Girls!

Elimination Week 5 of The X Factor, 2015

After singing for their “life”, the public vote chose Lauren Murray to move on to the next round. The girls were¬†still thankful (as always) to the British public for¬†giving them the opportunity to stay as far as they did in the competition. You could hear Celina saying in Filipino “Di ako makahinga¬†(I can’t breathe).” before Almira said their final goodbyes. Shortly after the show ended, Celina collapsed and was brought to the hospital. Reportedly, she is now doing OK.

And I Am Telling You – Week 5 Sing-off of The X Factor, 2015

4th Impact and Lauren Murray¬†were the¬†bottom two. The two acts sang for their lives. 4th Impact sang a Jennifer Holiday original while Lauren did a Mariah classic. Simon mentioned that this was the best sing-off they’d ever had (for this season, I guess). The girls did a wonderful job, which got Simon and Cheryl (of course), to vote for them while Lauren had Rita and Grimmy behind her back.

Fancy/Rich Girl Mash-up РLive Week 5 of The X Factor, 2015

Each contestant had two performances each. 4th Impact’s 2nd performance was an Iggy Azalea/Gwen Stefani mash-up. Finally, Simon got to see individuality and was able to remember their names (thanks to those poorly designed boxes). I agree with Rita: the boxes and the styling were eye-sores. Geez… BUT,¬†the performance was on point as always. Great job girls!

I’ll Be There¬†– Live Week 5¬†of The X Factor, 2015

It’s Jukebox Week in X Factor. 4th Impact sang¬†I’ll Be There. We got what we wanted and more. The girls sounded great and Almira showcased¬†her¬†whistle register a.k.a. the Dolphin Note. I wish the background¬†image was better though. Flowers, really? Is it just me or Irene teared up after¬†performance (like last week)? I’m guessing she had tears of joy because they’d sang this song a million times before but not on¬†a stage as big as X Factor’s. You deserve it, girls!

What is your favorite 4th Impact performance so far? Any song in particular you would like them to sing? 

More 4th Impact Performances After the Jump!

Ain’t No Other Man¬†– Live Week 4 of The X Factor, 2015

4th Impact is going to sing Ain’t No Other Man, another song by Christina Aguilera.¬†Predictably, the girls delivered but Simon was looking for each of their individual personalities.¬†I loved the number but I thought starting it while sitting on directors chairs was so last week.

Work It Out РLive Week 3 of The X Factor, 2015

Many had doubts when news about the song choice came out. I guess, Cheryl¬†knew what she was doing when she asked the girls to sing Beyonce’s Work It Out¬†(from the Austin Powers Goldmember soundtrack) for Movie Week. Despite Celina’s health conditions, the girls managed to show their sass and their inner Sasha Fierces¬†as Grimmy put it with their signature spot-on choreography.

Sound of the Underground/The Clapping Song¬†–

Live Week 2 of The X Factor, 2015

I didn’t know any of these two songs until I saw the clip below. I wasn’t a fan of the first half but at the end of the number, the song got stuck in my head. Sound of the underground… And I can’t stop clapping!

Problem РLive Week 1 of The X Factor, 2015

Debuting as 4th Impact, since their former name was already being used by another band. Such a shame but I already got used to the new name. 4th Impact had more impact! First live show and the girls brought their A-Game but their stylist was not catching up. Although they looked rather cheesy, everything came together well enough for them to be back next week. Vocals. Check. Choreography. Check. X Factor. Check. Big bows. Big check.

Love the Way You Lie, pt. II¬†–¬†Judges’ House of¬†The X Factor, 2015 as 4th Power

It was first time the girls did a full ballad in front of coach Cheryl and guest judge, Jess Glynne nonetheless. After the performance, Cheryl expressed how it affected her. ‚ÄúI was choked, I got goosebumps, I felt weird‚ÄĚ. Cheryl knew the girls could sing but she had doubts if they could hold the momentum during the live shows.

Show Me How You Burlesque Р6 Chair Challenge of The X Factor, 2015 as 4th Power

Back with a vengeance, the girls performed a piece they previously sang in a local singing competition. Using the same arrangement and choreography, the girls not only did it better this time but they ensured a seat in the 6 Chair Challenge.

Titanium –¬†Boot Camp of The X Factor, 2015 as 4th Power

This was not their best according to Simon but the girls still did very well to cause a slight argument between the judges on who would do well in mentoring the groups category. I agree with Simon‚ÄĒthey were ever so slightly off on their timing and the vocals didn’t jell as well as their previous performances. Still, this is a powerful rendition of the David Guetta & Sia modern pop classic.

Proud Mary – Boot Camp of The X Factor, 2015 as 4th Power

Hairography everywhere! Their mother must truly be proud of her four daughters.

Bang, Bang – First Auditions of The X Factor, 2015 as 4th Power

Way to make a first impression! This is the start of their journey in The X Factor and as an international phenomenon. Aloha! HAHA

I Know – Superstar K6, 2014 as MICA

This was¬†the girls’ final performance on Superstar K6 before they got eliminated. It was really a challenge for the girls to sing a Korean rap song. But they managed to do a decent job of giving the song a melody.

Maria – Superstar K6, 2014 as MICA

The girls performed the theme song of the popular Korean movie 200 Pounds Beauty, which was in turn a remake of the original from American rock band Blondie.

Let It Go – Superstar K6, 2014 as MICA

Arguably one of the best covers of Frozen’s hit song. Even their bangs harmonized… HAHA. Seriouly, this made me tear up. *cries*

U&I and Listen (solo by Almira) – Superstar K6, 2014 as MICA

The girls pushed their luck and auditioned for Superstar K6, a KPOP star-search during its Manila auditions. They initially auditioned individually but as soon as the judges knew what they were capable of as a group, the¬†sisters were re-formed into¬†MICA (from their first names’ initials). Shortly, among other hopeful talented contestants, the group was¬†chosen s as¬†the official representatives of the Philippines in the competition. They flew to Korea and continued to impress the judges.

Somewhere – WCOPA, 2013 as Gollayan Sisters

The girls changed their name to Gollayan Sisters and flew to the US to represent the country again after 7 years in the annual WCOPA. History repeated itself since they bagged the Senior Grand Champion Vocal Group of the World award.

I Believe I Can Fly/Queen of the Night/Please Don’t Stop the Music – Showtime, 2012 as Gollayan¬†Family

Coming from a family of singers and musicians, the girls together with their family joined a segment of¬†It’s¬†Showtime, a local noontime variety show. Again, they were declared the winners.

Show Me How You Burlesque – Protege, 2011 as Cercado Sisters

Notably, the girls did the same choreography and arrangement of Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguilera in the Face Off rounds of Protegé. Sadly, they got eliminated and did not advance to the next rounds. Notice the big difference in confidence versus the X Factor version. Performing in front of an audience makes a difference energy-wise.

I’ll Be There – Protege, 2011 as Cercado Sisters

Six years later, the Cercado Sisters, all grown up, auditions for¬†Proteg√©, another reality based singing competition of the sister network of QTV 11, GMA7. The sibling group sang I’ll Be There and they immediately blew their mentor, Prince of R&B¬†Jay-R, away. They passed the first auditions and went on to the Face Off rounds. At the end of the video, the girls mentioned that they had entered so many competitions and they wished that Proteg√© would be the one to give them their long awaited break. We all know now how that went.

Run The World (Girls) – Talentadong Pinoy, 2011 as Cercado Sisters

There was a time because of Celina’s young age, the Cercado Sisters performed as a trio in another now-defunct talent competition called Talentadong Pinoy.¬†I can’t find a video but you can see it in the VT. ¬†Luckily, all issues were settled and the group was able to perform during the grand finals.

Veteran Filipino director Jose Javier Reyes, one of the judges, said:

If ever hindi mapunta sa inyo ang korona sa gabing ito, (if ever¬†the crown does not go to you¬†tonight) it’s because: you deserve more… you certainly deserve more. I certainly hope to God that finally the Philippines will recognize the four of you, for something which is so long overdue because you are such major talents.

Reyes was so right.

Paraiso – Fam Jam, 2006 as Cercado Sisters

Before 4th Impact became the international sensation that they are now, they were once cute and tiny little darlings serenading us in a family singing contest of a now well-missed defunct local channel QTV (Channel 11). The Cercado Sisters captivated the local audience as they sang Paraiso, a song about environment protection in the grand finals. They finished third. Producers saw great potential and invited them to the 2006 WCOPA to be the Philippine representative in the junior category, which they won.

Whether you were¬†a fan of the girls when they were¬†Cercado Sisters, Gollayan Sisters, MICA or 4th Power/Impact, we couldn’t deny that they’d come so far. Whether it’s destiny or God’s plan, 4th Impact¬†were¬†meant for something bigger. I am one of those hoping they finally reach their dreams and continue to share their talent to the world.

What is your favorite 4th Impact performance so far? Any song in particular you would like them to sing? 

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