You Won’t Believe What This Guy Made out of Hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes

Who would have known that solving Rubik’s cubes can be so romantic? How could a 3-D puzzle cube bring me the feels? Well this guy did it:

The Rubik's cubes and their master
The Rubik’s cubes and their master

My friend Macon celebrated her birthday last week. Her boyfriend, Kelsey, made her this surprise video that blew everyone away, myself included. The final result will astound you.

What is that? Abstract art?
What is that? Abstract art?

Macon and Kelsey both attended and met in the same university. But it was only in the workplace that they made their relationship official. This is probably the sweetest birthday gift I have ever seen.

Kelsey used 200 Rubik’s cubes to make the four different frames. Each frame took 2 hours to make. I’m amazed at that amount of dedication! Macon is one lucky girl! 😀

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