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The Miss Universe 2015 pageant was full of twists and turns this year. But before all of that drama with the announcement and crowning of the winner happened, the audience got treated to a showcase of the candidates’ wit and grace under pressure in the Miss Universe 2015 Q&A. Let’s see how the finalists fared and how I, Amiciness, answer these questions:

Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Like last year the Miss Universe candidates went through two rounds of Q&A: the first for the Top 5, and a second for the Final 3. This year’s was especially difficult, as the first Q&A question required the candidates to be knowledgeable of their own country’s social, political, and economic issues. Whew, that was a handful to write. To top it all off, they didn’t answer based on the order they were called to the Top 5; their order was randomly drawn during commercial break, adding yet another twist and even more pressure! Here’s how the Top 5 handled that with grace:

Miss Universe 2015 Q&A Round 1: Current Affairs

Miss Universe Philippines 2015 - Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Earlier this year, there was a controversy in the Philippines about the United States reopening a military base in your country. Do you think the United States should have a military presence in your country?

Miss Philippines explained: “I think that the United States and the Philippines [have] always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by the Americans and we have their culture in our traditions even up to this day and I think that we’re very welcoming with the Americans. And I don’t see any problem with that at all.”

Amiciness answers: “I believe the thousands of Filipinos in attendance right here in Las Vegas can attest to the good relationship between our two countries and how both have benefited from this relationship. I do not see a problem with that at all, but it would do well for both countries to promote the welfare of both in this arrangement, so that both can benefit equally.”

Miss Universe France 2015 - Flora Coquerel

Having experienced terrorism firsthand yourself, what is the best way for government to combat this rising threat?

Miss France‘s interpreter opined: “Good evening Las Vegas. Hello world. In my opinion, to fight terrorism, first we have to know where the problems are coming from. We have to listen to the people who are committing these attacks. So we have to find the problem at its heart and for us French, we have to learn to be happy, to live and to be among ourselves. Thank you.”

Amiciness answers: “We cannot fight war with war. The answer is peace. The French people are a loving people, and by showing our love and understanding these people who commit terrorism and most especially those that are victims of it, maybe we can have a world without a threat of terrorism. Merci beaucoup.”

Miss Universe Australia 2015 - Monica Radulovic

Australia is taking its first step towards legalizing marijuana. Do you think that’s a good idea and why?

Miss Australia answered: “Thank you for that question Steve [Harvey, the host]. Now this topic has brought positives and negatives and it’s quite debated. I believe that, in certain circumstances, legalizing marijuana does have definite benefits. It has been found to be really amazing in treating cancer and has really really helped those very very sick. So, in that circumstance, I definitely think that yes we should, but the government should definitely weigh both options. Thank you so much.”

Amiciness answers: “Here in the United States, I believe it is legal in some states including Washington D.C. I think we can follow your example so that we can reap the benefits of marijuana while making sure everything is kept safe and regulated. Everything in moderation, guys.”

Miss Universe Colombia 2015 - Ariadna Guttierez

Drug abuse continues to be one of the world’s most serious problems. What do you think is the best way to handle this issue?

Miss Colombia‘s interpreter shared: “Good evening everybody. The ideas that I have that we could use to eradicate these problems that are unfortunately affecting our world is in our homes to incentivize education for these problems because they continue to be large problems for the world. Thank you.”

Amiciness answers: “Buenas noches a todos. We should spread awareness that drug abuse is bad not just for us, but especially for the future generations. We should educate children at a very young age to avoid using drugs and prevent them from opportunities to fall into that dark place.”

Miss Universe USA 2015 - Olivia Jordan

Few issues in the United States are more polarizing than gun ownership. The argument really heats up after major tragic events such as San Bernardino and Sandy Hook. What is your position on gun control?

Miss USA stressed: “This is an incredibly difficult issue and the United States is constantly battling and weighing our options. I think it’s incredibly important that all individuals have the right to protect themselves and feel safe, but I also think that sometimes we need to look at the safety of a whole—more than our own personal safety. So, I think we need stronger regulations. Specifically, I think that we need to… pay attention—” (cut off by 30-second buzzer) “Pay attention!”

Amiciness answers: “We, as a nation, have been shrugging this issue off to the side for too long. I think it’s time we focused on this issue as many lives have been lost from tragic shootings. It’s high time we enact gun control so that everyone, especially the children, can live their lives in safety and without fear.”

Those were some tough questions. I don’t think even their own country’s politicians could answer them quite as gracefully in just 30 seconds.

For the second round of questioning, the Top 3 were asked just one question for all of them. The finalists had to wear sound-proof headphones so they could not hear the question ahead of time. Here’s how Misses USA, Colombia, and the Philippines answered the final question.

Miss Universe 2015 Top 3: Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, and Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Miss Universe 2015 Top 3: Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, and Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (via news.com.au)

Miss Universe 2015 Q&A Round 2: The Final Word

Why should you be the next Miss Universe?

Miss USA mentioned: “I think that I should be the next Miss Universe because I am so passionate and so driven. It is my goal to inspire people from around the world: to believe in themselves, to be themselves and to follow their wildest dreams no matter what those dreams are. I want to work to bring equality towards men and women. It is time to step up into power, women. And I want to empower women all over the world!”

Miss Colombia‘s interpreter said: “I am positive that I should be the third Miss Universe for my country Colombia because I have all of the attributes that a Latin woman has. I am a woman who is full of feeling and have the attributes that a women should have in Colombia and a Miss Universe should have for all of her events.”

Miss Philippines quipped: “To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain issues and causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country, which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.”

Expect to hear “confidently beautiful with a heart” in many a barangay gay beau-con and in social media profiles for the years to come. And may I just add that I loved the little insert of “or the universe rather” that added a layer of fun to the usual rehearsed nature of the final answer.

I was disappointed with this final question. That’s something that all pageant contestants know (and have rehearsed) their answer for ages. It was a bit anti-climactic after the more difficult first question.

No social media question this year, but what would you have asked the candidates? How would you have answered the final question? Sound off in the COMMENTS below. Also, VOTE in our poll: Who gave the best Miss Universe 2015 Q&A final answer?

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