AsNTM Cycle 3’s Amanda Chan on the Cover of MITH Magazine!

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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 alum Amanda Chan who represented the Philippines (#PhilippinesOnTop!) last cycle is featured on the cover of this month’s issue of MITH Magazine.

Based in Los Angeles and New York, MITH is a fashion and entertainment magazine. They cover the latest stories on fashion and style with the goal of empowering young women all over the world. For their latest issue they have featured a strong, young woman who is continuing her pursuit of the dream to become the next top model, Asia’s Next Top Model’s, and our very own, Amanda Chan.

Remember young Amanda in AsNTM Cycle 3 when she was all cute and awkward when she couldn’t express how to be angry on cue? I loved her little “outburst” at the judging panel especially fueled by the harsh comments by Daniel Mananta. And who can forget this beautiful photo:

AsNTM3x09 - Amanda

Her experience on the show certainly gave her not just a ton of exposure to the fashion industry but also a great boost of confidence to prove that, although she didn’t win her cycle, she has all the potential to become a top model someday.

I never thought that I could be a model, but due to my new-found self confidence, one of my career goals is to become a really-well known model by traveling the world and modeling in as many places as I can. In 2016 you’ll definitely see me modeling a lot more (with some big projects coming up hopefully), as well as completing university!

I wish you good luck Amanda. You have a bright future ahead of you, not just in the fashion industry, but in life in general.

If you want to see even more of Amanda (tons of photos inside!), and learn more about the latest trends from the New York, London, and Milan fashion weeks, subscribe to MITH Magazine right now. They’re currently running a 50% off sale on their digital annual subscription, with each issue costing up to just $1.99!

MITH Magazine Issue No. 3 available in digital format

MITH Magazine Annual Subscription (Digital) – $1.99/issue

Follow MITH Magazine on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube (they have beauty tutorials on here too!), Tumblr, Pinterest, and BlogLovin.

5 comments on “AsNTM Cycle 3’s Amanda Chan on the Cover of MITH Magazine!

  1. Typical her….meh face, awkward body position, I wonder how can this pic be chosen for the mag cover anyway…….

    1. that’s why she did not win the AsNTM. Subpar to Gani’s Harper’s Bazaar cover, wayyyy belooooooow! LOL. I wonder why this blog’s owner was and still is worshipping Amooonda as a divaesque model up till now. Move on, girl!

      1. There’s no point comparing this to something from Harper’s Bazaar, an already established magazine. MITH is relatively new but it’s been producing really good content for their first 3 issues. You should check out more of their work on their website and social media linked above. 🙂

        We already know that Gani is killing it in the international fashion industry. Plus, it’s Cycle 4 already. I think it’s you who has to move on, eh? 😉

  2. Okay, I’ve seen the article of MITH you’re mentioning before amiciness. So which one is a better editorial shoot for Amoonda?….The one when she sat down with froggy leg position…or the one when she fakes doggystyle lovemaking?….Still can’t get what good a model Amoonda is …… It only convinces me much more she should go to a dentistry school and become a good dentist like her mom….and please quit the modeling world already…Sorry to say!

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