Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 Recap

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Amiciness is going to recap Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 episode 2… at a later date. Unfortunately I can’t watch the episode live with you guys as I’m currently watching the Manila run of the critically-acclaimed musical Les Miserables at the Solaire Theatre.

While you’re waiting for this recap to be updated, you can check out my AsNTM4 Episode 1 recap if you missed it. You can also check out how I ranked last week’s Bubble Series photos.

Also check out MITH Magazine’s third issue featuring Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 alum Amanda Chan on the cover:

AsNTM Cycle 3’s Amanda Chan on the Cover of MITH Magazine!

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 - Girls at the challenge
Sneak peek at Episode 2

Since you’ll be watching the episode earlier than I am, I’m putting a twist on this week’s poll. I’m not going to ask you for whose photo you liked best, I’m asking you whose photo you liked LEAST. Who among the #AsNTM4 girls had the WORST trampoline photo in Episode 2?

Vote in the poll above, and let’s see if we have the same thoughts about the girls’ photos later this week. 🙂

UPDATE: I’m going to be watching the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 replay later tonight at 10:00 p.m. 🙂

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model… having the lowest score at the runway challenge, Maya from Thailand was eliminated just minutes after the girls arrived at the model house. The girls are pushed to their limits at their Bubble Series photo shoot, and in the end Gwen from the Philippines. But another surprise twist! The judges have decided not to eliminate any more, which means Gwen is safe for another week. 13 girls remain, who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. Top. Top. Top. Top. Top.

I just noticed this: Maya isn’t even in the opening titles. That’s so mean!

Tuti is super happy that she had the best performance last episode. “I feel like I’m a ninja turtle!” You do you, girl. Gwen is nicknamed “Mama” by the girls as she has the most experience out of all of them.

Being a beauty queen is so different than being a high fashion model. And that’s what I’m here for: to prove to everyone that I can do both. — Gwen

Angie is shaken by her being in the bottom two. She has to step up this week. Flashback to last week’s confrontation. Mai Ngo apologizes for her behavior last week. “I just want everybody to be nice to each other.” Good girl! Don’t follow the producers’ manipulations, girls!

AsNTM4 Episode 2 - Girls eating in the model house

Cindy Mail! Something heights-related again. We’re reminded that Tugs has a phobia of heights. She’s probably thinking now that the producers are out to get her eliminated early. More on that later. LOL!

Challenge: Trampoline

Model mentor Kelly Tandiono meets the girls at AMPED, Singapore’s first ever trampoline park. The girls do warm-ups on the trampolines to learn the basics. Jessica isn’t very athletic; she knows she’s going to have a hard time. Angie grew up learning gymnastics so she’s very comfortable in that environment.

The girls at the challenge at AMPED Trampoline Park Singapore
The girls at the challenge at AMPED Trampoline Park Singapore

Suddenly, an accident! Jessica is sent to the hospital caused by an injured ankle. Kelly tells the girls that she may not be able to continue the competition. Of course, that’s just added drama, we all know she’ll continue, right?

Playtime’s over! The girls have to perform a trampoline routine. The winner of this challenge will get a $1,000 shopping spree from Zalora. Good luck girls!

Gwen impresses with her flexibility
Gwen impresses with her flexibility

Tugs let her fear of heights get the best of her and the judges aren’t too impressed. Mai Ngo shows her creative side, showcasing her flexibility. Tuti had a lot of flaws in her routine. Angie wants to prove that she did not deserve to be in the bottom two last week, and she did it! She won the challenge.

Challenge Winner: Angie (Singapore)

On the way home to the model house, Angie starts shopping on the Zalora app. Back at the model house, the girls see their challenge scores. Jessica gets a zero for not participating in the challnege! Wow! Tugs is so frustrated by her low score. She looks at photos of her baby. So sweet!

Jessica returns to the model house. The girls question why Jessica didn’t even try to do the challenge. The challenge score is important, girls, but umm… I’ll prioritize my health first. I’m #TeamJessica on this one.

Cindy Mail! When it got to the word “heights,” Tugs has an epic reaction:

The show hates me! — Tugs

Yes that about sums it up, Tugs. The show does hate you. That’s the only reason they have heights-related challenges back-to-back this early.

Photo Shoot: Trampoline part deux

The girls have to exude elegance and showcase their dresses well as they jump on a trampoline as this episode’s photographer BJ Pascual takes their photo mid-flight. BJ enters frame riding a wheelchair. That’s the wheelchair Jessica will be using in her shoot, as she is given a special theme: crutch couture. K. All the other girls think that this is unfair. As they should. WTF does crutch couture even mean?!

The trampoline!
The trampoline!

Tuti is still shaken by her low challenge score. Mai Ngo is super flexible! Wow, girl! Just for the difficulty of her poses, she should easily get best photo! Angie’s confidence has been boosted by her winning the challenge earlier. Patricia is having trouble.

“I need to see a model, not a frog.” Way to bring a girl down, Kelly. She. has. phobia. of. heights. Dammit!

Relaxing my face means beauty queen?! – Gwen

Yes, Gwen. Kelly officially hates you, gurl. That’s got to be frustrating not knowing what to do. She’s. a. beauty. queen. Get the f*** over it already!

Angie’s Zalora winnings are delivered at their door, with a gorgeous delivery man. Yes, as we speak we’re researching his name already… for scientific research purposes.  😉

This week’s conflict is brought to you by Jessica’s injury. Producers, please change scripts already. This is getting tiring.


The judging panel is composed of Cindy, Kelly, and this week’s photographer and guest judge BJ Pascual. Take note that each judges is giving a score from 0 to 10, and those will be added up with their challenge score to determine their call out order later.

Julian impresses the judges with her body control. Angie impresses the judges on a great comeback.

This is very high, high, high, super high fashion in every sense of the words. – Cindy on Angie’s photo

Yup, Tugs, the show officially hates you. Who the f*** chose this as her best photo? I think I saw another photo where she looked better than whatever that pose was.

Jessica ambles to the judges with her crutches. Umm, BJ. How the f*** can Jessica give variety?! She’s on a freaking wheelchair… and injured to boot. My God! This show hates me too, Tugs. I feel you.

Call Out Order

This is the call out order based on their combined scores from their challenge and their photo shoot:

  1. Angie (38.8)
  2. Mai Ngo (35.0)
  3. Julian (34.5)
  4. Alaiza (31.0)
  5. Sang In (27.0)
  6. May (26.0)
  7. Tuti (26.0)
  8. Tawan (24.1)
  9. Aldilla (23.1)
  10. Patricia (20.3)
  11. Gwen (20.3)

Kelly gave Sang In a 5! I am livid! And again, yes, Kelly hates you Gwen, she gave you a measly 2.

Bottom Two: Jessica and Tugs

Jessica barely makes it with a score of 16.0, but that is enough to eliminate Tugs with the lowest score of 13.0.

Eliminated: Tugs (Mongolia)

Yeah, this is an unfair elimination! This is what happens when runway isn’t even part of the deliberation of these models. Tugs would have nailed every single runway challenge, if there were any. Now I hope even more that there’s a callback in the middle of this season.

Next Week

It’s the dreaded makeover episode! Who among the girls will get a horrible haircut? Who will cry their eyes out while their locks are being chopped left and right? WTF another hospital visit?!

What did you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2? Were you shocked by one of the girls getting injured? Do you agree with the judges’ call out order? Sound off in the comments below.

7 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 Recap

  1. I wonder why they’re being so hard on Jessica, I don’t think she’s faking it just to get through. I hope she’ll be well next time.

    Best Photos this week:
    1. Angie
    2. Mai- she’s really proving herself as i really don’t see her as a model
    3. Tuti
    4. Alaiza

    5. May- i would’ve love this photo even more if her face is more committed
    6. Julian- idk but i think this photo would be better without that prop
    7. Tawan
    8. Aldilla
    9. Sang In- she looks short and her right arm is nowhere to be seen

    Worst Photos:
    10. Jessica- i know it’s unfair, but i like how she actually looks like she just bounced from the T
    11. Patricia
    12. Gwen- a bit disappointed , considering she has been saved last week. She did well at the challenge tho..
    13. Tugs- i like how she said that the show hates her lol 😂

    Asntm4E2- “The Girl Which The Show Has A Hatred For”

    1. Thanks for sharing your ranking. 🙂

      I don’t understand why Kelly gave Mai Ngo an 8. Her photo was perfection!

      I love Tugs’ honesty! Hahaha. She was clearly sabotaged by whoever picked her photo.

  2. Ladies please be patient with one another & Jessica please get well soon & win the competition. Sincerely yours, your faithful fans from Singapore.

  3. About the 2nd hospital visit. I have been analyzing the hair color, which was a bit orange hair. and based on my research, i checked every girl’s hair and i came up with the girl who had the closest hair color as in the ep. 3 sneek peak, I think Mai Ngo is going to the hospital.

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