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Are These the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Makeovers?

It’s makeover time for the next episode of Asia’s Next Top Model! The promo for Episode 3 is already out and we have our first looks at the girls’ possible makeovers. Filipino celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos is in charge once again for the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 makeovers.

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Preview Makeover
Who will make the cut?

Here are the girls’ before looks, courtesy of the Asia’s Next Top Model official Facebook page…

And here they are after their makeovers…

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Angie
Angie’s hair looks the same to me, except straightened and dyed darker.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Gwen
Gwen’s hair didn’t seem to change all that much too.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Jessica
Is Jessica getting a bob and bangs?
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover May
May seems to have a more mature haircut for her makeover, cut shorter and dyed dark brown.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Tawan
OMG! Speaking of drastic! Tawan has a pixie cut… with highlights.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Aldilla
I’m not quite sure if this girl with Lourd is also Tawan, or if this is Aldilla.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Sang In 1
It’s a long bob dyed blonde with cotton candy highlights for Sang In.
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Sang In 2
Here’s another look at Sang In’s hair styled differently.

These are all of the makeovers I spotted in the Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 3 promo. For the others I scoured the girls’ social media accounts for any more hints. Here’s what I found:

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Alaiza
The timestamp and location says this was taken in Singapore around the time of filming. Not much of a makeover for Alaiza, it seems. (Instagram/alaizamalinao)
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Julian
Like the other Filipina reps before her, Julian is getting bangs. (Instagram/jajapatatas)
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Tuti
Tuti’s hair is already short, so the shaved sides makes her edgier. (Instagram/tutitimes4)
AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Aldilla 2
Wow! Lourd Ramos and team gave Aldilla a boy cut! Nothing drastic for Patricia though. (Instagram/aldillazahraa)

I had a hard time looking for a possible makeover photo for Mai Ngo, since she hasn’t updated her Instagram account for months now. However, her Facebook fanpage has a screengrab from Episode 1 during the montage that shows an overview of the cycle:

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Makeover Mai Ngo
Mai Ngo doesn’t look happy about her shorter haircut. (Facebook/quynhmai.asntm.s4)

Check out the promo for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3: The Girl Who Got Cut, and don’t miss the show every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Star World.

It's the episode we've all been waiting for: makeover day! This season we're all about transformations, so get ready to see the girls go through their metamorphosis. It's all happening on STAR World Asia next Wednesday at 9pm.

Posted by Asia's Next Top Model on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Have you spotted any of the girls’ photos after their makeover? Share them with me and the other readers by posting in the comments below. Or you can reach me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links on the sidebar to the right.

3 replies on “Are These the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Makeovers?”

I think I sorta liked the makeovers for Jessica, Sang In, Julian and Tuti.

I think they should give Angie a hair color, cut Gwen’s hair to medium-length, do something with Patricia’s hair and give Mai Ngo a dark one, maybe brown.(i saw a pic of her with dark hair and she looks way way better with those and definitely more model-ish)

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