Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 Review

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Last Wednesday on Asia’s Next Top Model the girls reached new heights on their trampolines. One girl got injured (#CrutchCouture) while others leaped and posed. This week’s photographer is still Filipino photographer BJ Pascual. Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 review.

How did your early favorites fare? Here’s how they ranked based on my assessment of their performance in the 2nd episode. Note that I’m only ranking their photo shoot. Let’s jump in!

Before I get to my rankings, I opened a poll to ask you: Which #AsNTM4 girl had the WORST trampoline photo? You all have voted and the girl that got the most votes is… Mai Ngo from Vietnam. I’m a bit surprised by this since I was very impressed by the difficulty of her pose, and I quite like her gracefulness in the photo. Anyway, onto my rankings this week:

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Mai Ngo

1. Mai Ngo

I completely do not endorse the result of the poll because I am in love with Mai Ngo in this photo. Like, that pose is almost humanly impossible. And she did this pose multiple times during that shoot, IIRC. I am aware that this is just a still photo but you can still see the movement and energy emanating from her. Love it!

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Angie

2. Angie

She definitely slayed this episode. Her gymnastics background was definitely an asset for this week’s challenges. I think her dress was tailor-made for her and this shoot.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Julian

3. Julian

I love her face in this photo. With different, more flowy clothes, this would have been better. I might have missed this during the episode, but WTF is Julian holding on her right hand? She seems to have pulled out some other girl’s weave.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Alaiza

4. Alaiza

The pointed feet are great; she looks even taller than she already is. Not too much a fan of the hand on the head pose, but I agree that she’s channeling superhero vibes, most likely Storm.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Tuti

5. Tuti

I read a comment on social media that Tuti is doing the 9:30 pose. LOL! I would have liked better extension on her right leg.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Sang In

6. Sang In

Calm, collected warrior princess! I love the mohawk look paired with the sheer black dress. My only gripe would be that her right arm is missing in this photo.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - May

7. May

Her face is stiff. I don’t quite understand this pose. It looks like she’s moving in several different directions all at once.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Aldilla

8. Aldilla

She looks short in this. I can’t get over the messy hair. Definitely not as elegant as her photo last week, which I adored.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Tawan

9. Tawan

I like the body twist she’s doing but that’s about the only remarkable thing here. I hope she does better next week with her new hair.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Patricia

10. Patricia

That skirt looks constricting, which might explain the lack of extension. At least the feet are pointed? Love the fierce face though.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Jessica

11. Jessica

It’s okay for somebody who sprained her ankle, I guess.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Gwen

12. Gwen

Who picked this photo? Like seriously. There were no other usable frames? The neck area is weird, the hand placement weird. On top of that, I don’t really get this styling.

AsNTM4 Episode 2 Photoshoot - Tugs

13. Tugs

This show definitely hates you Tugs. I want to know what the thought process was behind picking this photo as Tugs’ best photo, other than sabotage.


The producers are really maximizing their use of reality TV tropes this cycle. However it’s pretty obvious when the drama is manufactured just to elicit strong emotions from fans. We started with the Mai Ngo juicebox drama last episode, and now we have Jessica’s “is it real? or not real?” injury. And can everyone stop with the “Gwen is a beauty queen” thing. Almost all of these girls joined a beauty pageant at one point in their life. May even won an international competition for God’s sake, and it’s not being highlighted as much as Gwen’s. I won’t be surprised that with all of these producer manipulations one or more of these girls will soon quit this cycle. This show hates me too, Tugs.

And lastly…. Where the f*** is Yu Tsai?

I'm heeeeere. Not. (via Tumblr/ANTMFunny)
I’m heeeeere. Not. (via Tumblr/ANTMFunny)


What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 2? Do you agree with my ranking of their photos? Who is your FCO? Do you think Tugs deserved to leave the competition this early? Are you scared of heights too? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

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1 comment on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 Review

  1. For me..
    1 / 2. Angie / Mai Ngo -> comes of from different reason. I love Mai Ngo’s poses, meanwhile Angie gives me high fashion movement and dress (especially her hands and fierce)

    3. Julian -> agreed with you. It would be really tight competition between her and Angie / Mai Ngo if no pom poms at her right hand

    4. Sang In -> really fierce. maybe need her right hand movements

    5. Aldilla -> I love her pose here. I don’t mind her messy hair though

    6. Tuti -> looks too stiff and a bit weird. Love her fierce face though

    7 / 8. Alaiza / Tawan -> love tawan pose here, but she looks a bit short here. Also, maybe her face need more power. For Alaiza, I’m not fan of her superhero poses, even though it makes her leg really long. Love her fierce face here

    9. May -> looks constipated

    10. Patricia -> love her fierce, but bad pose

    11. Jessica -> agreed with you here

    12 / 13. Tugs / Gwen -> I want to see other frames both of them. But I think there’s no drive to push forward from Tugs, meanwhile Gwen gives me really irrelevant poses and weird face

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