Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3 Review


Last Wednesday on Asia’s Next Top Model the girls got their much-awaited/dreaded makeovers. Tears fell as the hair strands got chopped and dropped to the floor, revealing the girls’ new high-fashion looks. This week’s photographer is high fashion editorial photographer Joel Lim (Instagram, official website). Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3 review.

How did your early favorites fare? Here’s how they ranked based on my assessment of their performance in the 3rd episode, only ranking their comp cards. Chop chop!

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Photoshoot -Sang In

1. Sang In

Per. fec. tion! From these photos you wouldn’t even know that she was sick during the shoot. The black and white is a brilliant move. I wonder why none of the other girls thought of that. (Or nobody from the production hinted that this was possible?) Favorite photo: top-left.

2. Tawan

Look who has come alive! I had doubts with her makeover, but it does give her a bit more of an edge. She gave variety in her poses in all four photos. Favorite photo: bottom-right.

3. Aldilla

Work the short hair, mama! I know it’s hard to make two distinct styles for her short hair but she made it work. Strong photos from Aldilla! Favorite photo: top-left.

4. Tuti

WTF happened to her shirt? That’s some weird styling happening here. Not a fan of the blank emotion on the bottom-left photo, but impressed at the other three. Favorite photo: bottom-right.

5. Angie

It’s great that she’s embraced the shaved side in the profile photo. But in the brief, it says that the girls needed to create two different styles. I don’t see it here. And it’s weird that she picked the “gorilla” photo for her comp card. LOL! Favorite photo: bottom-left.

6. Patricia

The girl was right—these photos do look commercial, especially top-right. I love that she showcases her beautiful collarbone and legs. Favorite photo: bottom-left.

7. Jessica

This makeover really aged her up, and that mullet and old-school blouse combination she has going in two of her photos doesn’t really help. Favorite photo: top-right.

8. May

I can’t get over the fact that I’m seeing Korean girl group in her photos. Hahaha. I think it’s her attempting to be sexy but she’s really coming off as cutesy. Favorite photo: bottom-right.

It worries me that 3 of the next 4 girls are from the Philippines. I fear that at least one of them will go home in the next episode. 😥

9. Alaiza

She didn’t give as much variety, in both hairstyle and expression, as the other girls but I do like these photos. Not as bad as the judges think. Favorite photo: bottom-right.

10. Gwen

I really don’t understand why the judges (and sometimes Gwen herself) keep bringing up the “beauty queen” thing. With the exception of the top-left photo (who chose to place that as the highlight on this comp card?!) I don’t really see beauty queen anymore. I love the strong stance and slight lean back in the bottom-right photo. Favorite photo: bottom-right.

11. Julian

Oh my! What happened! That’s not a flattering angle for her in the bottom-left photo. She even looks strained in that top-left photo. Eek. She really picked the wrong photos for her comp card, as Kelly said in panel. Favorite photo: top-right.

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Photoshoot -Mai Ngo

12. Mai Ngo

Oh Mai Ngo. It was obvious that she didn’t like her makeover plus she didn’t know how else to style her hair. I do love this hair on Mai Ngo; it adds some much-needed sophistication to her look. Her hand positions are weird in all four frames. Favorite photo: top-right.

They must have had not enough of a budget for this episode. (And it kinda makes sense since next episode seems to be the Subaru episode, which usually where most of the budget gets spent.) They could have gone for a more creative theme featuring close-up shots this week. And I was not a fan of the time-limited Zalora shoot from last cycle so I was not a fan of this particular mechanic on this shoot as well.

And let’s talk about the makeovers. I love Sang In’s makeover, but why didn’t they give her the short haircut. It would have really fit her look. And can we stop with the bangs, please. Could we try making someone bald next cycle? Kidding! I’m not that mean. Hahaha. I just hope next episode’s better.

GOOD NEWS! I don’t have to ask anymore where Yu Tsai is, because he’s here baby! On the most recent episode, that is.

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 3? Do you agree with my ranking of their photos? Who is your FCO? Do you think Mai Ngo deserved to leave the competition after her makeover? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

Reminder: You still have 1 and a half hours to vote for your favorite TRESemme transformation. Who had the best makeover of all the Top 12 girls? Vote in the poll here. The poll is now closed. Watch out for next episode’s poll. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3 Review

  1. Best Photos:
    1. Sang In(4/4)- wonderful variety of poses
    2. Aldilla(3.5/4)
    3. Tuti(3.25/4)
    4. Patricia(3.25/4)- i kinda liked how she gave different moods in her photos
    Average(sort of)
    5. Angie(3/4)- i really liked the bottom left shot but i agree that the the bottom right kinda ruined the whole thing
    6. Gwen(2.75/4)- i think they should at least give her a credit for looking like a model in these. I really don’t think she deserves bottom 2 this time.
    7. Alaiza(2.5/4)
    8. May(2.5/4)
    9. Jessica(2.25/4)- this shots were okay, but she looks too pretty in these shots.
    10. Julian(2.25/4)- i liked her photos from afar but if you zoomed in, her facial expressions arent very impressive
    11. Tawan(2/4)- maybe its just me, but she seems confused in these photos??
    12. Mai Ngo(1.5/4)

  2. 1. Sang In
    —HUGE GAP—
    2. Aldilla
    3. Angie
    —fair gap—
    4. Alaiza
    5. Patricia
    6. Mai Ngo (I found her hands not weird at all)
    7. Tuti
    8. May
    9. Tawan
    10. Jessica
    —oh no another gap—
    11. Julian
    12. Gwen

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