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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4 Recap

Amiciness is going to live blog is recapping Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4. It’s the Subaru episode tonight! And Glenn Tan, executive director of Tan Chong International Ltd, distributor of Motor Image Subaru in Asia, is back! Who will be at the mercy of his sharp tongue this cycle? Who is he shouting at in that episode preview? It’s almost like an AsNTM tradition! Also watch out for some familiar faces from cycles past: Subaru brand ambassadors Natalie Pickles (Cycle 2) and Monika Sta. Maria (Cycle 3).

I'm here. Bow down mere mortals! LOL! (Facebook/AsNTMOfficial)
I’m here. Bow down mere mortals! LOL! (Facebook/AsNTMOfficial)

Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd…. I’m super, super excited for this: Yu Tsai is finally here! He’ll be the creative director for the rest of the cycle. Good luck, models, models, models. I’m curious to find out if he’s going to be as rough on the models as he is in America’s Next Top Model. We’re in for an explosive episode. The drama will be in high gear tonight! At least, I hope so. (I’m kidding, I know it will! 😉 )

Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

I asked you earlier this week: Whose TRESemmé transformation was your favorite among the AsNTM Top 12 girls? And the votes are in. Garnering more than 25% of the vote, the girl with your favorite makeover is….

AsNTM4 Episode 3 Photoshoot -Julian

Congratulations, Julian! She may have been near the bottom of the pack during last week’s deliberation but you still love her new look.  🙂

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, Lourd Ramos happened. Um, I mean the makeovers happened. Some girls cried, some girls were shocked, but Sang In was unfazed. Even if she was down with an illness, she managed to take high fashion photos for her comp card and won Best Photo last week with a perfect score across the board. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Vietnam’s representative Mai Ngo. 11 girls remain… who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’m never gonna stop until I reach the top 🎶

Jessica vs Gwen part whatever. Gwen is happy that Sang In got best photo because even though she was sick, she still pushed through… “unlike some others.” SHADE! Jessica was surprised Mai Ngo went home when she thinks that Gwen was the weaker and has not improved yet.

Being the top scorer last week (with a perfect score of 40.0 to boot!), Sang In received her own personal Cindy Mail. She gets the chance to call her family back home for 40 minutes. Of course the other girls are jealous because all of them are homesick, being away from home for the past few days.

Jessica is upset.
Jessica is upset.

Jessica brought up that, now that Mai Ngo has left, she wanted to move to her now-empty bed. May rejects the idea and says that Jessica needs to learn not to complain every time. Jessica feels that all of the other girls are out to get her. She asked Sang In if she can share some of her calltime with her. Sang In graciously gives her the remaining 10 minutes for her call. Alaiza misses her family back home, and contemplates quitting the competition.

Cindy Mail! Something about zen, the beach, relaxation, and balance? Definitely yoga!

Challenge – Paddleboard Yoga

Cindy Bishop meets the girls on a beach. (Does anyone know what beach this is in Singapore?) The girls have to do some paddleboard yoga. But it’s not all fun and relaxation: the girls have to recreate the instructor’s yoga poses, starting from the basics to the more excruciating advanced yoga poses. If a girl falls off the board, she’s out of the challenge.

Gwen is the first to fall. And of course Jessica is happy that at least she’s not getting a 0. Pose after pose girls fall of their boards. We’re now down to just Julian and Angie. Wow this is difficult! Are we still seriously in AsNTM or are we in Fit For Fashion?! 😂

Challenge Winner: Angie (15 pts.)

Cindy Mail! Driving couture in motion. “Paddleboat on a car while posing on top of it.” Well that is an interesting photo shoot theme, May!

Photo shoot – Confidence in Motion

Returning from Cycle 1, creative consultant and “Singapore godfather of fashion” Daniel Boey (Instagram) is back to supervise this photo shoot. This week’s photographer is Thailand-based freelance fashion photographer Nat Prakobsantisuk (Instagram). And then suddenly a car drifts their way near them. And out comes Glenn Tan with Subaru brand ambassadors Natalie and Monika.

Look who crashed the party! Subaru boss Glenn Tan with brand ambassadors Natalie Pickles and Monika Sta. Maria.
Look who crashed the party! Subaru boss Glenn Tan with brand ambassadors Natalie Pickles and Monika Sta. Maria.

For the first part of the challenge, the girls have to ride the car while it drifts. And for their photo, they only have one chance to shoot while the car drifts in the background with a strong fan blowing their direction. The girls are wearing long flowy gowns.

This is Asia’s Next Top Model, not Flappy Bird™. – Nat on Gwen’s photoshoot

I forgot to type while watching. This is a very compelling photo shoot theme. Sang In had a hard time with the strong fans blowing at her making her lose her footing. Aldilla is worried about her low challenge score earlier. Daniel loved Julian’s big movements that fit the theme. Monika reminded Tuti not to look too angry with the fierce face. Both Gwen and Jessica had difficulty working with the long fabric.

AsNTM4 Episode 4 - Sang In at the photo shoot
Sang In getting direction from Daniel and Nat (Facebook/AsNTMOfficial)


One of the most intense deliberations in the history of Asia’s Next Top Model, coming up next…

AsNTM4 Episode 4 - Glenn, Cindy, Yu Tsai and Daniel are this week's judges
Glenn, Cindy, Yu Tsai and Daniel are this week’s judges. (Facebook/AsNTMOfficial)

We are looking for the next top model, not the next top car-unveiling person. – Glenn Tan on Aldilla’s photo

Now we know who Glenn was mad at. She’s shouting at Sang In, saying that he would never work with someone who rolls her eyes at him. (This happened during the photo shoot.) Umm. Excuse me. I don’t think she’s rolling her eyes at you Glenn. That doesn’t look like an expression of contempt, more like fear. You know, since you came up with the crazy idea of having them ride in a drifting car. Sigh. At least Sang In apologizes, although to be honest, I don’t know why she should.

Alaiza looks rattled. She’s been edited right after Sang In, but I’m not sure if this is in order. She really seems demotivated and wants to give up. Gwen. Beauty queen. Blah blah blah. This got old too fast, judges. Wow that’s Julian’s best photo? Who picked that? There seems to be a disconnect between the raves she got during the shoot and this final photo.

After all of that drama here’s Tawan to lighten up the mood. She gives fierce as she walks over to the judges, and then she says “Hi” in her most high-pitched voice! LOL! “Hello gorgeous!” Oh, Tawan you’re so cute. The judges loved her photo, and she’s embodying confidence in motion.

With that fierce walk like a tiger she gives up and she turns out to be a kitten. – Yu Tsai on Tawan

AsNTM4 Episode 4 - Girls at deliberation

Call Out Order

Double elimination tonight!

  1. Tawan (46 pts)
  2. Angie (45)
  3. Alaiza
  4. Patricia
  5. Tuti
  6. Julian
  7. May
  8. Jessica

Although Alaiza got Top 3 she still looked defeated. Cindy notices this and asks if Alaiza still wants to continue her modeling career. Alaiza doesn’t answer directly saying that the answer in her heart is not what Cindy wants to hear. Model standoff!

Wow Glenn must have given Sang In a zero or something. And also three of those four judges just saw Sang In probably for the first time during the photo shoot and panel, they can’t possibly judge her “attitude” based on their first meeting. That’s like taking the saying “First impressions last” too far. Her photo does not deserve a score this low.

Bottom Three: Sang In, Gwen, and Aldilla

Gwen got the lowest score of 15 points.

Eliminated: Gwen (Philippines)

It’s now down to Sang In and Aldilla. Aldilla has the second lowest score of 19. Sang In scored 20.

Cindy doesn’t want either of the two to go, as she sees that both still want to stay in the competition. In a sudden (but most likely meticiously planned #ConspiracyTheory) dramatic twist, Cindy asks Alaiza to come back up on stage. She asks her directly if she still wants to continue in the competition. Alaiza decides no. Did she just freaking force her to quit?! WTF! And just like that, she’s the second one to leave the competition tonight.

Leaving: Alaiza (Philippines)

Next Week

It’s a group shoot. For Maybelline. The winner will fly to New York? I’m not sure. I’m still overwhelmed by what happened earlier. Here’s a sample teaser for next week:

AsNTM4 Episode 5 Preview
Julian and Tawan during the photo shoot for Episode 5.

WELL! What a night for Filipino AsNTM fans. Two reps leaving on the same night. That’s bound to get a huge (negative) reaction from the Filipino fans. Good luck in your modeling careers, Gwen and Alaiza! I know for a fact you’re doing well in the fashion industry right now. 🙂

Now, I leave you with my parting words:

Were you shocked by what went down on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4? Are you sad that it was a double elimination? Do you agree with the judges’ deliberation of their photos? Do you still want Subaru back for another cycle? (I’m kidding!) Sound off in the comments below.

22 replies on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4 Recap”

I used to always bet on Phil. Reps in previous cycles (being a Filipino). But I’m really not sure about Julian…….Oh well. Betting on Sang In, Angie, and Julian (being totally biased right now) for top three!

Alaiza was put on the spot by the host to decide if she wanted to quit the show. Anyone can see that she was demotivated. A good host will try her level best to take care of all the girls and not play mind games to manipulate people – and the results. That was one unbiased move. NOT.

Yeah I agree, it seems she was put on the spot. To be completely honest, I already knew that Alaiza was going to quit. (Thanks model connections~). But I had a different scenario in mind. I did not expect it to be this (I can’t think of a better word right now other than) “confrontational.”

Filipino AsNTM fans: Show some love for Gwen and Alaiza for a valiant effort. And of course continue supporting the lone Filipina rep Julian on her Top Model journey. 🙂 #positivity

man the producers and the editors really amp up the drama this time… Alaiza definitely deserves claps, you can tell that she knows / at least, had in mind she could be better off elsewhere…she was doing pretty well on the previous episodes.

and that glenn tan- what an ego. *smh

They wanted a big reaction, well they got what they wanted. LOL!

Also, you could really tell that the girls this cycle did not want to participate in all the scripted drama. Good girls! 🙂

For Glenn Tan’s behavior….I was speechless. Even if the girl was really rolling her eyes…such a high position leader should not go into public shaming….what image is he painting to the company?

And I salute to Sang In’s respond back to Glenn. It just showed how poised you are as compared to a EVP. Now, having said that, I would suggest that you (Sang In) to pay more attention to your facial and body gesture. I do notice you do have certain gestures which you may not be aware of, may give wrong signals to judges and clients. Make conscious effort to adjust that. I sincerely admire your courage and poise.

Kudos to Sang In for how she responded in that situation. I think the “rolling her eyes” as Glenn said is an involuntary gesture of hers. I spotted that in Episode 2 too while they were in the trampoline park. I’m pretty sure that was not her being mean at all. 🙂

I just don’t understand why everyone is out for Jessica. She hurt her ankle in week two and now everyone thinks she’s a whiny complainer. Thank goodness for Sang In, and that the two biggest gossips (Gwen and Alaiza) have been eliminated.
Also, her photo was amazing. It might not have been the best “motion” shot, but the body and the face are definitely there, and even Glenn gave it an 8!

To be fair, Cindy actually has the best hosting skills among the former two. She has that humourous style in judging which livens up the mood. Though, I agree it seemed like she sorta forced Alaiza to quit. Such a shame, cause I really liked Alaiza, she couldve gone further..

1. Tawan- best photo of this cycle so far. She deserved all the prizes she got this week. This is just amazing.
2. Tuti

3. Julian
4. Angie- thats the same twisted arm pose in the aerial photoshoot
5. Jessica
6. Sang In
7. Alaiza
8. Patricia- its good but its too expected and too safe

9. Aldilla
10. May- her face is beautiful but the body is a bit weird.
11. Gwen- her face has a blank expression and the hand gestures are weird too

After I watch the episode, I was a bit turned off with cindy. I also thought that alaiza was forced to quit indirectly because of cindy’s expressions while she “defends” the 2 models’ drive in the competition. I think she should have encouraged alaiza like what georgina did to barbara when she gave up her spot for monika instead of putting alaiza on the spot in front of the judges that could cause her pressure and fear. But past is past so i’ll just support the last filipina standing, julian. Go team philippines!

Alaiza quitting looks scripted. Idk, #conspiracytheory she wants to quit and tell the producers but being greedy attention whores that they are, the producers srcripted her “force quitting” to amp up the drama for the season.

Hate Glenn, he was a bully, is a bully, probably always will be a bully in AsNTM.

Sang In’s grace,poise and composure win the whole competition.

Now I know the attitude of MS.cindy Bishop. -_- okay. Thank you for forcing alaiza. Im not a filipino but I want to support alaiza. Bec. I THINK SHE WANT TO STAY. BUT as the other theorean says, Maybe somepeople(maybe inside the competition.maybe!) ask her to leave the competition. So bu**sh*t. What ever Congrats alaiza and gwen. Still supporting Julian. GO PHILIPPINES, Go julian again 🙂 make the pia wurtzbach fierce face. Actially body hahah lol.

We also have to remember Cindy Bishop is an actress on Thai TV. (I think I saw a clip of her in the Thai adaptation of The OC.) The production might have also wanted Cindy to be more emotional/over-the-top in that scene… You know, for more drama. Just my thoughts haha. The best thing to do is to continue supporting the remaining girls. 🙂

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