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Theater workshops might not be the top of mind summer activity for your kids (if you have kids), for your siblings and even for you. Well, that was the case for me. I wasn’t really exposed to performance arts when I was younger. I had only been enrolled in a summer swimming class once. Maybe the reason’s financial or that summer classes aren’t as easy to find back in my day (90s HAHA excuse me). My only “experience” in theater then was being cast as a bird in Aladdin in fourth grade. I got sick so I didn’t really make it to the show. *sighs*

My first theater workshop was in April-May 2014 under 9 Works Theatrical. I got hooked instantly that I enrolled the next year again. Needless to say, I loved it!

Here’s a few of my main reasons why you should TRY theater workshops.

This image was from our last year’s showcase Lucky Stiff. Fun times!

#1 You can overcome stage fright.

(Via What Should Theatre Call Me)
Oh noes. These wings will get ripped off. #spoiler (Via What Should theater Call Me)

Whether you’re afraid to go up on stage, speak in front of a few people or just talk to your office crush, I think theater workshops can help build your confidence to express yourself in any way possible. In my case, now I rarely get nervous onstage in front of a big audience or just when I’m conducting a presentation in the office. I have learned to relax and just focus on my goal, which is to tell a story.

#2 You’ll become more comfortable with your body.

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The Kardashians are so #blessed. (Via Bustle)

I’m not saying you’ll become more comfortable getting naked. But yes, I’m saying that you’ll become more comfortable getting naked. That’s just me. HAHA. You’ll become aware of your body. You’ll learn how to stand properly. How to command the audience’s attention, project your voice and even do stage make-up.

#3 You’ll realize that the world is a very small place and having mutual friends is more common than you think, AND theater friends are #4EVER! (That was long… 😛 )

I miss the old Zayn… (Via Giphy)

That was pretty self-explanatory. HAHA. My theater workshop classmates are one of the most honest, accepting, talented and definitely, the craziest (in a good way) bunch I’ve ever met. At the end of the workshop, your class will be so close that you see each other as family. P.S.: I learned how to hug people because of Stage Camp.

#4 Express yourself.

Madonna gif (Via ATRL)
Yes, Queen of Pop! (Via ATRL)

As Kurt Hummel said on Glee, shame is a waste of emotion. The workshop is a safe place. Just be yourself! No one will care unless you’re really that irritating. #truth HAHA. During my first time, I was still shy and hesitant to fully engage with the activities. As I got more comfortable, I realized that the workshop was the place to make mistakes and learn from them. Holding back wouldn’t do anyone good especially to one’s self.

#5 Live your fantasies!

Open yourselves to opportunities to play your dream roles. Get to step and perform on a real stage. Be part of a big and awesome choreographed production number! Experience the thrill when the curtain goes up and shed some happy tears when it goes down. Live your fantasies of being a performer. It’s never too late.

Speaking of fantasies, make your theater fantasies come true with 9 Works Theatrical’s summer Stage Camp. Every year, the company dedicates the summer for children and aspiring thespians, guiding them in unleashing their talents and potentials through workshops that focus on acting, singing and dancing. The workshops will run for seven weeks, from April 11 to May 29, 2016, Mondays to Fridays, at Rockwell Center, Makati.

Kiddie & Pre-Teen Camp (ages 5–11) will be held 1pm–3pm from April 11, and will shift to 12pm–3pm by May. Students will be under the mentoring of Onyl Torres (musical director of 9WT’s RENT, The Wedding Singer, 50 Shades!, and artistic board director of the Philippine Choral Directors Association) and Jim Ferrer (West End UK’s Here Lies Love, ATEG’s Tarzan).

Teen Camp (ages 12–16) will be held 4pm–6pm (April) and will shift to 3:30pm–6:30pm (May). Managing the class are Sab Jose (9WT’s RENT, The Wedding Singer, Grease, and The Sandbox Collective’s acting coach for #NoFilter) and Nelsito Gomez (9WT’s Grease, Manila Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet, ATEG’ Saturday Night Fever, Shrek).

Adult Camp (17 and above) will be held 7pm–9pm (April) and will shift to 7pm–10pm (May). The workshop will be spearheaded by 9 Works Theatrical’s Artistic Director and theater veteran Robbie Guevara (Asian and UK tour of Miss Saigon, and the directorial force behind 9WT’s shows).

“The summer course also puts emphasis on group exercises and teamwork, aside from teaching the language and etiquette of the stage,” shares Robbie. “It’s an avenue for youngsters and adults to appreciate this art form, build their confidence and have fun at the same time. With ‘Fantasy’ as the theme this year, Stage Camp combines the elements of fun, imagination and color, while allowing each participant to discover what it means to live a dream, and encouraging everyone to use personal strengths to bring out their creativity.”

The culminating showcases will be at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati with the Adult Camp performing on May 28 at 8pm, and the Kiddie & Pre-Teen Camp on May 29 at 3pm, followed by the Teen Camp at 5pm.


Stage Camp is presented by 9 Works Theatrical and The Rockwell Club. Registration fee is at P9,500. A privilege rate is given to Rockwell Club members.

Enroll now! Contact 0917-5545560, 586-7105 or email info@9workstheatrical.com. For more information and theater news, follow 9 Works Theatrical in Facebook and @9WTOnline on Instagram and Twitter.

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