Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4 Review


Last Wednesday on Asia’s Next Top Model was a very emotional episode. It’s a double whammy for Filipino fans as both of their representatives, Gwen and Alaiza, left the competition. Subaru boss Glenn Tan reprimanded Sang In for allegedly “rolling her eyes” at him while he was introducing the photo shoot. To say that the episode had a lot of drama is a severe understatement. Oh, and Yu Tsai’s finally here! Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4 review.

Sang In isn't pleased with all of the drama. (Youtube/asntm2)
Sang In isn’t pleased with all of the drama. (Youtube/asntm2)

How did your early favorites fare in the photo shoot? I don’t want to add to the negativity and drama of last episode so I’m not going to rank their photos this time. Instead, I’ll highlight the positive things about each of their photos. Let’s go!


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Tawan

I love Tawan’s pose and the way the fabric is flowing in the wind. The red really contrasts from the background making her stand out even more. I envy those legs; they go for miles!


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Angie

Her dress looks like clouds and it looks like she’s floating through it. She looks like she’s elegantly sculpted out of marble. This might be Angie’s signature pose this cycle, already part of Asia’s Next Top Model history.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Alaiza

This looks like a continuation of the superhero thing she had going in the trampoline shoot in Episode 2. I love how the light hits the fabric making it look like she’s shooting blue electricity out of her left hand. Although she’s looking down at the ground, her face still looks stunning as ever.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Tuti

She really has a unique pose out of all the girls. Very powerful stance. The yellow color suits her because it is the color of joy and fits her personality so much. And the way she controlled the movement of the fabric is perfect.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Patricia

The color they gave her could have made her blend into the background but she managed to make herself stand out. There’s a quiet elegance to this photo.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Julian

Her photo is the only one where she’s not holding the fabric, but still made the fabric work to her advantage. I love her right leg peeking through and the butterfly hands.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Jessica

Booty tooch! Jessica learned well from Mama Tyra. This is probably her fiercest pose to date. You could really feel the intensity in her eyes.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - May

The judges didn’t really love the matador pose but it fits well with the theme. It’s as if she’s the matador and the Subaru is her bull. Unlike her previous shoots, she doesn’t look tentative at all this time.

Sang In

AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Sang In

She looks like a statue, in a good way of course. If they plan on redesigning the Statue of Liberty they could very well use Sang In’s photo as inspiration. I love the straight continuous line she’s making from the tip of her fingers to her feet.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Aldilla

Although there isn’t a lot of fabric movement in this photo I can still feel the wind flowing through. The arm position is strong, like a warrior pose, seemingly using the fabric as a shield.


AsNTM4 Episode 4 Photo Shoot - Gwen

I know the judges have been telling Gwen to lose the “beauty queen” in her previous photos, but for this one, I’m not seeing at all. I’m seeing model, first and foremost.

Those were my positive comments on the girls’ photos. However, we have to face the truth that not everything was positive during that episode. Where do I even begin?

On one hand, I like that this cycle is more exciting than the previous two. We get to see a lot more of the girls’ personalities, may it be scripted or not. The challenges are even more challenging. However, don’t you think the girls are being pushed too far? For these first few episodes the girls already underwent some pretty tough physical challenges. I asked previously if we were still in Top Model or if we were lost in an episode of Fit For Fashion. And it’s not just in the physical aspect that the girls are being pushed to their limits. I still feel uncomfortable watching Glenn Tan shouting at Sang In in that manner. She was publicly humiliated (you may say even verbally abused) on camera, broadcast worldwide. You can see the other girls visibly shaken by what transpired, scared for their life to walk up to deliberation.

And what was up with Cindy allegedly forcing Alaiza to quit the competition? Granted, the editing already meticulously set up and foreshadowed Alaiza’s quitting earlier in the episode, with her missing her family and pondering leaving the show. But, really? Dragging her into the spotlight as if to shame her into not having the “model dream.” (Whatever the f*** that is.) Contrast that to how they handled Barbara’s almost-quitting last cycle. Instead of putting her on the spot, the judges and mentors did just that—they mentored her, encouraged her to continue and shake off the pressure that’s bringing her down.

We already had girls who got sick, injured, and quit the competition, all in the span of four episodes. Add to that their homesickness, missing their families who they have not seen or spoken to for weeks now. How much further will the production push these girls? I’m genuinely scared for them.

Like, seriously scared.

And it’s sad that what would have been a joyful celebration in welcoming Yu Tsai to the show got overshadowed by all of this drama. As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m really happy that Yu Tsai is in the show and am excited for the upcoming photo shoots that he’ll be directing.

Me too, Tugs. Me too. (Youtube/asntm2)
Me too, Tugs. Me too. (Youtube/asntm2)

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 4? Do you think the show is pushing the girls too far for the sake of drama (and ratings)? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

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