Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5 Recap

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Amiciness is going to live blog recaps Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5. It’s the Maybelline NY episode tonight! Who will become an “it girl” among the Top 9 girls? Who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

It’s the first time we’re seeing Yu Tsai step up as this cycle’s creative director! Will he bring his tough love from America’s Next Top Model to Asia? We’ll have to wait and see!

Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, I don’t even want to remember all of the drama. It’s stressing me out. Tawan got the highest score and she’s getting immunity from elimination this week. Gwen had the lowest score, and Alaiza voluntary left the competition. 9 girls remain… who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’m never gonna stop until I reach the top 🎶

Tawan is obviously very happy that she won Best Photo and immunity this week, but she still wants to show her best. Aldilla feels fortunate that she gets to stay in the competition. Julian feels sad that Alaiza and Gwen, her Filipina sisters, have left the competition. She feels the pressure of being the lone Filipina left to win the grand prize. On the other hand, Jessica is happy because the two girls always talked behind her back.

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Gwen and Alaiza's wall posts at the model house

Cindy Mail! Shopping! And Tuti’s all like, I’mma get my shopping bag.

The White Chicks - Shopping

Challenge: Living Mannequins

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Cindy and Yu Tsai greet the girls before the challenge

Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai meet the girls at shopping center Bugis+. (A lot of fashionable products to buy there!) The girls notice something covered in red cloth. And inside it is Thai internet sensation who went viral for his outrageous fashion sourced from everyday household materials, Madaew. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe this will:

He is wearing one of his creations, and the girls will too. The challenge is to become living mannequins. Wearing Madaew’s special creations for Asia’s Next Top Model, the girls have to pose and stay still for 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES! Well, this show hates all of you girls. Haha. They pose in groups of three, and I named each of Madaew’s collections.

  • Angie, May, Aldilla – “The Rashes Collection”
  • Jessica, Tuti, Julian – “The Animal Planet Collection”
  • Patricia, Sang In, Tawan – “The Childhood Home Collection”

Winner: Sang In

Sang In wins an advantage in the photo shoot to be revealed later… and then a Cindy Mail.

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Cindy mail

Cindy Mail: Cindy says that the photo shoot will be in groups of three. Sang In gets a unique advantage, she gets to choose the composition of the teams.

Every time I have a reward, it feels like I make enemies out of my friends.

Suddenly a delivery guy bearing New York-themed gifts: pizza (looks like Pizza Hut) and a standee of the Statue of Liberty from Maybelline.

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Special delivery for the girls

Photo shoot: Maybelline NY It Girl

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Girls at Universal Studios Sentosa

Yu Tsai meets the girls at Universal Studios Sentosa for their New York-themed photo shoot. Maybelline being the sponsor of New York Fashion Week, the girl with the best performance this week gets 2 all-expense paid tickets to New York to watch NYFW this year. Nigel Stanislaus, creative director of Maybelline New York, is on hand to introduce the girls to Maybelline products during hair and makeup. Jesper McIlroy returns to AsNTM as this week’s photographer. Yu Tsai introduces their special guest, New York fashion icon Patricia Field.

Sang In chooses the teams: she chose Aldilla (the edgy one), Julian (the pretty one), and herself (the unique one) to be in one group. She chose to team up May, Jessica and Patricia, then the other team Tuti, Angie, Tawan. The groups only have 5 minutes to nail the shot. The girls have to work with a scooter, skateboard, and bicycle as props. How do any of these props scream “it girl”? They probably just took what they saw in the USS’s lost and found section. LOL!

Some contestants felt intimidated and lost by Yu Tsai’s tough style of directing. Some girls surprised, and were able to handle his management well.


The judging panel this week is Nigel Stanislaus, Yu Tsai, Patricia Field and Cindy Bishop.

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - This week's judging panel

Sang In – She stood out, and she was really channeling “it girl.”

Julian – She was forgettable and her pose looked tentative. “You look like the Maybelline girl’s assistant.” – Yu Tsai. Ouch.

Aldilla – She channeled all her energy towards Sang In instead of to the camera.

Tuti – Stood out but for the wrong reasons. The pose is awkward.

Tawan – The judges were not impressed. She might have slacked off because of her immunity.

May – “It girl” personified. The judges unanimously loved her. Yu Tsai: “I don’t like this photo [long pause]. I love this photo!”

Jessica – Outshone by the other two girls. Her pose is dated and doesn’t fit Maybelline 2016.

Call Out Order

AsNTM4 Episode 5 - Girls at deliberation

  1. May (48.0)
  2. Sang In
  3. Patricia
  4. Tuti
  5. Tawan (immunity)
  6. Angie
  7. Aldilla

May cries tears of joy as she wins Best Photo. When Cindy called Angie’s name I half-expected Cindy to ask her how much she wants to stay in the competition. Kidding! (I’m going to be making this joke for every recap hereafter.)

Bottom Two: Julian and Jessica

“You’re the last hope of the Philippines for this competition” – Cindy to Julian

Eliminated: Jessica

Next Week

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Preview

The girls have a photo shoot on the boat. And Yu Tsai has a standoff with Angie.

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5? Do you wish you could wear Madaew’s unique and high-fashion but possibly life-threatening creations? Which is your favorite out of his special AsNTM collection? Do you want to be directed by Yu Tsai in a photo shoot? Do you want to show Cindy how much you want to stay in the competition? Sound off in the comments below.

5 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5 Recap

  1. I hope they refrain from labelling the filipino representatives as “the girls from the philippines”, cause ive noticed that they dont label the other girls like that. They never called Tawan as the last hope of Thailand or called out Pat and Aldilla for being two indonesians near the bottom. Labelling them Filipinas only would fire up the speculations that the show only keeps the Filipinas to obtain ratings from us.

    1. Patricia- i agree, this is her best photo so far
    2. May- even so, i am truly happy for her cause she wants it so bad. She’s also my favorite on the opening credits.

    3. Sang In
    4. Tuti- i like the fact that shes consistent. Shes becoming the Melissa(cyc3) this season
    5. Julian
    6. Tawan
    7. Angie- its a good photo, but she really struggled on set
    8. Jessica- not as bad as the judges think

    9. Aldilla- she’s non-committal and forgettable in this photo. Again, considering she got saved last week, this is not a very impressive comeback.

    1. It’s probably because Kelly isn’t in the past two episodes. She’s the one who mentions Indonesia often. :))

      I don’t blame Aldilla or the other girls though because this photo shoot theme was all over the place. Half of the time I was as confused as the girls were.

      1. Hmm.. at least the photoshoots these cycle is better than the previous cycle. I hope they limit their endorsement-ish photoshoots and do more creative ones.

        Also, im not blaming any of these girls lol. I actually really like Aldilla’s bubble photo

        1. I agree. The first few photo shoots were great indeed. Well they have to feature their sponsors somehow so we have all of these sponsored photo shoots. TRESemmé is even in the opening titles! Hahaha

  2. I think cindy didn’t really like filipinos. She is so bias! She’s always routing for tawan. And also she is very stiff & awkward. I don’t like her at all! They should change her next season.

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