Coffee Break: Raspberry Coffee Frappe

Starbucks Frappe
Coffee frappe grande 3 pumps raspberry whip blended in

Going to Starbucks has become a necessary habit. Recently, the more stressed we become, the more we need coffee to help us to stay focused and to give us our daily dose of happiness. A cup of coffee (specifically a frappe) is a cup full of joy. I know, I know some of the more frugal people will say that Starbucks is overpriced and spending your salary for a cup of coffee is just crazy. Let’s agree to disagree, okay? I demand Starbucks-shaming to stop, please!

This drink is a discovery of my friend, Jonats. If you want to try something different with your coffee, try this P170 drink. The raspberry syrup will tingle your tastebuds like no other. Adjust the number of pumps depending on your preference on sweetness. The drink will literally quench your thirst especially with the super summery weather we have now!

Watch out for more food posts! 🙂

Try this drink and tell me all about it in the comment section.

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