Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5 Review


Last Wednesday on Asia’s Next Top Model… umm I… don’t even really remember what happened that episode. It was pretty uneventful after the über-dramatic Subaru episode the week before. Oh yeah, now I remember. Someone got eliminated: it was Jessica from Hong Kong. Viral sensation Madaew was a guest for their living mannequin challenge. Fashion legend Patricia Field was present at the girls’ Maybelline “it” girl photo shoot. I sound super excited, ain’t I? Sigh. Okay. Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 5 review.

How did your early favorites fare in the photo shoot? We’re back to regular programming this week after my positivity from last week. Now let’s get real!

1. Sang In

H to T modelling! Super fierce! Look at that eyebrow raise. “I’m the it girl and you’re all beneath me.” Yes you are, Sang In! Yes you are.

2. Patricia

I agree with Cindy. This is Patricia’s best photo to date. I love that her pose looks casual, but she still looks like a model.

3. Tawan

Stylishly pushing a scooter is what Tawan is doing here. By the way, I love her styling here. Her styling is the most “it girl” out of all the girls.

4. May

Beautiful face and expression. But the pose. I’m not even sure if it screams it girl to me.

5. Tuti

What is up with this pose? She looks like a giant beside Angie. I mean, if this was a quirky or edgy high-fashion shoot this pose would work, but on this photo, it doesn’t at all.

6. Julian

She’s less “it girl” (that’s Sang In in their group photo) and more “I want to be the it girl.” At the very least she’s more connected to Sang In in this photo than Aldilla is.

7. Jessica

Her pose would have been better if she had fully extended her arms and legs instead of looking limp and un-energetic as in the photo.

8. Aldilla

I didn’t even notice Aldilla for a second there. It’s not only because her clothes make her blend with the background. It’s that she isn’t really exuding energy, even a little, in this photo. I’m all for the natural non-pose pose but there’s too little modelling going on here.

9. Angie

For the 3rd non-consecutive week, Angie’s doing this weird body curve pose. She did it in both the trampoline and the Subaru shoot. I don’t think this pose is as versatile as Angie seems to think. Not to mention because of that she looks tiny compared to Tuti and Tawan. Not a good sign in a group photo shoot. Not it girl.

This limited-time mechanic is really just a way for the production to shoot within a limited time frame (and budget). It looks like they setup late at night, started shooting at dawn past midnight, and had to continue shooting until early in the morning. Obviously those are the only times they can do this because, duh, this is a theme park. But isn’t this the 3rd time (or is it 2nd?) that they used the Hollywood Boulevard at the USS as their location? Couldn’t they try, I don’t know, Sci-fi City or that Madagascar-themed one? Or better yet, somewhere that’s not the USS?

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 5? Did you find it a bit (or a lot) boring after the pasabog (explosive) episode the week before? Do you know what a scooter, a skateboard, and a bicycle have to do with being an “it” girl? Does the photo shoot make you want to do your own shoots at the Universal Studios Sentosa? Do you want to show Cindy how much you still want to stay in the competition? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

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