Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 6 Review

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Last Wednesday on Asia’s Next Top Model was all about ZALORA. For some reason, they felt the need to setup a photo shoot on a boat. How that ties in to “color couture” or the ZALORA brand is anyone’s guess. Anyway, Sang In got the best performance so she will be ZALORA’s brand ambassador. And another girl has been eliminated: Aldilla from Indonesia. Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 6 review.

Before I get to my episode review, let’s look at how the girls fared in their Color Couture photo shoot. I’ll preface my review with this: I did not like this photo shoot overall. For the second week in a row, I’m not quite sure what the theme is aside from a super vague catchphrase. On to my ranking:

1. Tuti

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Tuti

Tuti really likes extending her legs, eh? I’m kinda seeing Joey Mead-King in her in this photo. Although I think what caused her to winning best performance this episode is that she looks old in this photo, and you know ZALORA likes the young, fresh look.

2. Tawan

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Tawan

Stunning face, though the neck is a little strained. I’m loving the whole boyish, androgynous ensemble. She’s really embracing her short hair.

3. Sang In

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Sang-In

I was as surprised as Sang In that she was FCO. This isn’t her best work. Last week’s photo deserved the FCO in my opinion. Back to this photo: what she’s wearing is hideous, but at least she made it look fashionable, at least?

4. Angie

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Angie

This is much better than last week. Girl is working the hair flip! And the profile! Although, she’s doing a similar pose as before. I need to see more variety from Angie, stat!

5. Patricia

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Patricia

I actually kinda like this photo. She lost her right arm, so that’s a minus. But the deranged, mad scientist look works with the mishmash of apparel she’s wearing.

6. May

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - May

I see she brought the it girl from last week to this photo shoot. She looks very 90’s, and I guess that works with the clothing.

7. Aldilla

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Aldilla

The architecture in the background outshone her. (I believe that’s the Esplanade along Marina Bay?) As with last week we’re not seeing a lot of energy from her. Her eyes are closed and her pose limp. I have to hand it to her—she’s working the stunning eye makeup!

8. Julian

AsNTM4 Episode 6 Photo Shoot - Julian

I’m so sorry guys. This really isn’t a good photo. The eyes, the mouth, the pose that looks like she’s about to fall off the boat. I want to like it really, but all I can think about is how someone from the crew must want her to be in the bottom, or want her to be eliminated from the competition as soon as possible. Out of all the color couture attires, hers is the most wearable; the others are just plain weird.

I’ve read some comments that the set design was pretty much inspired by the sportswear shoot from America’s Next Top Model’s final cycle. I see it, but the much lower-budget version. I still don’t get why they absolutely had to shoot on a boat. They could have just as easily shot on either side of Marina Bay and called it a day. Plus, aren’t we all tired of seeing the Singapore landscape as their backdrop?

I’m so tired of these scripted “confrontations” at deliberation. This show’s writers need to a bit more unpredictable with their manufactured drama. The disjointed editing doesn’t help with their cause either. You know all of these girls are close friends off-cam and love each other, but I guess we all know that that won’t make for good old entertaining reality TV.

Let’s be real: they’re setting up a redemption arc for Julian, probably as early as next episode. That explains why Cindy repeatedly brings up her being “the last hope of the Philippines.” And I think it has been established in past cycles that the Philippines, along with Indonesia, have the highest viewership for AsNTM so of course they’re pandering catering to their audience. (I don’t have ratings or figures though so don’t ask me for it, please.) Last cycle the Closeup photo shoot was won by Monika Sta. Maria representing the Philippines. Let’s see if Julian can win this one too.

Don’t forget: you can still vote in this week’s poll Who had the best ZALORA color couture photo?. You only have until tomorrow 8 p.m. before the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 7 premiere at 9 p.m. on STAR World.

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 6? Are you getting tired of all of these brand-sponsored photo shoots? Do you want to show Cindy how much you still want to stay in the competition? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

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