Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 9 Recap

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Amiciness is going to live blog Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 9. This episode is brought to you by… I’m not sure who’s sponsoring this episode. We’ll find out together as we watch the episode. The girls are doing another challenge leftover from the last season of Fit For Fashion. And they will be splashed with ice cold water in their photo shoot. Who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model?

Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, Patricia won best performance two weeks in a row. Sang In and Tuti were at the bottom of the pack, with Tuti getting the lowest score. But a twist! It’s a non-elimination and the Top 6 girls were all safe last week. But this week one (or more) of the girls will definitely be eliminated. Only 6 girls remain… who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’ll give it all I’ve got, ’cause I’m gonna be on top 🎶

Because last week was a non-elimination, I asked you: if you had a choice, who would you have chosen to eliminate in AsNTM Episode 8? The votes have been tallied, and you have chosen to eliminate…. Sang In. Did Glenn Tan rig our poll, or what? I’M KIDDING! Hahaha.

AsNTM4 Episode 8 Music Video Screencap - Sang in

So apparently Guvera is this episode’s sponsor. (I don’t actually use it since I’m in love with Spotify, so do any of you, my dear readers, have experience with the app? Thanks.) And… we immediately have a commercial gap. That’s a record! We’re probably in for a very short (probably uneventful) episode. Hahaha!

Tuti feels “numb” and doesn’t know “if she deserves the second chance.” She didn’t think that she has been giving her best and is disappointed at herself. “I don’t want her to go home” Tawan talking about Tuti. Awww, BFFs.


The girls are woken up at 6 IN THE MORNING by two muscular men. They’re fitness coaches by their looks. They’re instructing and shouting at the girls to get changed immediately.

Challenge: Ritual Workout + Runway

Kelly and Yu Tsai with the two Ritual Gym coaches will work the girls out. A good model is a fit model! Agreed. The girls have to perform the Ritual workout and as they sweat and pant from tiredness, they have to change clothes and walk down the runway. The girls will be doing jump-squats, burpees, mountain climbers, among a whole other list of workouts.

Tuti and Tawan are up first. Tuti doesn’t really workout, except for her mouth, as she says. Tawan is still pretty tired from the workout and her legs are not working. Julian and Sang In are up next, and Yu Tsai and Kelly join in with their workout. After the intense training, Julian quickly changes for the runway (in just 30 seconds!). She and Sang In nailed their runway walks, looking composed and collected. Angie and Patricia are last, and they really seem to be struggling with the workout. Patricia changes outside the changing room so she could do the challenge faster. Angie forgot that she didn’t have glasses on and is scared that she might fall off the runway. Will she? After the break…

Aww, Yu Tsai is so sweet, handing Angie her glasses as she walked on the runway.

Challenge Winner: Tuti

Tuti won a relaxing pedicure, and she chose Tawan to go on the reward with her.

The girls return to the model house. When visitors arrive. Two hunky, handsome guys appear and they were there to give Tuti and Tawan their pedicures from Scholl.

Cindy Mail: Colours, colours, all around. It’s time to make a splash.

Angie doesn’t like water. She says she’s like a cat. Meeeeow!

Photo shoot: Neutrogena Splash

This photo shoot is brought to you by Neutrogena. Harper’s Bazaar EIC Kenneth Goh and Yu Tsai meet the girls at a studio. Aimee from Cycle 3 is back, as she is the Neutrogena ambassador for Singapore. The girls have to model various products from the Neutrogena Splash line while being splashed with ice cold water. The girl with the best performance will become the face of Neutrogena 2016. The photographer of this shoot is Chan Wai Teik.

Patricia is up first to shoot. Kenneth wants to see high-end sophistication from her. Her mouth is tense. But she got good shots in the end. Julian is getting confused by Yu Tsai’s direction: does he want her to not be boring, or to look bored? To be completely honest, I’m confused too. Sang In tends to overthink in her previous shoots, but for this one she’s really enjoying the theme. “It’s like Songkran Festival in Thailand.” Oh, you’re so precious, Tawan. Tuti is giving the same face, and Kenneth wants her to show more variety. “I give up!” – Kenneth. Ooohhh. Angie lost focus; she couldn’t handle the cold. She’s shaking, like a lot. Why didn’t they at least heat it up, or I don’t know, turn off the AC in the studio? Will she give up? Find out after the break.

Angie’s always being used as a cliffhanger before commercial break. Will she be eliminated this episode?

Angie is not giving up. Yu Tsai is being super nice to Angie, wanting her to not quit.


AsNTM4 Episode 9 - Julian in front of the judges

This week’s judges are Cindy, Kelly, Yu Tsai, and guest judge Kenneth Goh. The girls are all wearing pastel and neon colors.



Julian gets mixed reviews: she has a stunning photo but the mentors had to exert a lot of effort just to get a good photo out of her. Patricia didn’t nail the indulgent brief. Sang In is getting raves from all the judges; that exhale was captured beautifully. Tuti got the youthful, innocent theme. She looks happy, but she didn’t nail the brief. Angie is getting a reputation for being the drama starter at deliberation. And she gets the dreaded “do you still want to be in this competition” question from Kenneth. Kelly and Yu Tsai seem to be clashing a lot. Of course, all. for. the. dra. ma.

Call Out Order

The winner will be the new face of Neutrogena.

AsNTM4 Episode 9 - The girls wearing pastel at the deliberation

  1. Sang In (45.3)
  2. Julian (43.5)
  3. Patricia (38.8)
  4. Angie (33.5)

Wow, somebody gave Julian a 10.0. I didn’t catch it, probably Kenneth? Not sure. Oh wow they’re using BFF drama for their bottom two.

Bottom Two: Tuti and Tawan

Tuti has been eliminated with a score of 32. Tawan has a final score of 33.

Eliminated: Tuti

Well that non-elimination last week was a waste. “Maybe I’m just too good for this competition.” – Tuti. OH SNAP! Hahaha. Tuti didn’t expect her elimination.

Next Week

FINALLY! RUNWAY CHALLENGE! THANK YOU TRESemme! Oh! Runway challenge AND photo shoot combined! The budget cuts just keep on coming. Hahaha!

What did you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 9? How much do you want to stay in the competition? Do you want to be forced to workout and then immediately walk the runway? Do you want ice cold water splashed on your face even when water heaters have been an invention for decades already? Sound off in the comments below.

34 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 9 Recap

        1. I watch it live on Star World. There are replays on your local channel on a few weeks’ delay. The official AsNTM Youtube channel uploads the episode two weeks after.

          Where do I get my pictures? I have my sources. 😉

          Hahaha. No seriously. I compile a lot of them from their official social media accounts. 😀

  1. holy crap, WTF with this episode.. models who did good and get positive feedback on the photoshoot got low scores.. but models who did bad on the photoshoot got high scores.. what a bad editing!!

  2. I notice that Yu Tsai is not fair in treating Julian. When it comes to Angie Yu Tsai is super nice and give more encouragement to her even when she is thinking of quitting. But to Julian, Yu Tsai is always angry at the girl! I really think Yu Tsai doesn’t really like Julian from the very start. But it’s good that the host CINDY like Julian so much that she encourages her more. So Julian, be inspired with Cindy and keep on fighting to be on TOP! I know you can DO IT, girl!

    1. Yu tsai give julian 9,5 and he give angie 8. So the angry with julian / nice with angie part is just drama.

  3. Of course….If Julian backs out AsNTM ratings will continue to decrease…From season 1(39 million).Season 2 (35 Million). Season 3 ( 30 Million). They need to win back the ratings…

    Moving on…

    In their shoot I agree with the arrangement of their call out order…

    Tuti’s POV

    I started out strong and ends up weak…*FUFU*

  4. Did anyone noticed since Yu Tsai join the AsNTM if not mistaken in the fourth eps, Tuti keep falling and falling until she got in the bottom 2.

    ANDDDD back to Close Up Diamond shoot, when Tuti cry on the set *afterrrrrrr the shoot* He madly ask Tuti to leave! BUTTTT NOWW look at you.. Pampering Angie even she wanted to QUIT *during the shoottttt*.

    This few weeks the girls have each other soooooo they need a drama. BOOM the judges is their final drama option. Yu Tsai is the drama queen here. OBV. Not the girls. and of course during deliberation, drama between the judges, is always start with Yu Tsai. LOL.

    Somebody pls, we dont need him in upcoming AsNTM. We dont need biased and eliminated wrong girl.

      1. This cycle is all about friendship. :D. Everything so beautiful except the ‘biased judge’ and of course boring photoshoot (sponsorship)

  5. I just noticed that everyone who got saved by non-elimination (Gwen, Aldilla, Tuti) havent got the chance to redeem theirselves, though I’m glad they gave Tuti another chance. She has the strongest walk IMHO.

    1. Sang In- a great comeback for her. Though, there’s too much neck on this one. The water kinda worked in her favor, so thats good.

    2. Julian- i was surprised to see this. This is a good angle of her face since her face is a bit circular(?). I have to agree with the judges that it really takes time for her to produce good shots.

    3. Patricia- shes lucky to have that face cause it feally looks good straight-on. I actually wouldnt mind if she won best performance AGAIN this week.

    4. Angie

    5. Tuti- i just think her photo is better than Tawan’s

    6. Tawan- she looks a bit like Julian here. But maybe it’s due to having the same face shape. This is also not her best angle. Though, i still think she has ‘the photo of the season’

    At this moment, I’m just really hoping for better photoshoot concepts 😔

    1. Its a good thing when Sang In actually learn and improving in her commercial shoot.

      Somehow for Julian I just thought that why the judges still keep her when they actually having hard time during every single shoot. Yes she produced great photos but at the end the judges themselves keep questioning and gave up on her. The real industry is even tougher esp get involve with clients.

      And why you didn’t write any comment about Angie? For me her photo should be in the bottom 2. That is not a great shot from her. 🙁

      About the photoshoot concept, Yesssssss! Too many sponsorship and its so boring!. The best photoshoot only trampoline and bubble shoot. While the rest just ……….. I miss cycle 2 shoot. Seriously.

  6. I really hate Yu Tsai so much here.
    I mean like… he’s so talkative like a woman. And also, he’s always cut other people’s conversation. No single chance for Kelly to said her opinion

    Ban him from next AsNTM

  7. Sang in: cindy 10 yutsai 9,5 kelly 9 kenneth 8,5
    julian: cindy 10 yutsai 9,5 kelly 10 kenneth 6,5
    patricia: cindy 9 yutsai 8 kelly 8 kenneth 6
    angie: cindy 7 yutsai 8 kelly 6 kenneth 5,5
    tawan: 26
    tuti: 23

    Yu tsai maybe harsh in giving comment, but it’ s kenneth that give them very low scores. Julian & patricia deserve better score than that, kenneth. If there’ s no kenneth, julian will have her first fco

      1. Julian will be in top three due to rating’s sake…what a lame top 3, LAMEST of all AsNTM contestants

        1. I don’t think she’s the lamest. Stephanie of season 1 also never got an fco, and she was in the bottom 2 for 5 times.. almost out 2 times if not because of the non elimination episodes..
          Julian only be in bottom 2 for 2times and she’ s getting better..she almost got her fco this episode

  8. Stephanie C1 is the lamest top 3 of all time, right below Julian C4… They both could not follow their brief well, were supposed to be eliminated by the middle of their respective cycle runs, and have bad to mediocre at best portfolios in the competition….yet dragged away to the Top 3 by AsNTM producers (Not NADYA or CINDY, everyone…) fo the sake of the rating. FYI majority of AsNTM viewers are from the Philippines!!…surprise surprise anyone??

    1. And I’m guessing your favorite Top 3 is from last cycle, when Gani from your home country Indonesia won? 😉

      It’s okay. We all play favorites, right? 😉

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