Tia Tavee of AsNTM Cycle 2 on the Coca-Cola Philippines TV Ad


If you’ve seen the latest Coca-Cola Philippines television advertisement, then you might have seen a familiar face. The girl in the mint green shirt is the young Thai representative from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2Tia Tavee. Watch the Coke commercial below, featuring the newly available Coca-Cola Emoticon bottles:


And it seems a lot of other AsNTM fans have already picked up on her appearance in the commercial:

This advertisement is actually old. Specifically from a year ago. There’s a Vietnamese version of the ad. The ad is seen across the Asian region in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Tia even tweeted about her casting last year:

I wonder why it took that long for the ad to get to our shores. We get a lot of Thai commercials on local Philippine television so it was a nice surprise to see someone familiar. Get that modelling work, Tia!

Filipino AsNTM fans, did you recognize Tia Tavee of AsNTM Cycle 2 immediately? Would you like to see her in an all-star cycle for Asia’s Next Top Model? Sound off in the comments below.

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