Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 10 Recap

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Amiciness is going to live blog Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 10. This episode is brought to you by TRESemmé. This week there won’t be a challenge AND photo shoot. Instead, the girls are doing a MEGA-CHALLENGE: a runway challenge and photo shoot combined! Another thing to be excited about: TRESemmé ambassador, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 host, it girl, and recently married woman (#TheBurnands) Georgina Wilson is back in the judging panel. Who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model?

Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

Before the episode begins, I have a quick poll question to ask you: Who do you think will make it to the Top 4 of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4? (You may vote up to 4 girls.) This flash poll closes at 9:30 tonight. 💡

After you have voted and while you wait for the episode to start, you might want to check out my feature on Tia Tavee from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 on the Coca-Cola Philippines TV ad. It was a pleasant surprise to see her on my TV screen again! <3

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, Sang In won best performance for the third time this cycle, securing her front-runner status in this competition. Unfortunately after being saved from elimination last week, Tuti got the lowest score and has been eliminated. We’re nearing the most awaited finale of the biggest modelling competition in Asia. Only 5 girls remain… who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’m never gonna stop til I reach the top
I’ll give it all I’ve got ’cause I’m gonna be on top
Want it, take it, make it to the top 🎶

Sang In never thought that she would be the face of Neutrogena and hopes to make Korea proud. Tuti left a note for Tawan. Tuti even traced the shape of her hand on the paper so Tawan could hold her hand even if she’s away. All the girls comfort her and feel sad for her.

Angie thinks she should’ve been the one eliminated and she still could not believe it. She says sorry to the other girls because she feels she took Tuti’s place. But the other girls say that it’s not her fault at all. Angie believes that there’s a reason that she stayed, and she has to redeem herself.

Cindy Mail: Knock knock. Who’s there? Cindy? Cindy who? Girls, please open the door, please.

Hey, it’s Cindy and Kelly! Visiting the model house!

Cindy and Kelly are workshopping the girls on their runway walks. I love that this cycle is focusing a lot more on runway. Thank you, AsNTM, finally!

AsNTM4 Episode 10 - The top five girls

First, the girls do their sexy walks. Sang In is afraid of the runway since this is her weakness. Her face looks to fierce that it borders on scary. Cindy advises her to loosen her facial expression by blowing her lips. Brrrrrr. Angie needs to work on her posture and to make sure that her body is moving symmetrically. Cindy makes her walk again. This turn is much better and she followed their advice. Julian is confident at runway and thinks that this is her advantage. Patricia won the runway challenge the first week and she knows she can rock the runway.

Now they’ve changed into their couture dresses for their couture walks. Patricia and Tawan nailed their walks. Julian thinks Patricia is her biggest competition. Sang In says that Tawan doesn’t realize her strength. Angie gets praise from the judges for recognizing that her dress (different design from the rest) needed a different pose. All of the girls were pretty competent at their runway walks. This is a great competition for the Top 5!

This week is all about salon gorgeous hair. And you know what that means: sponsored by TRESemmé! Will Lourd Ramos be back? Find out after the break…

Sang In astutely notices that there was no challenge. The girls practice their runway walks at the model house.

AsNTM4 Episode 10 - Girls practicing runway in the model house

Cindy Mail! Once is nice, but twice is nicer. Hmm. What is it?

MEGA CHALLENGE! (Photo Shoot + Challenge)

Kelly, Cindy, Creative Director of Jean Yip Group (their makeover team) Mervin Wee, and photographer (from their Subaru photo shoot) Nat Prakobsantisuk. The photo shoot and challenge are combined this week. The girls have to walk the runway and at the end of the runway, celebrity stylist and TRESemme Expert Stylist Jing Monis will transform their looks in real time as the photographer shoots their hair transformation. Whoa! That’s a mouthful.

AsNTM4 Episode 10 - Jing Monis, special guest at the mega challenge

It’s inspired by a TRESemme Runway Ready, a backstage/runway concept show in the Philippines. And Kelly was a judge in a TRESemme runway show in Indonesia. Good luck girls!

Julian seems to be nailing this shoot. Kelly notes that there’s something different about her this week. She seems more confident. For the second part of the challenge, the girls have to walk back keeping in mind their newly transformed look. She nails the walk, but then oops! She exits the wrong way. Cindy says that this would be a problem in the real world as she would bump into the models after her. Yikes!

Angie likes that the stage is lit at the end. No need for glasses! At first, she didn’t really know how to pose. She’s showing the shaved side of her head instead of the luscious frock on the other side. This is a TRESemme challenge after all and they love the smooth long flowy hair look. Walking down the runway again she regained her confidence. I must say, this would be a hard week to judge. Good thing I’m not a judge! LOL!

AsNTM4 Episode 10 - Mega challenge 2

Sang In is up next. And for her first walk, she looks like she’s having problems. Is she going to trip on the runway. Find out after the break!

She just tripped on her dress a bit. Not as dramatic as the editing made it look. “Go on Jing, do your thing!” Ever the poetic woman, Cindy. Hahaha. She’s overthinking her poses again. Kelly notes that she looks tense in the face. Sang In hopes that she took a good photo. Cindy says that the dress was too long for her but as a model, it’s her responsibility to not let the audience see her look uncomfortable. She’s disappointed in Sang In’s walk.

Tawan actually likes that the photo shoot and challenge are combined so she’s not too stressed about her score. The mentors and photographer are happy about her performance.

Patricia wants to make sure that she doesn’t look too cheesy. The mentors seem to be loving her. They’re ooh-ing and aah-ing at her walk.

The girls get back to the model house and they see their challenge scores.

Challenge Winner: Patricia

  1. Patricia – 10
  2. Tawan – 9.3
  3. Julian – 8.3
  4. Angie – 8
  5. Sang In – 7.3

The scores are super close. Julian is disappointed because she’s in the middle and she thought she could make the Philippines proud this week. Angie, although not last, is still worried about her performance, since the scores are very close. Sang In doesn’t want to go home this week and hopes she has a great photo.

The poll has closed, and you have voted. You think Angie will not make it to the Top 4 of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. Let’s see if y’all are right as the deliberations are up next with special guest Georgina Wilson.


AsNTM4 Episode 10 - Deliberation 2

Kelly, Cindy, Georgina, and Yu Tsai are this week’s judging panel. This week’s best performer will walk in the TRESemme Runway Ready show.

Tawan is up first. Yu Tsai doesn’t like that she turned away from the camera so that her back is showing. The other judges disagree: they think her back looks gorgeous and chic. Angie is up next. Yu Tsai likes that her hair is hiding half her face adding a bit of mystery and makes her stand out. The other judges sadly disagree. Georgina likes to see fierce but Angie’s expression looks less fierce and more smug. Sang In is next. Cindy brings up how disappointed they were with her runway walk. The bottom half of her photo, Sang In portrays confidence. But the top half she looks bland and emotionless. She’s back to overthinking mode again.

Patricia is up next. The judges loved her performance on the runway. It’s not a bad photo, but the judges pick up on how she looks so much older in the photo than she looks in person. Cindy says that it’s extremes with her: extremely high energy at one time and then drained of life at another moment. Unfortunately her photo is the latter. Julian is called last. Cindy brought up Julian’s mistake during the runway challenge. The judges love her photo. Even Yu Tsai! He says he hasn’t seen that side of Julian yet. She needs to show more of her personality to be a memorable model. Kelly is glad at her marked improvement this week and shouts “Go Filipina!” for the second time this episode. Is this her new catchphrase to counter Yu Tsai’s “Models models models ad nauseum“?

Call Out Order

AsNTM4 Episode 10 - Deliberation 1

CindyYu TsaiKellyGeorginaChallengeTotal
1. Julian109.51098.846.8
2. Tawan85979.338.3
3. Patricia86861038


Bottom Two: Angie and Sang In

Final scores: Sang In – 35.3 (Challenge score: 7.3), Angie – 31 (Challenge score: 8).

Eliminated: Angie

Next Week

AsNTM4 Episode 11 Preview - Patricia at the photo shoot

It’s the Top 4. And there’s a race to the top? Oh, and Yu Tsai will take over as the photographer for their photo shoot. Exciting stuff!

What did you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 10? Are you happy with the final four girls? Are you #TeamIndonesia? #TeamKorea? #TeamPhilippines? Or #TeamThailand? Show your love in the comments below.

22 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 10 Recap

  1. I agree that Angie was eliminated, even if she was one of my favorites. She was strong in the beginning, but she started to get weaker as everyone else improved. I am not trying to offend or bash Angie or her fans though, Im only saying my opinion. Im also happy that Julian got FCO.

    1. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the judges’ scores quickly enough. I only got the final scores. If any of you readers have the scores, I would gladly add them to the post for everyone’s information. Thanks xoxo

      1. Julian: cindy 10, yu tsai 9, kelly 10, georgina 9, chal 8.8 tot 46.8
        Tawan: cindy 8, yu tsai 5, kelly 9, georgina 7, chal 9.3 tot 38.3
        Patricia: cindy 8, yu tsai 6, kelly 8, georgina 6, chal 10 tot 38
        Sang in 28 chal 7.3 tot 35.3
        Angie: 23 chal 8 tot 31

          1. Hey it’ s weird..i just re-watch this episode with my attention to julian’s challenge score. And i noticed that julian’ s challenge score at the models house is 8.3 while at the panel is 8.8

      2. Last week tuti and now the spoiler was right? Next week patricia go home & the winner will be sang in?

  2. 1. Julian- good shot. I just wish she could find a better placement of her hands

    2. Tawan- very elegant and sexy(?), somehow her photo seems to be missing something.

    3. Sang In- her photo is strong but the walk really has to improve if she wants to win.

    4. Patricia- i thought she had the best walk among the remaining girls, but she also had the weakest photo this week.

    5. Angie- she did fair in both runway and photoshoot. If only she excelled in one of those, then we would definitely see her for another week.

    Sang In rocks photoshoots but struggles at her walk. Patricia, on the other hand, rocks the runway and doesnt excel that much in photoshoots.
    Tawan and Julian are both okay. Tawan has the photo of the season but all the others were not that strong but good. Julian produces good shots but is lacking the excitement thingy but thats maybe due to her commercial look.

    And so, I missed Tuti.. She has strong runway skills and excellent photos. I thought she never gave a bad photo(average, yes). She could have won this whole thing 😞

    1. Julian, Its a good thing that she has improved a lot. This is the best photo from all of the week!.

      Tawan for me, did great. Shes rock short hair cut! Beats the girls with long hair definitely!

      Patricia .. Not her great shot I guess. She kill the runway but not in her shoot.

      Sang In seems blank in her photoshoot. Idk. But I like that shes look so gorgeous in the shot.

      Angie tbh her shot was diff than others, the cliche commercial’s shot. And I kinda like it. But Its funny when Yu Tsai the only one who back her up. Anddd I have this sense that she was eliminated because of Yu Tsai was not around during the Challenge + Shoot. Lol

      Yes I miss Tuti also. I like her personality. I really wanna see how shes killing the runway and strike a pose. AsNTM just lost one of great model. Tawan, please win for Tuti. 🙁

      1. Yeah, I’m also rooting for Tawan as of this moment. 😳
        She can be the sweetest winner of Asntm, in contrast of the previous winners.

  3. Agreed with the judges so far in this episode

    And here’s just my cents about spoilers they talking about elimination at top 4
    – Probably Julian, because from fact that Kenneth Goh just follow Tawan, Sang In, and Patricia’s IG, not even Julian. So maybe it gonna be something
    – Patricia as talked before. I mean, top 4 would gonna be Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot, and Patricia’s still weak at photoshoot. Also, Kenneth seems giving no positive comments about her so far in this cycle
    – Sang In maybe ? Based on Tuti won at 1st photoshoot then eliminated in top 6, and Angie won at 2nd photoshoot then eliminated in top 5. Also, she’s got most bottom so far than other girls / ladies

    1. Its Patricia who going home next week. Tbh Im not-that-much liking her but she always showed her positive and spirit to be on top.

      Maybe on the next week shoot, its her challenge who brought her down or the shoot didnt goes well with the theme.

      But still I think Sang In, Tawan & Tuti should be Top 3. <3

  4. Some spoilers had uploaded picture of the top 4, but none of them, so far, can produce proof of the top 3. Just the venue of the finale which qas held last Dec. 21

  5. My feeling is Pat going home tonight…what a lame Top 3 without Patricia, the strongest walker of the entire AsNTM contestants since Cycle 1 to date. It was supposed to be Sang In, Tawan and Pat…It is again because they want to save the ratings so they have to put Julian (a Pinoy) as part of the finale…. As we can objectively observe, Julian is so meh…. boring as fxxx personality-wise, standart to the core modeling-wise… Can you see she can only give ONE FACIAL ANGLE SHOTS from her entire portfolio during the competition… whether it is Tresemme photoshoot, the upcoming Hapers Bazaar shoot, the Neutrogena shoot, the Closeup photoshoot, you name it….She’s no better than Amanda C3 (dragged to the top 5 spot) or even worse Stephanie C1 (dragged to the finale as the Queen of Bottom 2, should she be proud of this nickname?) just for rating’s purposes. No wonder only Sang In, Tawan and Pat were called back to Singapore after the competition ended to do a photoshoot session with Windy Aulia!

    1. Julian got 43.5 while Tawan got only 39.3 so it means that Julian is the last girl in the top 3. You wanna bet. This is from a reliable source.

    2. From me, actually I think Julian is better than those 2 (*cough* Amanda & Stephanie). But I’m gonna agree that in terms of vibe (personality, performance, etc), nothing stands out from her though. So.. I think probably that would be the reason why Julian gonna be eliminated

  6. Yeah that’s right. I noticed that too countrydv1. Luckily she’s a Pinoy, she won’t be that lucky if she’s from elsewhere other than the Philippines. Look what happened to Pooja Gill C2, she was booted off after giving the same hand on hips position in all her photos (something Nadya pointed out to all the judges during deliberation). What a lame Top 3!

    1. Gee, stop replying to yourself. I could easily tell that this comment is typed in 5 minutes. If you really want to be believable, you could just have easily left your comment for at least an hour before replying/agreeing to yourself. 😛

      Also, stop hating too much. You’re just basically punishing yourself for some show in your tv.

  7. Guess Who,
    I thought this is a world wide web blog.. I did not reply to myself. There was never impossible if a coincidence in the timing (even in terms of a split second) happens in the web…. hellooo….world wide we are talking about here! ….I thought you were computer-savvy.. not someone from prehistoric era, right?…..Anyway so glad that someone out there has the same opinion as I do!! Cheers for you, SK2

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